Rosh Hanikra

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north west point of Israel, Nahariyya, Israel - 972-4-9857109
Rosh Hanikra - rock hyrax
Rosh Hanikra - The great view from the mountain of the beaches in north israel
Rosh Hanikra - the view from Rosh Hanikra
Rosh Hanikra - the cable car to the border
Rosh Hanikra - the great white cliffs and the entrance to the grottos on the bottom
Rosh Hanikra - The beautiful grottos underground
Rosh Hanikra - the border of israel and lebanon

Rosh Hanikra Nahariyya Reviews

patzi3 patzi3
15 reviews
perfect ending to a day trip on the coast highway Feb 13, 2012
Cost is 43 NIS per person, including a (very short) cable car ride to the grottoes. The grottoes are beautiful, there is a movie which is not very interesting, and the view of Israel's coastline is amazing. You can also have your picture taken at the border with Lebanon, which you cannot actually pass through. Very near is one of Israel's nicest beaches, and on that beach closest to Rosh Hanikra you can usually find a rock hyrax or two... I usually take all my foreign guests there and they always enjoy it.

the place's website:
rock hyrax
the view from Rosh Hanikra
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Nory Nory
15 reviews
Beautiful grottoes and great view Mar 23, 2011
Rosh HaNikra is right on the border between Israel and Lebanon, and is one of the most unique natural attractions Israel has to offer.

The grottoes were formed due to many years' work of the sea on the soft chalk rocks. It resulted in caves-like grottoes with electric blue water running through them. You can take a short walk inside as well as a walk on the rock side. The way down from the grottoes is by cable car and there is a movies about the history of the place available for viewing as well.

The place is not big, and a couple of hours' stay would probably be enough. But the unique nature of it as well as the beautiful view all the way to the Haifa bay, are worth making the short trip north.
ophirh ophirh
23 reviews
Aug 21, 2006
So the war ended (at least for now) and I took the opportunity and went to see what was destroyed in our beautiful northern part of Israel. I had a full day of driving through the cities the terrorists bombedduring the last month (Tiberius, Tzefat, Naharria and Haifa) and in the end I went to the border itself to look at the amazing Grottos.

What is a Grotto? a Grotto is when underground shocks produced cracks in the rock, letting in rain & seawater, widening & expanding them into many wonderful shapes. In Rosh-Hanikra there is a 200 meters man made tunnel that connects all the grottos. When being there the season, wind direction, mood of the sea, sunset or moonlight affects the beauty of the grottos.

The outside of the place is a beautiful white stone cliffs, going up a few dozen meters from the sea, and the caves are just next to the sea level. There is also a cable car that takes you up to the top of the cliff, where there's a beautiful view of the whole area and the border of Israel and Lebanon.

The place itself is actually an old tunnel that connected Haifa(Israel)and Beirut (Lebanon) from the era of the british rule in the area (early 1900). But today, because of the tension there's no train between the countries and the tunnel is blocked.

The atmosphere inside the tunnel is amazing, with great sounds of the waves hitting the rocks causing an amazing experience of under-earth being.

Outside of the caves there are very beautiful beach resorts on the Israeli side, and I hope it's the same on the Lebanese side (when finally peace will come to the area).

I recommend this place strongly, both for the fact it's on the border and because it's a cool nature wonder to be able to walk inside cavern paths and see the water inside the cliff.

Getting here is very easy, just drive all the way up north in Israel, following the road on the beach (similar to route no. 1 in California), until you reach the border, and that's the place.

It was very strange to be so close to the border, only 4 days after the cease fire between Israel and Lebanon, and I'm really happy that the army didn't call me to participate in this war, as I'm against wars, although this one was really out of our hands. I ain't gonna write a politic review, but I do hope you'll one day see this place and enjoy the beaches around it.
the great white cliffs and the ent…
the cable car to the border
The beautiful grottos underground
The great view from the mountain o…

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