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ROPPONGI is a district in Minato Ward, Tokyo, that is most famous for its nightlife..though there is a lot more on offer than some who skip this area (or just stop in for one night), won't see.

Roppongi was a party district as early as the late 1800's for Japanese servicemen. After WWII US military moved into the area and in the 60's Japanese and foreigners filled in the discos. To this day there is a main strip and some side streets as well that contain night clubs , shops , eateries, bars, and other forms of entertainment. Many are geared toward foreigners and Japanese who party with them as well as many geared toward Japanese only that many don't even realize exist. Japan is a place where everything is not at ground level to be seen. Many of Tokyo's business men party into the night here as well as office workers out for fun. Despite the seedy rep it sometimes gets, most from big cities around the world will find that they have seen it all before. The same cautions follow as in your own party areas. Stay sober and it is an incredible study on human behavior!

But what of the rest of Roppongi? Many foreign embassies are located nearby as well as high class high rises. ROPPONGI HILLS is a new urban center, a mega complex that tries to be a city within a city with residential towers, shops, a movie theater, a museum, a hotel, cafes, parks, concert space, a TV studio, and more. Mori Tower is full of international businesses and the shops in the complex are some of the highest class brands. Not to be outdone about a half mile away on the edge of Roppongi a few minutes from Roppoingi station is another high class urban center called TOKYO MIDTOWN. Full of art galleries , shops, residents, commercial space and more. Also in Roppongi is the National Art Center Tokyo. Roppongi is far more than the crazy strip of Gaien-Higashi Dori (the main bar strip). There is not enough space to mention the amount of bars shops and good food and nice sleep options here. You have to see for yourself! Tokyo-Mid Town promotes Roppongi like this on their site:

Roppongi 1-mile – a concentrated intersection of global culture and art. Within the radius of merely one mile (1.6 km), there are over 40 foreign embassies, nine international schools, an endless list of designers and creators and other businesspersons engaged in the creation of “Today.” Roppongi, quarter of high fashion and sensitivity. Tokyo Midtown, springing up at a genuine “global crossroads.”

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