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Rural Romania has long been the home of Dracula, doubling as a cheap film set that acts like a European wild west, all sprawling green hills and imposing castles. There are winding country roads hogged by bumbling horse and carts, medieval villages surrounded by vineyards, and the muddy, ‘healthy’ shores of the Black Sea coast.

In capital Bucharest you’ll find Communist vibes galore in the form of statues and grey block buildings, like Europe’s second largest, the Palace of Parliament. The city surprises too, with countless museums, restaurants serving from cellars full of local wine, and a vibrant open-air bar scene filling the imposing squares. Bucharest has something of a bohemian vibe; it’s easy to imagine best-selling novels being written in the cafes, and deep-seated philosophy filling the manicured parks.

Out in the vampire-filled countryside of Transylvania you can hop between towns filled with medieval bells and towering castles, amongst craggy mountains and tiny farms, like at The Arges Valley, home to ‘the real Dracula’s castle’, built into the side of a rocky cliff. Maramures is touted as the rural soul of Romania, home to natives who’ve lived off the land for centuries on end, amongst tiny villages and customs that date back thousands of years. The toxic plum wine on offer here is enough to pop the eyes of even the most hardened of drinkers.

Another countryside must-see is the Danube Delta, desolate and canal-infused, with the occasional empty fishing villages home to the most bizarre of cheap B&Bs. The twisted Bicaz Gorges lead to ‘blood lakes’ and impressive mountain climbs, while Timisoara – starting point of the ’89 anti-Communist revolution – is a lively student spa town.

Romania is vastly culturally and scenically varied, and when you’ve finished exploring cobbled castles and scenic valleys, you’ll find the exuberant locals are pretty entertaining, too. Join them for a bowl of garlicky soup to help keep the vampires away, descend together into an isolated old salt mine, or simply indulge in some good old Romanian hospitality, and imagine you really have gone back in time.

Bucharest #1 most popular location
Romania’s capital is a centre of high-class living and artistic license, a reputation that won the city the nickname ‘Little Paris’ almost a century ago, and helps it stand head and sho…
690travelers 116reviews 59blogs
Brasov #2 most popular location
One of the largest cities in Romania, tucked away in the shadows of the Carpathian Mountains, and part of the mythical Transylvania region, Brasov is the capital of Brasov Country, and consid…
78travelers 30reviews 33blogs
Cluj #3 most popular location
The city of Cluj-Napoca is one of the most important academic cultural and industrial centres in Romania. Considered to be the historic capital of Transylvania, the city is located in north-w…
89travelers 12reviews 7blogs
Timisoara #4 most popular location
First mentioned as town in 1342... first town in Europe which used electricity for the streets lightening in 1884 and the first European city to introduce horse-drawn trams (in 1869)... Timi…
86travelers 6reviews 1blogs
Sibiu #5 most popular location
It is one of the most important cultural and religious centres in Romania as well a major transportation hub in central Romania. The city used to be the centre of the Transylvanian Saxons in …
21travelers 14reviews 5blogs
Sinaia #6 most popular location
When you say Sinaia, you think Peles Castle and Prahova Valey. The traveller coming to Romania should never miss this. History was written here. They say the ghost of Queen Maria of Romania s…
7travelers 16reviews 8blogs
Sighisoara #7 most popular location
The town of Sighisoara is the most enchanting of all the Transylvanian towns. Its medieval buildings, gilded roofs and towers have been unspoiled by war or modern industry. The Citadel, buil…
11travelers 18reviews 15blogs
Constanta #8 most popular location
The city of Constanţa is the fifth largest in Romania. It contains the fourth largest port in Europe. The city dates back 2,500 years. Regional attractions include traditional villages, vine…
61travelers 6reviews 4blogs
Bran #9 most popular location
Dracula is a myth, but his castle stands as testimony over the years in Bran. The village is quiet, although full of tourists. Maybe Dracula is still watching over... Bran is one of the most…
11travelers 3reviews 10blogs
Mamaia #10 most popular location
You can confidently compare Mamaia to the beaches of Cannes or Saint Tropez. Fringed by wild pear trees, and renowned for its fine, soft sand, Mamaia is Romania's oldest resort.
2travelers 2reviews
Oradea #11 most popular location
Oradea, one of the beautiful cities of Eastern Europe, is the entrance gate to Romania, on the Western border, and the capital of the Bihor County. Located on the hills between Crisana Plain …
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Iasi #12 most popular location
The second largest Romanian city, it is the economic, cultural and academic centre of the Romanian region of Moldavia. The city, home to the oldest Romanian university, accommodates an annual…
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Predeal #13 most popular location
Targu Mures #14 most popular location
11travelers 4reviews 4blogs
Poiana Brasov #15 most popular location
Eforie #16 most popular location
Busteni #17 most popular location
2travelers 1blogs
Suceava #18 most popular location
Suceava used to be the capital of Moldova from 1388 to 1566 and also an important cultural and commercial centre on the trading route Lwow to Istanbul. 600 years ago, rulers built Orthodox ch…
11travelers 3reviews 1blogs
Bistrita #19 most popular location
Bistriţa (German: Bistritz, archaic Nösen, Hungarian: Beszterce) is the capital city of Bistriţa-Năsăud County, Transylvania, Romania. It is situated on the Bistriţa river. The city has…
5travelers 4reviews
Baia Mare #20 most popular location
Baia Mare lies in northeast of Romania, it is the capital of the Maramures county. It use to be an industrial and mining town, after the fall of communism the mining industry is not much more…
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Baile Felix #21 most popular location
Tulcea #22 most popular location
Tulcea city, southeastern Romania, situated on the St. George arm of the Danube River. Tulcea is an ancient city, founded in the 7th century BC by Greeks from Miletus. The Romans called it Ae…
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Sighetu Marmatiei #23 most popular location
Sighetu Marmatiei [also Sighet / Sighetul] is a provincial border town in northern Romania. It is a drab kind of place, but very useful as a base for visiting the amazing region of Maramures.…
4travelers 6reviews
Alba Iulia #24 most popular location
4travelers 1reviews
Buzau #25 most popular location
6travelers 1reviews
Rasnov #26 most popular location
One of the most accessible and equally interesting castles towering over the Braşov plain is the mighty castle at Raşnov, encompassing about twice the area of Bran Castle. Râşnov has ab…
3reviews 3blogs
Vatra Dornei #27 most popular location
A town in the north of Romania, in the district of Suceava which is known for its spa and ski resorts. Vatra Dornei is a resort with wonderful conditions for spending a nice and relaxing holi…
2reviews 1blogs
Hunedoara #28 most popular location
Retezat National Park and other stunningly beautiful mountain areas make the County of Hunedoara one of the most photographed areas in Romania. Rich with Dacian and Roman castles and remai…
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Curtea de Arges #29 most popular location
4travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Otopeni #30 most popular location
1travelers 1reviews 2blogs
Turda #31 most popular location
The city dates back to the roman period when it was named Potaissa. The ruins of a roman military camp, “The Macedonian Legion” can still be seen today on a hilltop. Famous for its s…
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Baia Sprie #32 most popular location
Ramnicu Valcea #33 most popular location
2travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Campulung Moldovenesc #34 most popular location
1travelers 2blogs
Transylvania #35 most popular location
Probably most of you when you hear the name Transylvania you think Dracula. Beside the very famous Bram Stoker’s vampire legend here are a few things you should know about this place. T…
83travelers 11blogs
Viseu de Sus #36 most popular location
Viseu [Viseul] de Sus is an awfully small and dusty town in the north east of Romania. The main drag is the Mocanita [steam train] which departs from an industrial railway station 1 km from t…
3reviews 1blogs
Snagov #37 most popular location
Snagov is fourty minutes drive from the capital Bucharest. A beautiful lake is part of the complex nature reserve of Snagov which contains a number of rare species of flora and a good place f…
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Prejmer #38 most popular location
Eforie Nord #39 most popular location
Eforie Nord is definately not the place to go if you're young and rowdy. The resort is more suited to people above the age of 40 who go with their children. Locals frown on people having fun…
Maramures #40 most popular location
The most striking thing about Maramures is that the folk art and the native traditions are extremely well preserved here in their original form: houses, gates in wood, tools, textures, potter…
5travelers 3blogs
Vama Veche #41 most popular location
Vama Veche is an old border-crossing town, hence the name "Vama" (Customs), "Veche" (Old). For a while it has been no more than a deserted beach where people would come to get away from it al…
1travelers 1reviews
Sibiel #42 most popular location
Tiha Bârgaului #43 most popular location
2 Mai #44 most popular location
Sasca Montana #45 most popular location
Cisnadie #46 most popular location
Vaslui #47 most popular location
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Cetatile Ponorului #48 most popular location
Cantonul Glavoi #49 most popular location
Beius #50 most popular location
Beiuş's earliest mention in recorded history was in the year 1263, where it was mentioned as being burned down during a Mongol invasion in 1241. During the time of the Austrian Empire and Au…
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