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Via della Salaria Vecchia, Rome, Italy

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Maurizioago Maurizio…
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The Roman forum and the Palatine hill. Jan 30, 2018
The Roman forum was the political, economical and religious center of Rome during the republic. Originally this site was a marsh. It was also used as cemetery. The Romans drained the area and built several temples and other buildings there.

The forum was later abandoned and filled in by a thick layer of earth, becoming a pasture known as Campus Vaccinus. Some temples were transformed into churches.

There are several ruins you can see in the forum. The regia. This was the residence of the kings. The curia; the meeting place of the senate. The rostra that was used as a tribune for orators. The temple of Antonio and Faustina; built in 141 A. D. by Antonius Pius in honor to his late wife Faustina. It was turned into the church of Saint Lorenzo in Miranda in the middle age. There are two triumphal arches at the forum; the arch of Titus and the arch of Septimus Severus.

Once you visited the Forum you can walk up to the Palatine.

The Palatine hill overlooks the Roman forum. It was where Rome began as a village; supposedly founded by Romulus in the 8th century B. C. It was a residential district for the wealthy and aristocratic people in Roman time; as well as a number of emperors. On this hill you can spend some time at the Orti Farnesiani. These gardens were built over the ruins of Tiberio' s palace in the XVI century by the cardinal Alessandro Farnese; pope Paolo III' s nephew. Their construction was finished in the XVII century. You can visit some buildings on the Palatine; as Livia' s house (there are frescoes inside), but you must book a guided tour.

I recommend to take a good book with you or rent an audioguide to visit these sites; in order to know what you will see.
The forum seen from the Palatine h…
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Maurizioago says:
Sure. I didn't have a proper guide book when I visited these places.
Posted on: Feb 04, 2017
Airpunk says:
Probably one of the most magnificent places on earth! I really enjoyed my visits in 2000 and 2009!
Posted on: Feb 04, 2017
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Vikram Vikram
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I wish I hadn't taken the audioguide for the Colosseum. How I wish I had for this one! May 17, 2014
If done the right way, this place is an open museum of sorts. What is it? Well, The Roman Forum is an area surrounded by the ruins of several important ancient government buildings of the city of Rome. It was for centuries the center of Roman public life: the site of triumphal processions, elections,public speeches, criminal trials, gladiatorial matches and commercial affairs. Throw in the historical houses, statues and monuments commemorating the city's great men and the gardens overlooking the modern city as it stands today. Many of the oldest and most important structures of the ancient city were located on or near the Forum. The Roman kingdom's earliest shrines and temples were located on the southeastern edge for instance.

So again, like the Colosseum, let's ask the question - WHERE DID IT ALL GO WRONG (for me that is)?

For my Colosseum review, I wrote that I should've just done it alone without the audio guide. Here, I felt the opposite. Had I had time to learn what this was about, either via a podcast or a guide, I could've appreciated what it stood for, instead of just looking at, what appeared to me a construction site! So, it felt even more odd with folks around me "appreciating" the sites and there we are standing and thinking "what ARE they looking at?". We didn't know where to start, end, how to go, and there was really poor signage as well (something I increasingly noticed with this town).
The Forum Romanum. View facing Nor…
Once a centre for celebration
The Imperial forums
Popular house in the imperial foru…
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Zagnut66 says:
They needed historical markers and illustrations of what the buildings looked like back in the day. I was surprised by their absence.
Posted on: Jun 24, 2014
jdig0304 jdig0304
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Must See Jun 19, 2011
Any trip to Rome whether for the nightlife, history, or Vatican is not complete unless you stroll around the Ancient Forum. Once the main hub of Roman life, it is an excellent site to take pictures and learn about the past. As you walk down the Via Sacra you will be following in the footsteps of the great orator and statesman Cicero as well as Julius Caesar who was cremated in the Forum and has a temple dedicated to him that you can see. The Curia, or Senate House, is also open for viewing and usually displays some artwork inside. The many temples that lined the Forum are in ruins but still magnificent to look at.

TIP: Get a guide book or take a tour for the best information as there is a lot of history in one small place.
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didohappy didohappy
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Outside Museum Jun 14, 2011
Such an amazing place, collection of ruins and restorations from several millennia. You can not find a place quite like this in the world. Make sure you buy ticket to the Colosseum and you can visit that as well. However the Forum is free though so just enjoy every moment of it.
peppertm peppertm
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Roman Forum Jul 12, 2009
The Roman Forum is the area in which the ancient Roman civilization developed and it served as the political and economical center of Rome. It is located between Palatine Hill and Capitoline Hill. Touring the Forum, the ruins of many political, religious, and judicial buildings can be seen. Price of admission also includes admission to the Colosseum, but I’d suggest seeing the Colosseum first, then heading to the Forum, as you’ll have more ‘personal space’ in the Forum than you will in the Colosseum.
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Amsterdame Amsterda…
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Of great historical interest Aug 31, 2009
I found the Roman Forum to be highly interesting, though it was pretty hot (for October) the day I and the others in my group toured it. We had a local historian whose English was quite good and whose knowledge was astounding. I've always been intrigued by that period in time and was really inspired by the Forum and what I learned that day. I hope to go back next year, and I plan on venturing down to Pompeii as well - I must go there!
yadilitta yadilitta
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Walk through the Roman Forum Jun 18, 2006
From the Colosseum, you'd get an amazing view of the valley and the Forum.

Once you are done with the Colosseum, don't miss the opportunity to walk through the Roman Forum and see different pieces of the ancient culture.

It's free to walk down the Via Sacra and you'd be able to see different monuments, including the place where they said "Julio Cesar" was murdered.

Take the chance to walk here and feel the history surrounding you.
view from the Colosseum
Eric Eric
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Dec 01, 2005
The Roman Forum doesn't look like much when you first see it, because most of it is in ruins, but when you consider the fact so much remains after thousands of years, it is pretty spectacular. The forum was the central gathering point for religion, commerce, and civic administration. Be sure to check out the immense level of detail present on the triumphal arches, which were basically giant arches built by the emperors to commemorate their victories in the battlefield. Also, be especially careful of pickpockets here, as they are particularly numerous.For a decent afternoon itinerary, start by admiring the building facades built by Michelangelo at the Piazza del Campidoglio, work your way south through the forum, then finish up at the Colosseum.
Some of the ruins are in pretty go…
More ruins.
Temple of Antoninus and Faustina. …
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