Roman Baths

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Stall Street, Bath, United Kingdom

Roman Baths Reviews

WalterC WalterC
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Must take this Roman Bath Apr 20, 2015
Located in the center of Bath, the Roman Baths is definitely a must-see, and enough reason to make the day trip from London.

The Roman Baths date back to the 1st century, back when Britain was part of the Roman Empire, called Britannia at the time. Expanded in the 4th century, these baths are very well-preserved, for people in future generations to see. This one was built in honor of the goddess Sulis Minerva, which was a hybrid of Roman and Celtic deities.

Entering the place, you walk around the Great Bath on the top level. Then enter into the museum, where there are displays of artifacts that have been found around the area. Some of the highlights that should not be missed, is the golden head of Sulis Minerva. And the pediment that may have been at the top of the entrance to the temple, with the face of possibly a god.

There is water running through the place, under the museum, which you can see by the gift shop. Just amazing to look at, and another reminder how great engineers that the Romans were.

Then it is the Great Bath at the bottom level, right by it. Also, you can see the different pools and a changing room in the East Baths. And a dipping pool and heating pool, which may been a whirlpool, if I understand this correctly. Regardless, I think, not really all that different than how swimming pool places are in the present day.

Audioguide is included in the admission, and in addition to hearing the regular ones, there is the option to hear what travel writer, Bill Bryson, has to say. I thought hearing Bryson’s commentary was interesting, as it gave more of the layman’s point of view. Worth a listen if time permits, or if you are a fan of his.

This place should definitely not be missed. If you had to pick one attraction to do in this town, then this is a Roman Bath well worth taking!
Roman Baths building
map of the attraction
The Great Bath (from above level)
statues around the Great Bath
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northlight says:
I've been here Walter and you're absolutely right in your review - definitely worth a visit :)
Posted on: Jun 29, 2015
spocklogic says:
Romans were quite the engineers, eh?
Posted on: Jun 28, 2015
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HelenP HelenP
53 reviews
When in Bath You Must Visit the Baths Dec 17, 2014
The Romans were attracted by the natural hot springs which bubble up out of the ground here. They built a temple to their water goddess Minerva on the site and also constructed the grand bathing complex.

The ruins of this complex are surprisingly intact, with the original Roman engineering still delivering over 170,000 liters of water into the Grand Bath daily.

Visitors can walk through the ruins, viewing the various steam rooms and pools, and seeing them as they would have been in roman times by means of computerised reconstructions.

The museum shows many of the artifacts found during excavations. These include items given as offerings to the goddess as well lead tablets inscribed with curses (thrown into the water as pleas to the goddess to incite justice) and, the center piece of the exhibition, a beautiful bronze head of the Minerva.

Visitors can also meet Roman costumed characters, all of whom are based on real life inhabitants of the ancient city. On the day that I visited I talked to a herbalist who described the various items in her basket and their various uses.
The Grand Bath
The Grand Bath
The King's Bath
Head of Goddess Minerva
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joehobo says:
Bath also has a lovely beautiful church and a nice history to go with its architecture.I did a day tour from London - covered Stonehenge, Bath, Stratford & the beautiful cottages at Cotswolds.Memorable England.
Posted on: Dec 24, 2014
EmyG says:
I missed the trip to Stonehenge & Bath when I was in London :(
Posted on: Dec 17, 2014
Zagnut66 says:
I visited the baths way back in 1999, but there was heavy rain and none of my photos came out. Your photos look great Helen!
Posted on: Dec 17, 2014
curious_claire curious_…
78 reviews
A Must for a Bath Visit Jun 03, 2013
This really is a must visit when in Bath since it is the reason Bath is so famous. The Romans created these bath houses where the hot water would bubble up from the ground. The remains stand just in the shadow of Bath Abbey and the baths themselves are actually below the modern street level.

Tickets to enter are reasonable and you can combine them with other Bath attractions if you want. What I really liked about the tickets here was that they include a free audio tour. A lot of places make you pay extra for this!

It doesn't take long to visit and have a look around and on a nice day it can be relaxing to stand in an actual Roman Bath and try to imagine life back then. And if you need a helping hand there are some people in costumes playing the parts so you can really get sucked in.

My visit was the middle of the day during the week so it was pretty quiet but I have been told it can get very busy. But either way I would say it is definitely worth a visit.
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msafiri254 msafiri2…
10 reviews
Famous Roman Baths Jan 26, 2013
The Roman Baths can get very busy. You can buy a joint saver pass which gives you entry to the Roman Bath and the Fashion Museum. This pass gives you priority entry to the Bath at busy times when there is a queue for tickets. Alternatively, you can queue outside and buy a ticket to enter the baths. Depending on the time of year, the baths close at 5.30pm or 6pm

There is a lot of history and fascinating facts about the Roman Baths and Bath City itself. There is an audio guide which tells you of your current location and explains what you are seeing. The Baths are a must see.

Don't forget to bring some coins and throw them into the baths after making your wish :-)
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ronsfl ronsfl
1 reviews
A must see Feb 24, 2013
Located in the middle of the city and very convenient to get to. You don't need to pre-book or anything, but the place can get quite busy at times.

There's a very, very good audio tour with many spots around the baths and museum for you to stop, listen and look at the exhibits. There's several streams of the audio tour as well, being the main one that introduces each exhibit, the insight from a historian, and then a roleplay sort of thing from fictional characters.

I probably listened to about 75% of main audio and about half of the historian, and took me about an hour and a half to get through. You could easily spend more or less time there depending on how much you want to listen to.

Overall a fantastic insight to what the baths were, how the Romans built it, how it's managed to survive these years, and how it ties in with the history of the city. A must see!!
Fitnessguru729 Fitnessg…
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Roman Baths Jan 06, 2012
I really enjoyed seeing the Roman Baths in Bath, England. It was a surreal feeling walking where the Romans walked. Incredible! The hot springs gave the baths a spooky feeling. The baths had hot and cold pools, and saunas where men and women would come to meet and exercise or use the libraries. I would highly recommend going to Bath to see this site. There is too much history to even list here. The city center on Bath is also incredible and there are many shops as well!
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stary123 stary123
6 reviews
Roman bath Apr 12, 2011
Nice place to visit. Really impressed. If you like historical and ancient place then you cant missed this place !! I went there a lots of times because I really impressed with their bath spa pool and also it is really near with where I live as well.

The price to go in is a bit much but it is worth it !
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2 reviews
A trip to Bath Mar 17, 2011
Having lived in England nearly my entire life, you would be amazed at how little of it I have actually seen.

Only 2hours down the road from London, Bath is a stones throw away.

The Roman Baths are absolutly fascinating, reasonably priced and a real treat to look at. They provide you with a headset so you can tune in to commentary whilst walking around, learning about the things you are looking at. There are lots of places to sit and read signs, listen to people talking or just to take a moment to take in what you are seeing.

At the end of your tour you are given a complementary glass of fresh spa water... WARNING - DO NOT drink... Its the most rancid thing I have ever tasted. Think of lukewarm kettle water, add the taste of chemicals and you are almost there.
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taicheng says:

I went there 2 years ago but didn't enter so thanks for photos. I took bath near by and I enjoyed the pool at the roof with nice view surrounding.
Posted on: Apr 27, 2011
MichaelKnight says:
That's awesome! When were you there? I was just there last weekend!!! And ya, the water was nasty. Beautiful buildings though :)
Posted on: Mar 18, 2011
ctjevans says:
OMG, you drank bath water? :-o yuck, sounds awful. LOL!
Posted on: Mar 17, 2011
alicia_timmermans alicia_t…
2 reviews
Roman Baths Jan 16, 2011
This is an amazing place to visit!

It looks gorgeous, has a great location, is not too expensive and is full of information about Bath's history and a lot of other cultural and historical information.

I highly recommend it!
Entrance to the Pump Room
Roman Baths
Roman Baths
Roman Baths
jhoc jhoc
66 reviews
Tour the Roman Baths Jun 09, 2009
The Roman Baths tour is a very modern museum that does a great job integrating technology with actual ruins from the baths to create a close to real tour as possible. The ruins are in remarkably good shape to begin with so you get to see loads of original structure including a few baths that are fully in tact.

There are various LCD screens that help to draw the room around you so you can help to picture what it would have looked like as you walk through the platforms that are built right over the actual ruins. The audio guide is also done very well giving you plenty of options to move quickly through the tour or slow down and get more detail on specific areas.

I’ve been on the tour twice and would happily do it again with more visitors. The second time through I had a greater appreciation for what the Romans did with the hot spring and building the baths.

Don’t forget to drink your free Spa water on the way out, the fountain is in the Pump House tea room. Take a few minutes and have tea there too, the building is gorgeous.

The cost including the audio guide is £11 per adult as of June 2009.
The main bath when you walk in
One of the places the spa water fl…
my mate having a word with Minerva
melissak melissak
35 reviews
Nov 22, 2007
The Roman Baths are the reason we went to Bath and they did not disappoint. The entrance fee isn't very high but it is completely worth it...we got in for the students rate, even though we're not students, the IYIC card works here, so does my twin sisters student ID:). Set a side a few hours to see the whole thing because there is a lot to take in. You get a free audio guide thats shaped like a remote and you hold it to your ear and listen to the entire history of the Baths. Its a great attraction, the history of the Baths is so interesting, definitely worth making a trip out to this city. I would highly recommend going here!
inside the Baths
sdbleve says:
I loved this also. One of my favorite nights in England was when I was suppose to do a ghost walk in Bath. Nobody else showed the guide took me to his local. Fun times!!!! :)
Posted on: Mar 11, 2008
lorenzmartins says:
nice review.. i've been there too.. really nice city..
Posted on: Nov 23, 2007
couchdesurfer couchdes…
28 reviews
The Roman Baths – the finest spas of the ancient world Nov 18, 2006
This is an awesome place to visit and understand how the Romans lived their lives. The bath is so elegantly designed without tampering with nature. There are four main features of this Bath are its Sacred Spring, The Roman temple where offerings to God were made, the Roman bath house and the finds from the Roman Bath.

There is audio guide available for adults and kids. It’s the best way to explore this Roman Bath. This place is always flocked with visitors for its uniqueness. Other then the visit to this bath you can also indulge in a nice spa treatment. While you are here do visit the Bath Abbey.

You can visit the official site for updates and information:

"This is one of the finest spas of the ancient world"
The Roman Baths – Entrance
Nzelvis Nzelvis
56 reviews
Jun 08, 2005
For those that do not know, the city of Bath was so named because of the Roman baths that remain in the middle of the city. After the Romans conquered the land of England, they took advantage of the natural springs there and built their baths. These baths were used to soothe wounds of soldiers, aches of a long day's work, and it was said to remove ailments. The Romans were able to use their aquadust technology to keep fresh water flowing. Today, you can still see these baths. For a small fee, you can gain admission to the site and see the actual baths the Romans used 2000 years ago. You can see the steam rooms, and you can even see the aquaducts. There are also many statues and architecture from Roman times. When I was there in 2005, no one was able to enter the baths. However, a restoration effort was being made, and individuals will be able to enter the baths soon if that's not the case already.
Roman bath
X_Drive X_Drive
837 reviews
Roman Baths of Bath Jun 02, 2005
Your tour of the Roman Baths of Bath, begins with in the Reception Hall where you get your ticket and a personal audioguide which explains each area as you make your way through the site. A view from the Terrace which looks down over the Main bath is your first real sight, and a nice way to start the tour.

The statues, figures and columns along with the large pool of hot water below are splendid. Most people don’t know that it was the late 19th century before the baths were discovered or explored. The water, which is 46 C (115 F) is a natural spring that has continued to flow for hundreds if not thousands of years.

The Romans dedicated the temple and spring to their goddess of healing, Sulis Minerva. Besides the main bath there are several other smaller areas with baths and plunges. Many objects and thousands of coins were found in the bottom of the pool. There are some outstanding items on display in the museum section including a wooden model of how the site may have looked in the 4th century AD .

You end your tour in the gift and souvenir shop.
sweetet says:
yah it's worth to visit Bath...i like the place very historical and i enjoyed my thermae bath spa and relaxing massage:)
Posted on: Mar 11, 2008
WaltJake says:
I visited here with Tyler, on a school sponsored CHA tour, also in the summer of 2005!
Posted on: Mar 11, 2008
CrazyLisa says:
Awww I missed this when I was there. You are now making me pretty sad that I missed out.
Posted on: Mar 11, 2008

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