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Hometown: Canada
Location: Sherwood Park, Canada
Join Date: April 18, 2010
Contributions: Rokerij has written about 119 places, shared 453 photos, left 99 comments, and smiled 124 times.
Interested in: meeting new people, meeting other people to travel with, showing people around my hometown, sharing travel tips and blogs, just browsing!
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At this point we are looking to do a safari in Kenya and/or Tanzania. We are looking at climbing Kilamanjaro. We are also looking at spending about a week at an all-inclusive resort on the Indian Ocean near Zanzibar.
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I was a Destination Expert on TripAdvisor for multiple destinations, this was until I realized that to be a "good" destination expert you have to be completely useless and repeatedly provide links to similar threads rather than responding to each person as if they were individuals.

I decided to go back to just being a useful contributor, but then realized that the majority of TA users were anal over planners. They take it to a point where they close themselves off to anything that isn't written on their agenda. Anything else is looked down upon. So I decided to try other travel sites.

I made it to TravBuddy and after a few months realized that this site is taking me from one extreme with TripAdvisor to the exact opposite extreme. I find the majority of users on this site travel without any plans or financial certainty. To the point they are missing experiences simply because they don't know about them, can't afford them, or simply have a predetermined and narrow minded view of tourism being evil and therefore any tourist destination is beneath them. Any other ways of going about it is beneath them.

I am in the middle. I plan my trips and know what I want to see in each city. I also leave a lot of room for spontaneity. I have no financial restrictions when I travel, but I also prefer to not over spend.

Unfortunately I haven't found a quality website for my "category". So until I do I will split my time between the two and get the best planning ideas from TripAdvisor and the cheapest and best unplanned routes from TravBuddy.

Update: I found that website

Update2: I want to thank fransglobal for all of his help and advice for my trips. He probably doesn't even realize it, but his advice has been second to none when it comes to traveling. I have been fortunate to find his posts and they have significantly improved my trips and the planning that goes along with that. Thanks again fransglobal.
spocklogic says:
Posted on: Jun 03, 2017
planxty says:
I am glad to see you loather the appalling TripAdvisor as much as most of the rest of us. It has no merit whatsoever andis run by a piece of megalomaniac pondlife that I wish all the harm in the world and I do not actively dislike many people.
Posted on: Apr 09, 2017
spocklogic says:
Posted on: Jun 03, 2016
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