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Rodrigues is an autonomous outer island of the Republic of Mauritius located in the Indian Ocean. It is a part of the Mascarene Islands which include Mauritius and French RĂ©union. As most of the isles in this area, it is of volcanic origin surrounded by coral reef.

Rodrigues is the most pleasant surprises Mauritius has to offer. The island is an isolated part of the country. It is a stunning, mountainous gem so different from the mainland of Mauritius, a resort creature. Rodrigues is so different from Mauritius and this is what actually make people who come here fall for it. However it may change. The economy of Rodrigues is mostly dependent upon Mauritius. People have started to search the way to become more self-sufficient. Lately, tourism has become the focused sector. In the near future Rodrigues may become a copy of Mauritius.

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