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Nurnberg, Germany

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Rock im Park: Death by Moshing Jun 07, 2008
The basics: Rock im Park is a 3 day rock and roll festival held every year in Nuernberg, Germany. It's put on by MTV and has some top notch acts. Some of this year's performers were Queens of the Stone Age, Incubus, Metallica, Prodigy, and Rage Against the Machine.

My take: It was cool. After attending Budapest's Sziget Festival in '07, all music festivals will have a lot to live up to. The groups that performed were great, but being that there wasn't a very wide range of musical genres, there wasn't a wide range of people or personalities. All in all, I'd go again, but I won't be kicking myself for missing it next year.

But, here's a good experience I had (cross-posted from my MOG at


I'm back, bitches!

So, prior to June 7, 2008 I knew jack shit about Rage Against the Machine. Sure, I had heard a couple of their songs, but...whatever, just another white guy trying to rap. But, before hopping across the pond for Rock im Park, a friend of mine told me that they put on a good show, so...

About 5 minutes before they come on, I grab two cups of rum and coke, and start wading my way through the crowd. I figure if I hurry, I can make my way pretty close to the front. So, I'm bumping and manuevering, shoving and squeezing, and I make it about half-way before the stage darkens and the siren begins. So, as the guys take the stage, I double my efforts, but it's a bit harder now...but, I'm no quitter.

Well, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

The second Rage goes into their first song, the entire crowd fuckin' ERUPTS! Sure, in the video it just looks like a bunch of people jumping up and down, but when their packed in like sardines it just turns into this huge mosh pit and you have just about no control over anything. You're just kinda thrown about catching the occasional elbow to the temple.

Well, it only took me about 5 seconds to realize I was in over my head and start trying to swim back out of the madness. But, it was like trying to swim in a fuckin' tsunami. Completely hopeless. I'm getting bounced and shoved every which way, struggling to keep my feet, just...I don't know...there are no words for how mad this place was. I'm sure for old pros it was nothing, but coming from pretty much a strictly hip-hop was like being dropped into a pit of rabid, wild hounds.

So, I'm slowly making progress to the outside of the crowd, but somewhere along the way, I had gotten the hang of this thing. I threw a couple elbows, shoved a couple fuckers, tossed some guy into what looked like a battle royale...damn, this is kinda fun! By the end of the first song, some poor guy comes through the crowd crying "Let me out! Let me out!!!" Haha...Pussy!

Man, I tell you, Rage grabbed a hold of this crowd from the first note, and never let go. That crowd was electric, pure raw energy constantly. We're outdoors on a cool night, and at any time I could look up into the air and see the steam rising off of the bodies in the crowd. It was really like a sauna in there. The 5 minutes that it rained were a blessing. And, aside from the initial fear for my life, I loved every minute of it. By the end of the set, I had my own little section of crowd to command, and had even advanced to the point of sending text messages (gotta set up the post-show booty call) while withstanding wave after wave of mad, frantic head-bangers.

Really...I could learn to like this.
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