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Probably one of the most famous seaside resorts in the area known as the Adriatic Riviera, Rimini is a small city and municipality in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy along the coast of the Adriatic, between the Marecchia and Ausa Rivers. It is the capital city of the eponymous province, and is well-known for its traditional industries of fishing and coastal navigation, the history of which dates back thousands of years to prehistoric times. This is a major Italian tourist destination, particularly in the summer months, which is both a hindrance and a blessing to English-speaking Westerners who are coming here for a holiday. English is very rarely spoken because this is primarily an Italian haven, which can be a problem for some travelers unless they know a few Italian phrases, but the blessing is that you don't have to deal with massive hordes of tourists. Instead, this is the Italian Riviera at its most pristine.

There are roughly 15 km of beaches in the area, known to locals as La Marina. And while there is plenty of ancient architecture that showcases the splendor of Italy just as well as any other Italian city, with a blending of medieval, renaissance, and Roman architecture, the historical and cultural value of this city is generally traded in exchange for the seaside. Since it is a holiday destination, the winter months transform Rimini into something of a ghost town, although the city center does remain busy year-round.

Like all Italian destinations, the food and the wine is beyond superb. Since this is a tourist town, albeit mostly for Italians, the summer months are a nonstop barrage of activities, ranging from days spent on the beach or wandering through the historic sections of the city, to nights spent carousing at one of the many bars and restaurants throughout the city. If experiencing cultural Italy is on your agenda, this is definitely the place to come.

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