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While it might be the smallest state in the U.S., and you might be able to drive across the width of it in 45 minutes, and yes, it was the last state to ratify the Constitution of the United States, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, more commonly known simply as Rhode Island, or “The Ocean State”, is nevertheless a wonder to behold. With over 400 miles of coastline on the easternmost border of the United States, and cities such as Providence, Narragansett, and Pawtucket, there's definitely more than meets the eye to this tiny state.

Despite having just over 1 million people within its borders, and being the smallest state, Rhode Island is nevertheless full of pride when it comes to what the state has to offer. And rightfully so, because there's just as much history here as there is in states such as Pennsylvania or Massachusetts. Rhode Island is one of the original 13 colonies who declared independence from British rule, and places like Providence and Newport have been around since nearly the inception of the country. Meanwhile, Pawtucket was the starting place of the American Industrial Revolution, and set against the backdrop of the Blackstone River makes for one of the most picturesque New England towns in the nation.

Meanwhile, the coastal scene of Rhode Island is nearly bursting with opportunities, from the world-famous Cliff Walk along the Atlantic coast, to Block Island, Narragansett Bay, or Aquidneck Island, home to the “City by the Sea”, or Newport as it is more commonly known. The headquarters of Brown University at College Hill combines 18th-century wood-framed houses against the setting of Providence itself for a positively breath-taking experience. All in all, the combination of scenic beaches, New England atmosphere, and American history make for a trip that should definitely be part of your itinerary, regardless of what time of year it happens to be.

Newport #1 most popular location
One of New England's oldest towns, and one of America's first playgrounds for the super-rich, Newport, Rhode Island is a year round destination with wonderful hotels, resorts, and bed and bre…
36travelers 24reviews 16blogs
Providence #2 most popular location
Providence, Rhode Island's state capital, is a survivor. After its industries left for the South in the 1950s, it sprang back as a cultural center with a thriving arts community. Providen…
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Warwick #3 most popular location
18travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Middletown #4 most popular location
Middletown is just north of Newport, Rhode Island and is the most populace city on Aquidneck Island. Home to some of the best beaches in Southern New England, the population here exponential…
Bristol #5 most popular location
3travelers 3reviews
Narragansett #6 most popular location
3travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Charlestown #7 most popular location
Charlestown Rhode Island is a beautiful little beach town in Rhode Island. Mostly a place where you would own a summer cottage, it also has some beaches which are open to the public. A popula…
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Westerly #8 most popular location
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Jamestown #9 most popular location
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Coventry #10 most popular location
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Misquamicut #11 most popular location
Popular beach area in Southern Rhode Island. State run beach with large parking area, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops selling towels, beach umbrellas, boogie boards, etc. This is a big to…
Little Compton #12 most popular location
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Portsmouth #13 most popular location
Portsmouth, Rhode Island is a suburb of Newport and is the northernmost town on Aquidneck Island. It is surrounded by mostly rough coastline on both sides being surrounded by the Narraganset…
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Plum Beach #14 most popular location
Exeter #15 most popular location
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Saunderstown #16 most popular location