Rhine River: Of Folklore, Myths And Economic Importance

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Rhine River: Of Folklore, Myths And Economic Importance Reviews

lauro lauro
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Nov 13, 2007
the rhine river (rhein in german and rijn in dutch) is one of the 3 longest rivers in the EU together with the danube and the elbe rivers.

it originates in the swiss alps and the river and the mouth in the netherlands - snakes through 3 countries in the EU germany, france, the netherlands and switzerland.

probably the most interesting and well known landmark in the rhein river is the lorelei (the murmuring rock), a high rock in the most narrowest point of the river. it is said to be the home of the maiden, lorelei - who lures navigators to their death.

also, the rhein passes though the ruins of drachenfels, where the hero siegfried killed te dragon fanfir of the norse saga - the ring of niebelung.

in the modern times, the countries which the river passes uses the rhein as a form of transportation of goods and industrial products. many large and important cities had been built along the banks of the river which are of economic importance like:

Large cities

basel in switzerland

strasbourg in france

karlsruhe, mannheim,ludwigshafen, wiesbaden, mainz, koblenz, bonn, cologne, düsseldorf, neuss, krefeld and duisburg in germany

arnhem, nijmegen, utrech and rotterdam in the netherlands.

you can also cruise the rhein with many tour operating agencies that do them, some famous are köln-düsseldorf cruise and rhein-moselle cruise (which includes the lorelei)
the rhein snakes its way in bonn, …
in the lorelei (internet pic)
koblenz is the city where the rhei…
lauro says:
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