Rhine River Cruise

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Rhine River Cruise, Germany
Rhine River Cruise - The Loreley Statue
Rhine River Cruise - The Loreley Statue
Rhine River Cruise - The Loreley Statue
Rhine River Cruise - The Loreley Statue
Rhine River Cruise - The Loreley Statue
Rhine River Cruise - A small ship like the one we took.

Rhine River Cruise Reviews

theexplorer theexplo…
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Perfect for couples May 09, 2011
I've done this cruise a couple times, if you are new to the area I would definitely recommend you consider going. The river goes trough the heart of some of Germanys most historic cities. Theres food and drinks available, and depending on what package you get you may also have the opportunity to stop and sight see.
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salinda71 salinda71
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Day trips through the countryside Jan 29, 2009
I was stationed at Morbach AB in Germany, from Jan 1990 to Jan 1992. The base is now an energy collection center with windmills all over the place. (I actually lived at Hahn AB.) I would like to tell everyone about my journeys throughout the countryside. I have forgotten most of the names of the places, but will be looking them up and finding old pictures with names on them to add as I go. This information is from years ago, but from conversation with friends who are still in the area, nothing has really changed except for inflation on some of the prices.

Evening meals were eaten off base practically every night--we had no mess hall. The town the base was built next to, (I have forgotten the name), had about a six or so small resturants that we would all frequent on a revolving basis. A person could eat a very filling meal with dessert for about $7, and since they were within walking distance, one even got in a little fresh air. I fell in love with the local mettwurst, instead of the brat's. And to this day I wish I could find them here in America, somewhere.

There was also a town about 20 minutes up the main road (?) that we would go to when we wanted a different type of meal--more French then German on the menus. This place cost about $15 a meal with dessert.

The base was located near the Rhine River and the beauty of the twisting roads as you look out and see the varying greens and browns, is spectacular. Daytrips on the weendends usually entailed how far we could drive in a day and be back to base around midnight, or so. The best places to stop along the way were the little towns with a winery or 'mom & pop' type shops that sold their own wine in little bottles and local crafts. These were the best because of the friendly atmosphere and the welcome everyone received. Most all the German people we ever ran into spoke English--they learn it in school--and would be overly friendly if we showed that we even attempted to speak to them in German. The laughs would roll, then the wine would flow. Cheese and crackers, or wursts, would then come out and full bellies for a few dollars was the best. If you bought a bottle of wine, about $4 - $10, then the 'snacks' were free as long as you were there. Also the wine tasting was usually free. Another option was to take one of the many wine tasting tours offered by any local travel agency for about $25 per person. These usually take travelers to about 4 or 5 different places in a day.

The many ruins that littered the countryside was what I found the most fasinating. We even went camping a few times off the roadways and would traisp all over any ruins we found. This is how I found most of my old coins in my collection. Today I am not sure if that is allowed in most places or not. But people from all over the world who were backpacking would sometimes stumble upon us and sit around the campfire and talk late into the night with us.

Having no "set in stone" plans to travel the country was always the best way to go. The people are friendly and welcoming to everyone. If you have a chance to go off the beaten path always take it through Germany. More to follow...
Lucy360 Lucy360
38 reviews
Rhine Cruise Sep 15, 2008
I really enjoyed this cruise along the Rhine. It was a double decker boat and we started on the top but as it was February and freezing we retired to the inside part which was downstairs with a cup of coffee.

We saw lots of castles up on the hillsides, which were great for photgraphs and the loreley statue(Ancient story of a lady who sang to sailors and caused thier boats to crash into the rocks!). They stopped at the opposite side of the Rhine where we got off and explored the little village.
The Loreley Statue
X_Drive X_Drive
836 reviews
May 18, 2005
I do not know the price of an individual cruise, because this was just one part of the Brendon Tour we were on.  But the cruise would be a nice part of any trip though Germany.  There are many places up and down the river where one can begin or end a river cruise.  And I am sure that you can take short medium or long tours along the river. The ship we were on had a nice indoor area downstairs where you could order food or drink and look out the very large windows and the top deck area offered seating and the same menu of food and drinks.  Seeing the Castles, towns, and other sights along the river was wonderful.

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Rhine River Cruise
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