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Reunion is a French territory located in the middle of the Indian Ocean just east of Madagascar. Initially discovered by the Portuguese in 1513, it was not settled until the 17th century when the French began inhabiting the island and brought along a mixture of other cultures. It was an important stop on the East Indies trading route up until the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, which caused the island to plummet in popularity. These days, however, Reunion operates as a tourist location, and has a distinctly tropical feel to it. The distinct mixture of Indian, African, Chinese and French cultures combined for an absolutely unique experience that you won't find anywhere else in the world.

From the peaks of the Cirque de Mafate, Cilaos, and Salazie, to the rugged valleys like the Grand Bassin, or the forests along Le Maido with its lush foliage and massive sugar-cane fields and the surfing at St-Leu, the place is a tropical paradise with a wide range of geography that will appeal to all types of travelers. However, despite the fact that this is a French territory and relies primarily on tourism for its income, you won't find any luxury accommodations in Reunion. Instead, it almost feels as though a little chunk of French countryside was literally plucked out of the heartland of France and deposited in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and then populated with a variety of cultures from the surrounding countries.

Make no doubt about it, Reunion has some of the most amazing scenery on the planet. There are vast lava fields stretching down from the mountains, plenty of lush tropical forests, and the western edge of the island is home almost a Riviera-type experience, with resort towns and beach villages. This is the perfect place to have a romantic getaway with your significant other because there aren't a lot of crowds, and you can choose between lounging on pristine beaches, hiking up some of the most majestic mountains ever seen, or trekking through tropical forests and. All in all, a perfect island getaway.

Saint-Paul #1 most popular location
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Saint Denis #2 most popular location
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Saint-Denis #3 most popular location
Saint-Denis is the largest and very French capital of Reunion. This will likely be the first town you encounter as the Roland-Garros airport just outside the city limits is the major hub for …
4travelers 2reviews 4blogs
Cilaos #4 most popular location
Cilaos is a town high up in the mountains of mid North-West Reunion. To get there you have to travel a corkscrew road that offers stunning views into the valleys below. The landscapes of Reu…
Vincendo #5 most popular location
Vincendo is a tiny village along the southern coast of Reunion. There is nothing noteworthy in the village itself, but Vincendo is a useful waypoint for the wealth of intersting destinations…
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Dos d'Ane #6 most popular location
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Manapany-les Bains #7 most popular location
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Langevin #8 most popular location
Boucan Canot #9 most popular location
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Plaine des Gregues #10 most popular location
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Hell Bourg #11 most popular location
Saint-Andre #12 most popular location
Saint-Andre is one of the larger communities on Reunion, and quite distinct. Located just east of St. Denis on the 'rainy' side of the island, Saint-Andre is not a tourist hot spot. This is…
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Les Makes #13 most popular location
Les Makes is a sweet little village way up in the hauts of Reunion. And by way up I mean you should be prepared to endure several miles of tortuous turnbacks to arrive! Once you get there, …
Sainte-Suzanne #14 most popular location
Grand Coude #15 most popular location
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Saint-Benoit #16 most popular location
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Saint-Gilles-Les-Baines #17 most popular location
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Sainte Marie #18 most popular location
Piton de la Fournaise #19 most popular location
St. Leu #20 most popular location
St. Leu #21 most popular location
Located on the western coast of Reunion, St. Leu is one of the select few places where you can actually swim in the ocean - offering a splendidly shady beach with a sheltered spot from the vi…
Hell-Bourg #22 most popular location
Cirque de Cilaos #23 most popular location
Grand Ilet #24 most popular location
Le Grand Brule #25 most popular location
Sainte-Anne #26 most popular location
Le Maido #27 most popular location