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Prinsengracht 8, Meppel, Netherlands - 0522-263324

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Disappointing service at pleasant looking restaurant Nov 09, 2008
For my birthday this year I decided I wanted to go out to dinner with friends and family. With the people who could make it we made a group of 6 adults and 6 children. As I wanted to try out a new restaurant in the town where I live I decided on restaurant De Tipbrug, as they had a set three or four course menu (with options of three starters, three soups, four mains and three desserts for a good price, and they had quite an elaborate children's menu for Dutch standards.

I did everything I normally do: made reservations (for 6pm so the kids wouldn't get to bed too late), told the staff there were going to be young children and asked about the children's menu, and reconfirmed with the exact numbers and the request for a high chair.

When we got to the restaurant my sister, husband and son were already there. They told us it had taken at least five minutes for anyone to greet them, let alone seat them. The rest of our group had to put away our coats and get the high chair out ourselves, and figure out how to set it up as nobody was helping. We took our seats (it was obvious which table was hours), and waited. After about ten minutes I asked the kids to think about what they wanted to drink so when the (only!!!) waitress finally had time to take our order, at least they wouldn't have to think about it anymore. We asked for a wine list and were given ONE normal menu, which only had house wines on it. The waitress did not thnk to give us enough menu's so that we would be able to decide on what to order. When our drinks order was finally taken the waitress left to start getting the drinks ready, but was also doing other things at the same time. So I decided to go up to the bar and ask for the menu's so we could have a look at them. I told her the kids especially but the adults too were getting a bit agitated. She then offered to get some bread and butter to keep the kids occupied, walked into the kitched and about five minutes later came out WITHOUT bread and started taking orders at other tables! I then decided enough was enough and started asking everyone what they thought. At the rate all this was going we would still be there at ten pm! So we decided to leave and when I walked up to the waitress to tell her she told me she had just gotten te kid's drinks ready. We decided to let the kid's have their drinks and leave our which weren't ready yet anyway. The drinks were served and then the waitress disappeared into the kitchen again and came back with the chef. We were then told that if we co-ordinated our dishes we could eat pretty quicky. I was amazed at how calm I still was at this stage, but I didn't want to make a scene either, so I pleasantly thanked the chef for the offer but said we had had enough. He then said that the other waitress had a family day and that's why she was starting late that night. So they thought it was ok to ruin my family day (and birthday!)because of her family day? I then proceeded to te cash register where I still had to pay for my drinks and my debit card didn't work in their machine, so I had to pay in cash. While I was there three ladies who had been dining in the restaurant walked up and said they would not have the dessert they had ordered as they were sick of waiting too...

The only reason why I am giving this restaurant two stars and not one is because I have heard their food is very nice and I assume this was a one off....
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