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Sentosa Island

Resorts World Sentosa-Universal Studios Singapore Reviews

trippin_jen trippin_…
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Resorts World Sentosa-Universal Studios Singapore Jul 24, 2013
Why I think it's recommended:

1. There's nothing much to do in Singapore apart from shopping, so this is the next best attraction, I guess.

2. In comparison to Gold Coast's Movie World, this is WAYYY better.


If you look at the price itself, it looks 'ok'. But if you want to justify whether the place is worth what you're paying for, I'd say it's a bit pricey (especially those whose currency is smaller than SGD)

For Adults or for Kids:

Many people told me it's more for adults cos they have lots of thrill rides. I think it's 60% for kids, 40% for adults. Apart from the Blue and Red roller coaster and the Mummy ride, I think the rest are ok for kids.

Photography Spots:

Rather limited. Even the mascots are hardly to be seen. Only Marilyn Monroe, the Egyptian, Woody Woodpecker and Puss in Boots. I didn't see popular ones like Madagascar characters nor Kungfu Panda nor Sesame Street characters although they were promoted in the brochures.


Some were impressive, some were, well, average. If I have to choose 3 Must-Do's, I'd go for 1. Transformers the Ride, 2. Steven Spielberg's Lights, Camera, Action and 3. Water World performance. For those thrill-seekers, you'll not want to miss the roller coasters. But if that's the main reason you go there, please check if it's under maintenance. I was there for 8 hours but did not see it moving once. I suspect it's closed for maintenance.

What to bring:

Cap/Umbrella/Water bottle and lots of SPF! It's freaking hot and not all places are shaded.

Good Points:

1. If you have a water bottle with you, you can refill your bottles at almost every corner of the park, especially when you're queuing to enter the attraction places.

2. Toilets are everywhere and they're clean too. So far I didn't need to queue.

3. They have 3 lanes for queuing. 1 is the normal lane. 1 is the express lane if you pay extra (you can cut queue with this ticket) and another is the Single Rider queue, for those who are going solo. Well organized.

Useful Tips:

1. If you're going for the WaterWorld Stunt Performance, do not sit at the front 2 rows if you do not want to get wet. When I say wet, I mean REALLY wet. Those guys will pour a whole bucket of water on you if you're 'lucky' enough. If you notice, they do mark on their bench that those rows are 'splash zones'. So bring your raincoat. It's fun though!

2. I know everyone's aiming for the Transformers' Ride. Average queue time is 40-60 minutes. But if you go around 5.45pm onwards, the queue time is only 5 minutes! Trust me, I went 3 times! :) Basically most rides have really short queue time after 5.30pm.

* Information given above is based on my experience on a Monday.
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adrianaaaron adrianaa…
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Fun time at Universal Studio Singapore Mar 21, 2013
I had a great time at the Universal Studio Singapore. Hence, I thought of recommending it to those who haven't visited it yet. If you are from the states, this may not be an ideal place of visit as this attraction is originally from the states before being introduced in Singapore. Malaysians like me on the other hand think that the Universal Studio Singapore is a must visit destination in Singapore since it is much closer to my country; rather than having me to fly all the way to the states just to have a taste of what the theme park has to offer.

There are lots to see here - sesame street, Transformers rides, Mummy ride, Jurassic Park, Far far away park and many more. I loved the Transformers and Mummy rides; they're awesome! I did not try all the rides tho. Nonetheless, it was still a cool and memorable trip for me :)

Getting there:

Take a monorail from Vivo City Mall(Harbour Front station)and get your ticket from the sentosa ticket counter. The ticket costs about Singapore Dollars 3.

USS entrance fee: SGD76 (about this price..not more than SGD80)
This is cute stuff
Space Chase
Sesame street
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adrianaaaron says:
Thanks! :)
Posted on: Apr 07, 2013
adrianaaaron says:
Posted on: Apr 07, 2013
Sajjad_Monti says:
Very nice blog!
Posted on: Mar 29, 2013
katzylicious katzylic…
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Brings out the kid in you May 06, 2012
I really had fun in Universal. We rode almost all of the rides. My fave was the mummy ride. It's a different twist(if u know what i mean. haha). A definite must-try.

I didn't try the galaxy rides though. My heart had enough of roller coasters it could take in a day.

Another one you shouldn't miss out is "lights, camera, action". It's steven spielberg's work and it was awesome!

Tip: Go on weekdays. Not that much people as compared to the weekends so you won't have to wait that long in line.

Non-peak days are a little bit cheaper too =)
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adrianaaaron says:
I love it too!
Posted on: Mar 29, 2013
pieceofcake pieceofc…
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Smallest theme park you might ever seen Feb 26, 2012
It is soooooooo small. The site is so small and games are so small, we got fast pass and we finished everything before 1pm. And if you started early, there is no queue. Or you can spend 45mins queuing and 1 min lame ride. I do enjoy the mummy ride though. But the shrek, Madagascar etc are good for the kids only. Good thing is you don't need to spare whole day queuing under the sun, you can spend half day and do some other things in Singapore. The roller coaster is rather quick. So we ended up playing many times.
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nolan nolan
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Just like any other theme park in the USA Nov 12, 2012
Universal Studios is just like any other theme park in the USA - but it is a novelty to many of us here in South East Asia. Went to Universal Studios Singapore on a weekday - there were crowds but nowhere what most others encountered during a weekend. Most lines are worth 10-15 minutes wait except the Treasure Hunters (Ancient Egypt) which took like 30 minutes wait for a 5 minute ride which was not even fast or spectacular at all.

The Transformers Ride is something one should not miss - it's dazzling enough and suitable for most kids and above compared to the wild Battlestar Galactica PX roller coasters (which are not for the faint at heart). Also has the longest lines but not as bad if you line up in the afternoon.

Most other rides and attractions would be similar to Universal Studios in Hollywood - like Waterworld, Shrek, Jurassic Park. Check out the schedules of certain shows as they usually have only up to two showings in a day.

Since it is hot and humid there, wear quick drying clothing or bring a change of clothes, especially if planning to take the Jurassic Park ride!

Overall, I would say overwhelming for first time theme park goers but nothing spectacular if you've been to at least 5 other types of theme parks.

One Tip for those of you booking with Mastercard - there are usually promos which saves you money or gives you vouchers for meals and merchandise - these vary though depending on the time of the year as they constantly change promos.
Shrek's castle in the background
view across the lake
kimmykochan kimmykoc…
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Lights, Camera, Action! Feb 17, 2011
Highly recommended!

Weekdays price around $66SGD-$85SGD, include pick-up from hotel-sentosa-hotel.

Pricey yet worthy. Many stores offer you nice merchandises. Shrek, Madagascar, Jurassic Park, and many mooore.

Must see:

-Shrek 4D

-Jurassic Park

-The Cylon and The Human collide

-The Mummy
The Cylon and The Human background
The Sci-fi city
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flamingomaximus flamingo…
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Universal Studios Travel Tips Jul 23, 2011
One of the popular and exciting things to do in Singapore for people on family vacation is to experience its one - of - its - kind theme park located in Sentosa Island....the Universal Studios. It boasts 24 rides and attractions for everyone from the young to the young at heart. Adults can seek thrills on the heart - pounding roller coasters and rides like the Battlestar Galactica and the Revenge of the Mummy Rides. The kids can enjoy the magic of gentle rides like the Dino - Soarin' attraction and the Canopy Flyer. Even our grandparents can enjoy the park, with live shows and 4D - Shrek films.

The theme park consists of seven uniquely themed zones which surrounds a lagoon. Each zone is based on a blackbuster movie or a television show featuring their own unique attractions, character appearances, dining and shopping areas. The seven distinct zones in the park are namely Hollywood, New York, Sci - Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away, and the Madagascar. As it was commonly followed by most of the theme park, the rides here has a height limit policy. Children under 100cm height must be accompanied by an adult. Hand - held infants are not permitted as well.

Each zone are lined up with tasty restaurants to satisfy your hunger. As for the water, there are many water coolers around the park. So you don't need to bring lots of water with you.

The very first and most valuable tip for your Universal Studios Tour is to book your tickets in advance through their Resort World Sentosa official website ( It will save your time some more especially if the date falls on public or school holidays. This is to avoid your disappointments of tickets being sold out in last minute purchase like what I've experienced before.

Avoid going here on weekends and public holidays as the queue at most rides and attractions will be longer. You need to check out the dates of the Singapore Public Holidays. And if possible, avoid school holidays as well. Singapore school holidays falls on the mid of March, end of May to June, first half of September and mid of November to December.

Singapore weather is hot and humid. So wear light clothing and bring umbrella with you to keep you cool. Raincoats are available to most of the shops here in every themed park zone just in case it rains when you go there.

Universal Studios Singapore can easily be reached by car, by taxi, by public buses Nos. RWS 8, RWS 88 and 963R, by Sentosa Express or by the MRT train. It is open daily from 10:00 - 19:00. On Friday and Saturday, it extends its operating hours up to 22:00 for the Hollywood zone only. The admission fees costs $66 for an adult pass on weekdays and $72 on weekends (all prices are in Singapore dollars). Children and seniors can also enjoy a discounted rate worth $48 and $32 respectively. Very affordable rates and great for family relaxing getaway! It is something that you must not miss out in your itinerary on your visit to Singapore.
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kevinhongkong kevinhon…
13 reviews
Not for adults and maybe not much for kids either Apr 21, 2011
OK, I grew up as a teenager loving going to amusement parks and riding to death the thrill rides. As an adult, I still love roller coasters etc.

From this perspective, Universal Studios Singapore is quite lacking. For Singapore, the park does seem to have adequate land to put some interesting things there - but most of it seems to be thrill-less tacky things rather than something one can really enjoy.

All I can guess is that the developers were thinking of the short-term gains from tourists rather than return visitors - which is a shame.

Basically, as an adult there is not much to do. The one ride that I can recommend is the Battlestar Galactica rollercoaster - which is quite fun and does not seem to have long lines. It has two separate tracks twisting around together - - the Cylon track is by far more fun than the human track (check when you enter the queue). I rode this thing maybe 6-8 times - - but after that it also gets old. :P

I was not able to check out the Revenge of the Mummy indoor roolercoaster - - as it was broke down all day. I guess it may be like Space Mountain in Hong Kong Disney.

There was a rollercoaster in Far Far Away Land - but it was very non-thrilling - - even little kids and grandmothers were saying "that's it??" after the ride.

There is also a 4-D movie in Far Far Away Land - - it was OK, but it is not as good as the 4-D movie in Hong Kong Disney for example. Also, the system of getting in the theater was somewhat tedious. You have to wait in a dungeon while watching a very long and boring introduction to the thing before going in to sit down.

Finally, the food was quite horrible looking and therefore did not try. Of course, I don't expect much from park food - but this was below my low expectations.

Overall, Universal Studios is a poorly-executed theme park. It seems more intent on branding and grabbing a quick tourist buck than on giving you a fun experience. Disappointing.
Near entrance
Hollywood meets Madagascar boat cr…
Too much tacky streets and not eno…
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dithsky dithsky
3 reviews
Want to be thrilled Jul 05, 2011
I thought I'm already past theme parks and rides (well except for Disneyland which I've never been up to this time arrgh). Universal Singapore is pretty small but it will never fail to amaze fun seekers and riders. You just have to suck up the long queue or just get that extra express ticket for SGD30 so you can do it all over again. My friend pressed me to ride the Human Galactica and it was crazy that i have to close my eyes and later felt that my head is not already resting on the headrest. I was numb after it's over and wasnt able to stand up but glad I tried it ha ha. The most fun I had was the mummy ride which is just like the scooby ride i had in Warner Bros Australia, i love it when it goes backward and you can see darkness with little beam of light. and finally i love jurassic ride, that surprise of the boat being lifted up and then splashing down is wonderful. I will do this again if i have a chance... and probably try that Cylone GAlactica ride where your legs are suspended in the air. However, I must say the park lacks variety...few cartoon characters around, expensive bottled water & food !
Battle Star GAlactica to the max
love the mummy ride
under the scorching heat
fr3ddiboi fr3ddiboi
9 reviews
Sadly Dissapointed Jun 29, 2011
I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie and if you’re the same then this may not be the place for you. I think the place is good if your going with a family or if your going for the novelty as it’s nicely laid out but if your looking for excitement and high thrilled rides only the Battlestar Galactica ride proved to be of any real excitement.

I think it was poor timing but we queued up for the Jurassic Park water ride and the queue was over an hour and by the time we go on, it was a bit disappointing. I think all that time in the queue; we were expecting something much better. It was a hot day and well; we got rather wet on the ride so that was refreshing if nothing else.

If you would like to go here, then it’s simple to get to. You can get the MRT to Harbourfront and then head into Vivo Centre were you could get the monorail. This is available on the 3rd floor and is not too expensive. It’s the quickest way of getting there. There is the alternative of going along the walkway which is cheaper than the monorail.

Overall, it was something novel but considering what you pay it would not be something I would highly recommend.
fienuts fienuts
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Universal Studios - Singapore! Dec 16, 2010
My friends had advised me beforehand to purchase the entry tickets from the website because apparently there is a certain quota for a certain amount of tourists entering the themepark so lucky for us we managed to get tickets 2 weeks prior to our visit there.

Admission for 1 day Fun pass is: SGD$66 for adults (13-64).

More rides were opened and the themepark is split to different themes such as Hollywood, Madagascar, Sci-Fi, Jurassic, Egyptian, New York & Retro. So for 1 day and only 1 entrance fee you get to walk around the themepark and no charges are imposed on any of the rides except food & souveniers of course.

I was quite amazed because in terms of standards it was similar to the one in L.A. Not bad for an Asian country.

The good bits are that the rides are free and there's a few good shows which you should not miss such as the "Waterworld" (stunt show), Dance performance by local hip hop artiste, "Monster Musical", and the special effects show by Steven Spielberg.

Just make sure you drink plenty of water because it tends to be scorching hot and prepare yourselves for the long queue.
The 60s' diner - retro style.
Universal Studios globe greets you…
Have fun at the Shrek "Far & Away"…
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janski janski
13 reviews
Just like when I was a kid.. Mar 30, 2010
I always enjoyed theme parks. So when I learned that Universal Studios just opened in Singapore, no doubt I booked us tickets already for it, since we will be in Singapore anyways as the port of entry for our Star Cruise trip.

When I got there, I feel like I was a kid again. Since I entered and saw those cartoon characters where I always watched them when I was younger, it just made me smile.

The Universal Studios in Singapore is not as big as the one in Los Angeles, I think it's just 1/4 of it. But not bad for the Asian version =) The only thing is that it's way hotter ofcourse compared to LAX, thus, it's harder to go around and queue to the rides.

At the end of the day, I still had fun, especially that Shrek and Donkey is around ;-)
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janski says:
So what old was I then? Lol! Just kidding =) I love Universal Studios in LA more though =)
Posted on: Aug 15, 2011
daniel_jetsetter says:
I worked at Universal Studios when I was 18! Most entertaining job I ever had!
Posted on: Aug 15, 2011
daniel_jetsetter says:
Looks like fun!
Posted on: Aug 15, 2011
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