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Regina, founded in 1882, is the capital of Saskatchewan, Canada, making it the seat of the provincial Crown. Edgar Dewdney, the lieutenant-governor at that time, passed up more amiable and better suited cities as the capital in order to make "pile of bones" (as Regina was then called) the capital instead. It was a national scandal of the times as there was a conflict of interest in that Edgar owned the land at Pile of Bones. Pile of Bones was aptly named for the bison bones found nearby a spring run off and the name was changed to Regina by Princess Louise, named after her mother , the Queen. Thus Regina is now knows as the " Queen City" .

The city is a cultural and commercial metropolis for both southern Saskatchewan and adjacent areas in the neighbouring American states of North Dakota and Montana. It attracts numerous visitors for the vitality of its commerce, theatre, concerts and restaurants and to its summer agricultural exhibition. It is in the middle of the vast Canadian Prairies.

Regina residents also joke we are the city that rhymes with fun.