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Hong Kong transit tour Sep 22, 2010
Any aircraft flying from Australia to Europe, make the landing in Asia. A couple of times I flew to Russia via Tokyo. But in 2010, has chosen Hong Kong. From our Cairns to Moscow flies aviakampaniya "Kesey Pacific (Sathay Pacific), owned by Hong Kong. And because each aircraft makes first landing in their homeland, "Kesey Pacific" stops in Hong Kong.

Thus, the ticket was purchased, assembled a suitcase and I moved out.

On board the ship.

Even before departure, I thought: what if you look at a new country on the path of my destination? In my opinion, a good idea. Therefore, even in Australia, I ordered the tickets so that stop in Hong Kong for two days. On the internet, I booked a hotel in one of the main streets of Hong Kong, found information on attractions and attune themselves to an interesting pastime.

In Hong Kong, I arrived in the evening. It was already dark. Putting a suitcase in a locker, I went to his hotel. Address and the route I was expelled from the hotel in advance by e-meilu. Therefore, to find a bus from the airport next to the desired me Nathan was not difficult. With the accent, but almost everyone in Hong Kong said in English. "There will not perish" - I thought.

Since 1842 over 155 years Hong Kong was a British colony. Changing the status of the country was in the 1977th when the People's Republic established in Hong Kong's sovereignty.

As soon as the bus crossed the airport, we got to the city nightlife. It was great to get into the realm of gleaming skyscrapers! It seemed that thousands of lights peering into our windows.

When the bus drove to the central streets of Kowloon Peninsula, I saw a pedestrian. They were very much! People were scurrying back and forth and it seemed that there was a day rather than night, and residents of the town in a hurry about their business. In fact, the clock showed ten hours ...

Next to me on the bus sat a tourist from England. We chatted. In a conversation I exclaimed in surprise: "It's incredible how many people on the streets!" Why do not they go home? "Will they get up tomorrow do not need to work?". Smiling, he agreed with me. Looked particularly lively Nathan, which was my life, and his hotel. Many shops and restaurants were open and did not seem to think being closed off.

When I got off the bus, some suspicious person tried to asked for my assistant to bring to the hotel. But I well remember the precept of employees booked my hotel in the e-mail: "Do not trust such" helpers ", our hotel has never sends out its staff to offer assistance. Our address is such and such, such a bus, subway or bus stop so and so. " Before leaving I also read on the internet a lot of feedback tourists from different countries, traveling to Hong Kong to me. Many have mentioned these "helpers" and warned the newcomers. East - a delicate matter. Therefore, it is always better to be alert.

Find a hotel, I quietly populated and phoned her husband.

I really wanted to go to the glittering lights of the city! Such exotic seemed to me in Hong Kong. But I decided not to tempt fate and wait until morning. Still, it was night, and I - a woman and was in an unfamiliar country.

I just went out to buy yourself something nearby for evening tea:

The first day.

In the morning I went to the table and looked tour brochures, suggested options travel. Weighing that left me the day of the day, I immediately planned out his time: the first day - a city tour with a visit to the temple, "the highest point of" Hong Kong and the zoo with the pandas, and the second - Bus tour, museums, art, tea and the market.

Dawned overcast and slightly rainy morning, but it was hot. Paying for the trip, I got on the bus. It quickly filled with guests of the hotel from different countries and we hit the road. Many of the tourists, like myself, were in Hong Kong in transit. Hong Kong wins a lot, situated at the crossroads linking Europe and other countries.

First we visited the Temple of Man Mo. Built in 1847, the temple consists of three small temples.

You can only photograph in the First Temple. I think that's right: in the holy places inappropriate endlessly clicking camera.

After visiting the Temple of Man Mo, we went to the highest point on Hong Kong Island, Victoria Peak. Officially, this mountain Austin, but in common her name as Victoria Peak. At the top of the mountain for a half mile road trams deliver tourists to 5.40 am and before 1 o'clock in the morning. At an altitude of more than 500 meters from the peak boasts spectacular views of the bay:

Our guide told interesting stories about Hong Kong's level of life of people and traditions.

Our next item was a trip by boat on the bay. We looked at the skyscrapers that stand along the coast, built in Chinese style temple on a floating "Jumbo", yachts and fishing vessels. Some of them look richer, others poorer. There is no doubt that throughout the world are people of different incomes.

Fishing boats

Restaurant afloat "Jumbo":

To get to this restaurant, you need to swim in the water by boat.

At the entrance to the harbor:

After that, we were taken to ... right! Jewelry store. We are in Asia! There would otherwise not happen.

Buy nothing I did not intend, therefore, of particular interest to the store I did not have. So, look for little things. Something of the ornaments I still liked it, but only to make the pictures:

In the store I talked to a couple of our classmates. These were the Argentinean Miguel, age 40, and a young woman Estela, also from Latin America, but now living in England. They also have just met. I told them that after this tour, going to the zoo, and if they're interested, we can go together. The benefit of our bus on the way back just passed the zoo. They were delighted and decided to make my campaign.

But the unexpected happened ... For shopping followed by a trip to the local department store market. Tour guide gave us some time to shop or walk along the coast, which has placed the market (to whom they like). In my opinion, we should keep only one hour. Guide warned that in case of late bus one will not wait. And what happened? Our Argentinian has not come to the bus at the appointed time. We waited for him about 5 minutes and the guide told the driver to touch. Estela had time to coach, but Miguel was lost ...

It was a little sorry because he is not very well spoken in English ... But, I think he still could not find the way to his hotel: even if you do not speak English, we can show the taxi driver the right address and it will take you to any destination.

I can not believe that over half of the day we visited 5 different character locations!

After dinner, in accordance with the plan, I went to the zoo. Rather, its title - "Ocean Park" (Ocean Park).

By the name of the park you would think that it's only aquarium. But there is not only fish and marine animals, but also a small zoo, home to pandas, carousels, lift, dolphin shows and much more: only 35 items "entertainment." A park occupies 870,000 square kilometers of land.

I have long dreamed of seeing a live panda. Therefore, it is the way to go to the zoo, if you're in China or Hong Kong. Because the panda - a national symbol in Chinese. As soon as I entered the park, we first went to watch the panda. What they paws! Cute black and white teddy bear!

When a giant panda lived freely in the wild forests of China. But now, due to the increasing number of ferm and deforestation, pandas live only in mountainous areas.

Gift shop near the zoo:

Zoo smoothly into the water park. There I looked unusual, but nice fish and marine mammals:

Even the pictures of this creature was strashnova something: For some reason it seemed that it strikes a glass aquarium:

Two or three times a day at the park carried out shows with trained dolphins. The animals are well trained and is doing amazing stunts on the water:

Before the presentation:

The show began:

Cableway in the park - a rather long: its length is half a kilometer. Of course, I refused to ride on it:

Beautiful views are seen during a trip by cable car:

And here is the park - all at a glance:

On the balloon to rise, I did not: it had to be an hour to stand in a queue. But I do not particularly like this, because it is a bit zhutkova something ... Although I know that in Australia some people even register their marriage in a balloon!

The park was scattered throughout the pumpkin. But then I remembered that draws Helluin, so residents of Hong Kong and is preparing for the holiday:

Day drew to a close. I'm tired of the order and decided to go somewhere for dinner. Fool me once "Unknown" in the Chinese country, I was eager to taste the real Peking duck. It's such a yummy, I tell you! Chinese in Australia are also well prepared it. But wanted to try this dish in his homeland.

Long to find it was not necessary: ​​after seeing the window of one of the restaurants carcasses of ducks & Grill, I went inside.

Dish "Beijing Duck" - about 600 years. It has appeared during the reign of the Chinese Emperor Ming Dynasty. Work for the emperor was considered prestigious, so the kitchen chose the best chefs come from all of China. The chef, in time, could become a minister.

It was the imperial kitchen dish invented the "Beijing Duck". Many recipes with the imperial kitchen fell into the streets of China through smuggling.

When in 1911 the era rolled regular dynasty Chin, the chef of the emperor left the "Forgotten City", based in Beijing, a few restaurants. So the imperial dishes, including "Beijing Duck" became known to the public.

Duck, which I served in the restaurant was delicious and flavorful. I do not know how often do foreigners come to this restaurant serves all or so, but ... I pay too much attention. 5 times I was approached by a man who looked older for a change, and maybe a restaurant owner. He asked me if everything is OK, bring napkins, which I did not ask, do something else. In short, I felt that I would like less attention. But, of course, it's better than when you do not pay attention ...

The hotel has been submitted by hand, and two or three stops, I went on foot. Fear almost was not. Fortunately, the city did not sleep, and bright light bulbs lit my way.

Actually, I noticed that the more difficult to meet in Hong Kong. Card I had: it is in any hotel and is free. Therefore wished to reassure the doubters: Do not be afraid to travel alone! This even has its own charm.

Another day I learned about the laser show on the waterfront of Victoria Harbour. In the booklets, it was called "Symphony of Lights". But where exactly should have been "playing" searchlights could not understand. After dinner, I asked about it at some local residents, but received no response. Then asked the passers-by with a "European face", hoping that this is the tourists, who clearly should know about it. Some of them did not know themselves, others replied that it was very close.

In the end, Victoria Quay Bay was found. And it turned out to be a 5-10 minute walk from my hotel. I immediately rushed to the show. How well that will not have to go on the bus!

Dozens of people gathered at the square near the waterfront. Exactly at 8 pm performance started. From somewhere in the top of tall buildings behind me spotlights directed its rays on the opposite side. Music played and the rays of light moving along the buildings in front of their magnificent glittering dance:

Laser show "Symphony of Light," covers 44 buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour. Technology show developed by the Australian firm Lazervizhn. It cost 44 million Hong Kong in local dollars. According to approximate estimates, since 1977, "Symphony of Light" 4 million visitors. The show runs every night for 10 minutes.

Second day.

On the next morning I went to the Museum of Fine Arts. Special impression on me the museum is not made: or Hong Kong - still "young" country, or I hit a small museum ...

Something of Contemporary Art:

From the second floor of the museum was opened out to a large balcony. Hence it could see the island with the same title Hong Kong:

A little baking hot sun: the day turned out to be hot again, but now a bright and sunny. "Great for photos!" - I was glad.

On the balcony, I saw several people involved, I think, fenshui. The Museum continues on the balcony: it is composition of sculptures:

Total Hong Kong is situated on 260 islands washed by the South China Sea. Administratively the country is divided into three parts: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories.

My hotel was on the Kowloon peninsula. So I wanted to explore and capital, the main island of Hong Kong. Historically, the development of Hong Kong was influenced by two cultures - Chinese and English. Imprint of this merger, bears not only history but also architecture, monuments and museums in Hong Kong.

The architectural style has affected more and the lack of territory. The impression is that people live practically on each other. The first day I could not understand: how so many people live together and not bored with each other? Do they have the opportunity to spend time alone with him? After all, it is necessary for each person. I remember one of the professors at the University of Australia, told us: "Everyone needs time to stay in his" cave "(cave time).

In Hong Kong, I realized: If people have no choice about any "cave" are not talking. With themselves, they surely can only stay in the toilet or shower.

After visiting the Museum of Fine Arts, I went to a small port. Comfortable that he is close by. Approximately every half hour from there sent ships carrying people from one bank to another.

My ticket for the boat included a bus tour of Hong Kong Island. There is what I went.

This ship brought me to Hong Kong Island:

While sailing along the way met other ships and boats:

Cargo in the foreground, while to the right behind him - a big cruise ship:

"Surezny" sailor escorted passengers:

Upon reaching the shore, I moved on double-decker bus. A typical English heritage. However, as the left-hand traffic.

The second floor of the bus allowed to survey the skyscrapers, scenic bay, narrow streets and endless scurrying people.

The sun was hot. Some tourists are stripped to the waist. But a trip on the second floor had its advantages: autotravel the city was better than a walk in the Down Town: less had to throw back his head, hoping to see a little piece of heaven.

High-rise Hong Kong is really as if the go to heaven. And there among the clouds, people manage to live?

Tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong - 108-storey International Financial Centre in 484 meters in height, located on the west Kowloon Peninsula. A total of 52 Hong Kong skyscrapers over 200 meters, 272 - more than 150 meters and more than 7 and a half thousand other tall buildings.

International Financial Center

This is the fourth tallest building in the world. In the first place - the Burj Dubai (Burj Dubai) in Dubai, the second - Taipei 101 in o.Tayvane and the third - the Shanghai World Financial Center.

One of the stops of my bus tour was listed Hong Kong Park.

This is a charming park with a small botanical garden is a rare museum - the Museum of tea utensils (Museum of Tea Ware). Therefore, before reaching the desired stop, I left and went to the park.

Museum of the tea utensils are in the park in the oldest monument of English architecture, Flagstaff House, remaining in Hong Kong since the days of colonization. The Museum opened it in 1984.

Among the exhibits of the museum - ancient Chinese and modern pottery for tea.

In the Chinese history of tea a lot of interesting details. For example, there was a white tea-cream. It is made by whipping in a crushed powder of tea, cheese and a little salt. When an open fire white tea to boil, it was dismantled and serve.

About this museum tells the stand (pictured):

The Chinese were preparing tea, crushed into powder by various methods. One of them - creamed tea. And his recipe is as follows: as soon as water boils began to bubble with small bubbles ("fish eye"), it threw a pinch of salt. Little water was cast in another basin and leave aside. When the bubbles rise, the water submerged a small bamboo metelochku and interfered with the water. Then the water boiled for some time left there bamboo sticks (chopstiki, which is usually eaten Chinese). Then in boiling water poured tea, whipped in a powder and a water film was formed. Then added to the side of delayed water and tea were served at the table.

This method is recommended during the Tang Dynasty (618-907.) Expert on tea Lu (Lu Yu).

Besides salt, the Chinese in those days was added to the tea onion, ginger, mint, dates, together with tea leaves boiled it all and used as a beverage.

Stand dedicated to tea drinking during the Song Dynasty (Song):

"Powder" tea was prepared and the method of "beating up": a cup of tea was heated with hot water, then it poured 4 grams of powdered dry tea. Pour a little boiling water and beat a lot of bamboo metelochkoy, thus forming a paste. Then added more hot water, filling the cup to 3 / 4 volume.
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