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Reedville Overview

Reedville is named for Captain Elijah Reed, a sea captain from Maine who came down to this area in 1874 and saw in menhaden (a kind of small fish) a golden opportunity. Legend has it that, as early as the 1620's, the Indians taught the Pilgrims the value of burying menhaden in each hill of corn for fertilizer. By 1885, there were many menhaden factories on Cockrell Creek producing fish oil, meal and fertilizer from menhaden.

Factory owners and fishing boat captains who made their fortunes from menhaden built homes along what is now Main Street. The "Millionaire's Row" mansions are now on the National Register of Historic Places. The Reedville Fisherman's Museum has restored some of the oldest homes, and has information about the menhaden industry and the history of Reedville. Menhaden fishing has declined until there is only the one Omega Protein plant remaining on Cockrell Creek. But Reedville is also a significant charter fishing center for Chesapeake Bay bluefish and rockfish with more than 50 boats operating out of the area.

Maps for self-guided walking tours (see the Historic Main Street tips) are available from the museum for free. You can walk the streets and look at the wonderful victorian houses that were build when menhaden was king. On the back of the walking tour map are directions for a tour by bike (or car) in a 24 mile or 12 mile loop.

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