Real Alcazar

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Patio de Banderas, Sevilla, Spain

Real Alcazar Sevilla Reviews

SarahKiwi SarahKiwi
2 reviews
gorgeous palace Apr 07, 2011
Gorgeous palace and gardens, dont miss the baths under the palace aswell, makes for some great photos with the arches reflecting in the water.
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Bawady Bawady
2 reviews
Real Alcazar Mar 26, 2011
I am writing about this location since I was very impressed when I visited Real Alcazar during my trip to Spain last summer!!! It was such a beautiful place where you can walk around wonderful gardens and watch fantastic art, and meet other tourists going there to get further introduced to the character of the wonderful Spain and its southern region of Andalucia!
Vipin Vipin
691 reviews
Palace in Sevilla Nov 12, 2010
Entrance fee - 7.50 Euros

The Alcazar palace was home to the rulers of Sevilla since the Roman period, housed by the Muslim rulers to the Catholics monarchs that came thereafter. The building today is mainly the work of the Muslim rulers, though the Catholics extended it for themselves and when they were planning to explore the Americas.

The Islamic art and architecture pervades the building through the tiles and arabic script. The dome inside is exceptionally beautiful, and stare at it for a long while, so you can get a great picture once the tourist drones have left. It was strange to see a picture of Madonna and Christ inside the palace, as you just find it to be so Islamic.

The tapestries are faded but are a must see too, principally because of the painstaking effort that obviously went into making them. They chart the country's various sea voyages too, so they do have some historic and propaganda worth.

I really enjoyed the neighbouring gardens, which was a large collection of greenery, fountains and the odd peacock taking a stroll. Take the time to walk around as much as possible, as each corner tends to reveal a hidden gem.

Apart from the main part of the buildings, I think there are a collection of rooms which are currently controlled by the current Spanish monarchs. To see this, you have to buy an extra ticket, costing several euros, and there are various appointment slots available. Given the entrance fee, I didn't pay for this cheeky fee but I am sure it was amazing too.

Visitors are provided with a basic enough map, but the site in general is very easy and logical to navigate around.

A really nice site to visit in the heart of Sevilla if you have a free morning or afternoon!
davidx davidx
564 reviews
Mudejar architectural gem Nov 25, 2010
Even after I had been to the Alcáazar, i thought it was a Muslim building with later Spanish additions. In fact it is a Mudejar building - which is to say that most of the design was the work of the limited number of Moors who were permitted to remain in Spain for the purpose after 1492.

However 'alcázar' is a Moorish word and there was almost certainly a building here before the present one - which has had numerous additions at different times.

Whereas I do not rate it anywhere near the Alhambra in Granada, which deserves a ratig out of 5 at about 20, it is a great building and it was pleasant to stroll in the gardens and eat a picnic - except for the invasion of the feral cats!
Alcázar gardens
In the alcázar
Dr_Seuss Dr_Seuss
216 reviews
Royal Palace Dec 08, 2009
Almost, literally, a hidden gem in Sevilla, as it is completely surrounded by a high wall, so you don't really know what you are letting yourself in for.

Enterance is located, just to the right, behind the Cathedral, and is easily identifiable as the wall at Puerta Del Leon is painted red. Cost €7-50 to get in when I was there, and for that price I wasn't really expecting that much. Wrong :D though not surprising as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Through the gate you are into the Patio de la Montería, where the ticket office is found, and it's OK but not that impressive, but this is slighly deceptive. The Alcazar was built on the site of a former Moorish fort and has been contructed to it's present state by various kings adding to it since the 14th Century. It is supposed to be one of the best surviving sites of mudejar architecture.

From here though the palace opens out in a succesion of little squares and corridors with each as intriguing as the next. The first one you would probably come to is the Patio De Las Doncellas, a courtyard of ornate arches.

Not far from that there is the Charles V Ceiling Room ,which was a chapel, with a beautiful wood carved ceiling. There are corridors and rooms to wander round that are all covered in fantastic tiles. Like a moth though I was drawn to the light and found myself in an outside courtyard at the back of the Alcazar that had a fountain, a water storage tank, that had ducks swimming in it and bright yellow walls.

From here I headed into the gardens, which are split into different sections like the English Garden, Poets Garden and so on. It's unbelievably big, if you have been walking around Sevilla before going here you would swear there wan't that much space :O.

Walk down past the pavillion and you come to the Grotto Gallery where you can stroll along the upper balcony and get a view down to the Mercury Pond, though to me that was better from down at ground level.

Probably didn't spend as long in here as many people could, as I was distracted and ready to move on. Headed for the exit and as well as the obligatory cafe and gift shop there appeared to be an exhibition, but I gave them a miss. I thought it was a fantastic place to visit, and for the enterance fee has to be among the best VFM in Europe.
Puerta Del Leon
Patio de la Montería
Patio de la Montería Ticket Office
Vestibule Off Patio de la Montería
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Pearl510 Pearl510
162 reviews
Jul 13, 2007
The Real Alcazar, or old Moorish palace of Sevilla, is cultural inheritance of the UNESCO and is one of the main must-sees in the city. Where the castle stands now, has ones been a Roman city, a dome, Visigoth architecture, and an Arabic alcazaba. Yet what you see today is a Mudejar palace build by Pedro I, somewhere around the 15th century.

The architecture shows some Gothic influences, but mainly Mudejar tiles, bows, and craft work. The Alcazar has been the residence of many kings during the years, both Christians as Muslims. Therefor, a great mix of styles is to be admired. Today, it is still the property of the Spanish king, who uses the place for parties and other special occasions. I think you need at least three hours to walk around, and that is at least. An audio guide is a great added value as well, to get to know more about the different rooms.

Don't forget to pass by the baths of the queen! They are a bit hard to find, but it would be a pity to leave without being there too.

I found the Alcazar amazing. Both the palace, a mini Alhambra that surely will impress you, and the huge gardens in which you can hang around. Adults pay 7 euro entrance fee, students pay NOTHING at all. I wish I lived in Sevilla, so I could come to Alcazar every day to hang around in the shades of the trees and admire the architecture, for free!

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