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One of the most accessible and equally interesting castles towering over the Braşov plain is the mighty castle at Raşnov, encompassing about twice the area of Bran Castle.
Râşnov has about 15,000 townsfolk, and is just 15 km out of Braşov going towards Bran and the Upper Bârsa Land. The near impenetrable citadel was built around the year 1215 by the Teutonic Knights and was conquered only once around the year 1600 by Gabriel Báthory.
According to local lore, the Râşnov citizenry were concerned about the lack of potable water during an early siege. Two Turkish soldiers, having been captured earlier, were then put to the task of digging a well in the centre of the fortress. Told they'd have their freedom when done, it took them 32 years to finish the well. The well is 143 metre deep, being functionally until 1850, when the wheel broke..
Clearly the well, along with the storehouses, and formidable walls allowed those inside the castle walls to survive a siege for a long time (as they often were).
Exploring the inner castle is a bit of fun, clambering from room to room, sometimes on ladders. Spend a bit of time in the little museum, with it's displays of various garish tools of war, the odd skeleton and a few "hidden" passages.

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