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Auckland, New Zealand

Rangitoto Island Auckland Reviews

L0uise L0uise
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Worth the Walk to the Summit Sep 17, 2012
This is Auckland's largest yet youngest volcanic landmark having only erupted 600-700 years ago.

There are two options:

Option 1 - Take the ferry across and walk to the summit which takes about an hour at a decent pace. It takes longer if you go off the main path to explore the lava caves. It is about 20 minutes to the lava caves and 20 minutes back. This is $27 per adult of the ferry.

Option 2 - Take the afternoon ferry at approximately 12:15 and then when on the island jump on the volcanic explorer 4WD train which takes you through the lava caves and to the base of the summit where you then walk to the top. $59 per adult for the ferry and train.

I did option 1 and walked to the top and it was not as much of a hike as i expected. It does get a bit steeper as you near the top of it and there is a wooden board walk even closer to the top with some steps.

You will need decent walking shoes, plus take plenty of water and food as there is nothing on island except toilets at the beginning of the walk up. You can buy provisions on the ferry. I would also recommend taking sun lotion with you as well as the sun in New Zealand is strong even on a breezy day.

At the top there is also the chance to walk around the crater which takes about 20 minutes.

Make sure you take a camera as the views from the top are stunning so far its my favourite place in Auckland and definitely worth the walk to the top. The walk up and and down is lovely too with all the greenery and good views as you go up.

I didn't have a chance to explore the lava caves as i spent quite a bit of time at the top and didn't want to miss the last ferry back.
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testadeth testadeth
3 reviews
Pretty cheap, fast and easy way to get out of Auckland for a day Mar 13, 2011
Take a tour of one of Auckland's many volcano's. I do believe it is dormant so no worries about running from lava or anything like that. It's a pretty cheap way to get out of Auckland and quickly see why New Zealand is hailed for it's natural beauty. A quick 30-45 min fairy ride which runs about $20-40 (can't remember exactly but depending if you get the Devenport trip included as well might cost more). Anyways once you get off the boat you have pretty much free reign on exploring the island.

I would recommend going early that way you'll have time to hike to the summit to get a glimpse of the entire Auckland harbor and CBD. You can also see the volcano basin with vegetation and plant life growing on it now and there are also some caves that can be viewed. All in all it's a pretty cool little day trip that doesn't set ya back too much on time or money. Not the best but definitely not the worst.
coolupnorth coolupno…
3 reviews
An amazing place! May 25, 2011
While in Auckland in 2007, I had a look at the ferry excursions available from the harbour. The one that jumped out was a short journey to the island of Rangitoto - an extict volcano about 6 miles (10km) from the harbour.

The ferry costs $26 (£13 /15 Euro) for the return journey. The actual ride there is exciting with wind going through your hair and being surrounded by beautiful green and turquoise scenery.

Upon arriving, the route to the top is marked out along a path with regular places to stop and enjoy the view. Close to the summit, there is a fence over which you can look down into the crater. Formerly an active volcano, it is now teeming with lush green vegetation.

As you get closer to the top the path gets quite steep but once you're there, the panoramic view of the neighbouring islands and coastline will have you in awe of nature (though civilised man's interference is noticable). You can see the Phangaparaoah peninsula to the north, Motutapu island to the East and Auckland City to the south west.

One thing I wouldn't recommend is the exotic sounding "Lava caves". There is rocky ground and no lighting in there so I came out with sore ankles and a few bumps on my head.

I headed back down and got to the quay just in time as the ferry was bringing in another group of visitors.

I would definitley recommend Rangitoto, It's one of the best natural beauty spots in New Zealand.
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derekbilldaly derekbil…
40 reviews
A Bloody Sky Rising Out Of The Ocean Jul 09, 2010
Rangitoto Island rises 870 feet out of the Hauraki Gulf measuring 5.5 km wide of pure danger all but half an hours boat during from Auckland's Queen Street.

It is a relatively new volcano being just over 500 years old. Rangitoto means "Bloody Sky" and got its name due to its ferocious origins rising out of the sea.

The Maori have many stories about it's formation but my favourite is about it being a prison to house the quarrelling children of the Fire Gods who lived in Takapuna.

Rangitoto is a volcanic island that offers the chance to climb up the volcanic cone and enjoy the views of the Gulf & Auckland. You may also, torch willing, enter the lava tubes and climb about where lava once flowed freely.

Rangitoto rose next to Motutapu Island and is now joined by a causeway since WWII.

Rangitoto is a day trip from Auckland not to be missed.

Buying your ferry ticket at the docks on one of the island hop on hop off trips can sometimes work out cheaper.
Rangitoto Island Dominating The Ho…
Auckland CBD From The Rangitoto Wh…
High Above The Craters Core
The Summit Of Rangitoto...& Me
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LGHoosier LGHoosier
7 reviews
Beautiful View of Auckland Apr 05, 2009
Take a ferry from the Devonport Wharf or the Ferry Terminal in Quay St, downtown Auckland for about $20NZ. I lived near the Devonport Wharf and to make this trip perfect I recommend having breakfast in Devonport and exploring the shops before catching the ferry. There is nothing except a toilet Rangitoto Island so take a backpack with water bottles, snacks and anything else you might need. I recommend a picnic lunch after you've hiked up and down the volcano before catching the ferry back. You can choose different hikes, some longer and harder than the others.

This is a great 1/2 day trip on a sunny day. We hiked to the top of the volcano rim, walking over chunks of volcanic rock on the way. Wear tennis shoes. I didn't go into the caves, but bring a flashlight to do this.

The views are breathtaking!!

The best time to go is in December, when the Pohutukawa are in bloom, covering the island in red flowers. I went in May but plan to make it back sometime in December.

And don't worry, the volcano hasn't erupted in 600 years and is considered dormant.

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