Rakov Potok, Hrvatska

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Rakov Potok, Croatia

Rakov Potok, Hrvatska Reviews

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Rakov Potok, Croatia, family farm Sep 29, 2014
This is a story of two brothers living in Croatia. One migrated to the USA and the other stayed in his home country. The brother that moved to the USA then turned into my grandfather. He had 11 children including my dad. The brother that stayed, married, reproduced well, and became a grandfather to the grandfather in charge of the farm. That places the grandfather in charge in my generation.

Well, we finally made it to Rakov Potok, at our family farm. The whole clan was there to meet me for the first time. We quickly finished the formalites and got down to some serious eating. They considered it a compliment to eat well, and we didnt disappoint. This was an organic commercial farm and the food was soooo good. They showed me around the farm and we got to chatting; no matter we did not speak a common language, except a few current grandchildren. The grand mother brought us some softball sized apples we thought. They were soft as I realized they were nectorines. Not just large nectorines, but the best by far that I have ever had. An hour later the grandfather returned with a large paper bag full of those sweet nectorines.The next morning the grandfather took us to a commercial organic winery. We went in to see very large kegs of wine. We sat down to talk and they brought us each a large mug of white wine. When finished with the mugs they brought us new mugs with another wine to sample. After about five rounds of mug samples we were looped. I said no more I want the last one. Then the grandfather purchased two liters of that white wine for me. I thought we were going back to the farm but I was wrong. The grandfather took us to another winery that made red wine. Sure nuff the big mugs of wine quickly reappeared. I was smarter this time and after the third mug sample round I said that I wanted that one though I couldnt tell the difference. Then the grandfather purchased me two liters then drove us back to the farm. We had a very good large supper and I took to the couch still feeling woozy from earlier. After grandmother finished washing the dishes she rolled in a table with a bunch of liter bottles. She handed me a small glass and started making me brandy samples made organically at the farm. After a bunch of brandy samples I streched out on the couch and went to sleep.

The next day they took me to Plitvicka Jezera N. Park, but thats another review. When my time was up at the farm, I didnt want to leave. God I love Europe.
Rakov Potok, (RP), unknown family,…
RP, farm
RP, farm
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walterman9999 says:
The nectarines were wonderful. Yes they had their own label and assortment of fruit brandy. I tried them all but I dont like brandy...I drink rum from the Caribbean.
Rakov Potok was my main collection of relatives. The family name is Garasich. I love Hrvatska!
Posted on: Apr 02, 2015
EmEm says:
Nectarines( fuzz-less peaches) and wine from the south of the country are the best, here so-so. Was brandy made of plums?
Posted on: Apr 02, 2015
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