Rainforest Cafe

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145 Jefferson St, San Francisco, CA, USA

Rainforest Cafe San Francisco Reviews

tirsomaldonado tirsomal…
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Wild theme restaurant for kids Apr 01, 2011
Today we were walking around Fisherman´s Wharf and we found this them restaurant. The whole place was dedicated to the preservation of the rainforest. The first thing that pops out your mind is... "what a cheesy place", but when you visit the restaurant in the second floor you realize it is the greatest place for taking kids!

My son was going nuts checking everything out. There are tons of animals all around the place, and quite frequently all start moving and making noises! We only had a couple of drinks but it is a place a recommend to all families with young children. By the way, all dishes are huge!

Don´t miss the big snake you find in one of the lounges you find. As soon as you get to the second floor, take a right, walk all the way down and you will find it on the right hand side in the last lounge.
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shahins shahins
2 reviews
A unique design for a fun restaurant Mar 14, 2011
The food here is not necessarily spectacular, it is decent. But the internal decoration is one of a kind. It is like you are sitting in a tropical forest and eating. Definitely a Must See.
phototobi phototobi
4 reviews
Rainforest Cafe San Francisco Feb 15, 2010
I've been there with two friends at off-peak time. It was still pretty crowded, but we were seated without waiting time.

The food was quite good, but also expensive.

It's a nice location with jungle atmosphere.
sarky sarky
1 reviews
Great place to eat af Rainforest Cafe San Francisco Mar 11, 2009
Tipped by friends we went to eat at Rainforest Cafe in San Francisco. I loved it.

The food is great (but too much). Service is quick. But if you ask if they can take some time between first course and second, they will do that.

We loved the fact that some animals move and there are all kinds of forest sounds. The fishtanks are beautifull too.
fearlessflyer82 fearless…
33 reviews
Great Restaurant on Pier 39 Mar 01, 2008
Yeah this is a tourist trap but damn I actually do like coming to this place. For those who complain that this place caters to tourists, what did you think? You're in tourist central at Fisherman's Wharf and eating at a chain restauraunt. Think about it!!!

You probably only need to come to this place once for the experience because the food isn't anything special. It's food you can find at your nearest Chili's, Applebee's or TGI Fridays. Nothing too tasty but adequate. Service is decent but I guess they have to be, tourists have money.

The draw is obviously their jungle motive. It's kinda like sitting in a Disneyland ride for 45 minutes as you eat food. Animatronic animals make noises and move while the ceiling "thunders" down on you. They definitely got the rainforest theme down. Definitely a cool spot to bring the little kiddies.

Negatives about this place is the wait. If you don't have a reservation and you come at a peak time, you're going to have to wait. I guess it could be worse as there is plenty of other things to see around the Wharf/Pier 39. Another negative is the price. Yeah expect to spend some money here. It's not horribly expensive but for a family of 4, I'd say you'll probably be spending around $75-100 if your family likes specialty drinks.

Overall, come check it out at least once. Yeah it's touristy so if you don't like that, then just forget it.
sdbleve sdbleve
22 reviews
Mar 30, 2007
This resturant is on the Embarcadero across the street from the Bourdine Sourdough place. The resturante was picked by my youngest son after we had wondered around for a bit. He thought his 8yr old cousin would enjoy it. He was right. The motiff is a tropical rainforest (duh). Lots of jungly sounding background noise. There are even some pretty impressive fish tanks. The food was pretty good for a tourist trap. It was priced about right for the tourist attraction that it is. The part that gets you was the drinks. The kids just had to have the "lightening" glasses. Neat glasses with neon lights in the base. We had purchased some soda and water at a nearby supermarket, so I figured, what the heck. It keeps them happy, and now we have glasses that are bigger than the little water glass in the hotel room.
Maureenie says:
I've been here a few times, too. The food sure isn't top notch, but it is a fun atmosphere. There are more of these sprinkled throughout the world, I've noticed.
Posted on: Apr 28, 2007

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