Rafting the Source of the Nile, Uganda

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Jinja, Uganda

Rafting the Source of the Nile, Uganda Jinja Reviews

Jen1107 Jen1107
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A fun adventure Apr 24, 2016
Uganda is full of adventure and one of the best places for thrill seekers is Jinja. Located at the source of the Nile, Jinja is a perfect spot for whitewater rafting. I did this with Nile River Explorers in June 2015. It was one of the highlights of my trip!

Since we were staying at their campsite, we all headed out to their other location in Jinja after breakfast. We then went over a few safety rules and drove to the river. We were split into groups based on whether or not we wanted to flip out of the raft. Every raft goes over the same rapids but the guides can steer the raft through certain areas to decrease the likelihood of flipping. There are 3 Class V rapids and a handful of easier rapids too.

I joined the group that would not be flipping that day. When we got into our raft (with life jackets and helmets of course), we practiced rowing and also getting in and out of the raft in case we did flip. Then we were off to our first rapid, a class V.

This was my first time whitewater rafting and it was a blast! I loved the adrenaline as our raft bounced from rapid to rapid. We also had long stretches of calm paddling on the river. During one of these times, we saw a monitor swimming along side our raft. In the calm moments, a safe boat would bring our sunscreen to us and they'd also give us small snacks like pineapple and cookies.

When we reached our second class V rapid, I was the only one in my group interested in going through it. It was easy for everyone else to walk around this particular rapid. If you're concerned about choosing the wrong raft to be in, it's very easy to switch back and forth. A few of the more adventurous people grew tired of being flipped, so they switched to the non-flipping raft. Also, you could opt for the safe boat which went around all rapids and held our dry bags. There's a level for everyone's comfort.

Throughout the day our guide was asking about our hometowns and cracking jokes. Between good conversation and the beautiful scenery, the day flew by quickly. After our final rapid, I was able to swim in the Nile for a bit before they served us a wonderful meal.

I'd strongly recommend this to anyone who is looking for big, or small, adventure in Jinja!
Our first class V rapid
Bravely facing another class V rap…
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killosierra85 killosie…
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Rafting at Jinja May 04, 2011
hi everybody

visiting Jinja and not doing water rafting in Nile is probably the biggest mistake u can do, dont go for normal /half day but go for full day rafting as the difference between two is only of 5 dollars. apply lots of sunscreen if u r white as u will get sunburns and eat well as full day rafting is a long distance to go. u must fall in each and every rapid as crossing rapid normally does not give any thrill but falling in rapid is the ultimate thrill. u must take maximum no of person on ur raft as more the no of hands less tired u r while rafting,dont worry abt weight it is immaterial in water.i know it sounds stupid to fall in rapid but if u do what i said trust me u will thank me.
Africancrab Africanc…
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Grade Five Rafting at the Source of teh Nile Aug 07, 2009
If I had the nerve I had now, I don’t think I would have done many years ago with Adrift in my home country of Uganda. The thrill and adrenaline rush one gets when white water rafting can not be easily described using the English language, ask me in my mother tongue and I may be able to tell you better, smile! I have the adventurous nature of a horse and the confidence that comes with it, but if you ask me now I will say NO to White Water rafting a grade 5 river. I went White Water Rafting with a group of friend when I was a little stronger and naïve, I had nothing to loose (or so I thought), it was all good until we hit the rapids on the Nile river full speed.

The very first White Water Rafting Company to Uganda was Adrift, a group of rafters who had rafted many higher grade rivers world wide had decided to come check out the Nile and do some business while at it. The Nile River surface is calm from the look of it but then the water line drops about fifty meters upstream taking your breath away, I still remember my fear and excitement as if it were yesterday. Even with professionals guiding us, I felt like I was going to meet my maker, while my mind told me otherwise, as my stomach began to turn and my chest beat faster, Steve our guide said we were going do paddle forward (whatever that meant). I don’t like open waters and I have a bad phobia for waters, now I began thinking “what the hell did you do?” Well I hid my fears as best I could and paddled along with the rest of everyone trying to keep my face a little happy but in vain. The raft was about 14 feet long and with all the people we had on it, it felt like ashes in the wind, Steve raised his voice out to us as we approached the ledge “get down, get down” the down and upward thrust came so quick and the water splashed over us. Steve cautioned us about floating down the river and how to get back onto the raft if we tipped over. By now I was actually frightened and the excitement with which I began the adventure turned into sheer fear. I was no the best swimmer and even with the life vest I felt like I could easily die from the weight of water.

Daniel who had rafted in Turkey and the Zambezi was right next to me, for some reason it seemed he was looking out for me more than he was for himself or anyone else on the raft. He noticed how tense I was so he decided to take charge of our side and calm me down; boy was I grateful for his watchful eyes. This was a grade five rafting which I might add is extremely dangerous. If you ask me I will discourage anyone who has never gone rafting from trying a grade five even with professional guides. The International Whitewater Rating System describes class five rapids as "extremely difficult; long violent rapids that must be scouted from shore; dangerous drops, unstable eddies, strong, irregular currents and hydraulics."

As long as I live, I promised I should never venture into grade 5 rafting. If you are ever in Uganda, contact Steve at Adrift Uganda for an experience of a lifetime. www.adrift.ug
Africancrab says:
I bet you would love the adrenaline rush :) It almost killed me, now I can look back and smile about it
Posted on: Aug 10, 2009
world-traveller123 says:
Rafting for me for sure.
Posted on: Aug 10, 2009

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