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Bangkok, Thailand

RCA Bangkok Reviews

stevenh77 stevenh77
1 reviews
Upmarket bars and nightclubs in Bangkok Jan 28, 2011
Upmarket and expensive, this is place to party if you have cash to burn. Lots of bars and clubs close together that you can walk in and out of. Great music, cool locals, all very friendly - we had a great night out here!
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jake87 jake87
1 reviews
Good night for Local people and tourists Jul 15, 2010
Hey the RCA BKK is a student nightspot in Thailand. It's a really good place to go until around 2am a good mix of people from all over the world, i was partying with Danish girls one night an Japanese guys the next night.

The cheapest way to drink there is to order a bottle of spirit like Vodka for example and mixers, share the bottle and the cost with your friends and it can make for a really good, cheap night out. The RCA has around 7 venues each with different types of music Free entrance and you can just walk from one club/bar to another without going outside, some have live music or a DJ....Enjoy
korrahh korrahh
12 reviews
Oct 12, 2006
People had been telling me for the longest time to go see the young and beautiful of Bangkok down on RCA. So when I had the chance to off we went.

Ken, Sunny and I first took a taxi to Sunny's friend Lola’s place. Lola came strutting down the hall in her gaudy bangles and loop earrings. She was teetering on her high heels so much that I thought she would fall over. She had the cocky brazen air that made it obvious to all she was high as a kite. We got in her BMW sedan and she put pedal to the medal. She drove like a madwoman careening around the bends and flying over bridges, we were going so fast the car actually leaped over the rolling roads. The whole time this would be initial D was saying how good a driver she was "I'm like,a regular Schumacher." Somehow we made it to RCA alive.

The place is a street of clubs and discos in a row. At the entrance to the street is a heavy turnstile where security checks ID. The cool thing is that entry to most of the places is free (unless there’s some special event) tonight it was packed. We went to a club where Lola’s boyfriend was doing the DJ.

The ground level was basically all a dance floor and it was full already at 11pm. The music was mediocre but the Thais really liked it they seem to think any foreign DJ is good. We had a drink and headed over to the front of the floor near the DJ booth.

Lola was going nuts she had some fluorescent balls that she was spinning around like a speed fiend. Around us were hordes of Thais hot girls in mini skirts and flashy jewelry, cool guys in tight shirts, nerdy teens in trucker caps and fat shoes, a couple of EE hookers, the odd foreigner, and some out of place old guys.

We met some more mutual friends who we smiled and gestured with, of course it’s impossible to talk in those places. We did the usual club thing bobbing around pretending to dance (it was too crowded to do any other move), taking sexy drags on cigarettes (taking care not to burn anyone), winking touching and otherwise flirting.

The setup was quite modern and the design of the place tasteful. I went over to the RnB club net door through a connecting door (very cool) and saw the same stuff happening over there to different music.

After a couple of hours I had enough of this place and it started closing, at only 1am! The King doesn’t seem to like late nights so all the cubs closed at one, which is kind of ridiculous. Lola was clinging on to her Italian DJ/boyfriend like a Koala to a eucalyptus. She and her other high friend, an almost perfect replica of her and her shaven headed American boyfriend were heading of to a party. “You want to come?” Lola offered. Knowing the type of party it would be, with these wonderful characters, we turned her down.

Speeding down the roads back home I sank back into the vinyl seats. My head was throbbing and my eyes were blinking hard at the flashing lights of the early morning dark. Soon the sun rise again and the streets would be filled for another day at the grind in Bangkok.

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