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923 E. Second St. Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA
r23.com - 213-687-7178
R23 - Monk Fish Liver with Ponzu Sauce
R23 - Grilled Yellowtail Collar
R23 - Lobster Tempura
R23 - Fresh Water Eel/Unagi
R23 - Fresh Water Eel/Unagi

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lisa lisa
24 reviews
Gone downhill since the owners changed Jun 09, 2008
OMG. I've had average food before, but I haven't had food this mediocre and even YUCKY in a long time!

My parents and grandparents used to go here, so I trusted their taste in Japanese food. What I didn't know was that the owners changed a few years ago, and the new owners are not Japanese. Uh oh. Never trust a Japanese restaurant with non-Japanese workers!!

So we started with a couple normal sushi (hamachi, maguro) and a spicy something roll. The fish was fine, but the rice was dry, old, and wasn't seasoned with vinegar, and the seaweed that was very stale and sticking to the rice. We are not sushi snobs at all, but we immediately noticed this. We didn't finish the sushi.

I read good things about the fresh crab meat salad, but it was just average. It was swimming in a centimeter of oily dressing at the bottom.

The fried river crab dish was interesting but not worth the price for 7-8 quarter sized crabs. Side note: it freaks me out to eat small creatures in its original form (such as crawfish, and i can't even look at cornish hen..) so I had to have Eric cut them up for me!!

Lastly, we tried the grilled miso yellowtail. The taste was totally off, and we couldn't stomach even a quarter of it. The dish came with a side of sweetened egg omelette and pickled radish, which is like pairing pasta with fries. It just doesn't match!

We were still a little hungry, but decided it was not worth it to order another potentially disappointing dish.

At least the waitress brought Eric another beer when he spilled his first bottle (onto me). :P

For the price, there are much better Japanese restaurants in LA. Better yet, go to Torrance and Gardena for inexpensive, authentic Japanese food.
sybil says:
sounds like a horrid experience. :( i hope they offered to pay for your dry cleaning bill.
Posted on: Jun 10, 2008
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mellemel8 mellemel8
275 reviews
Sep 18, 2007
My mum and i wanted to try a different sushi bar. it was a long wait. prepare to have dinner for 2 hours. the service is good. the server apologized to us. she gave a slice of tiramisu cake on the house. however, later in the evening. the tiramisu was presented with birthday candles. the servers were singing happy birthday to me. it was bizarre. my mum and i looked at each other like where did they get the idea that it's my birthday. oh well, we played along and thanked them.

the restaurant is good but not fabulous. the ambiance is beautiful. i think we were paying for that. however, the monk fish liver is worth coming back to.

we ordered Monk Fish Liver with Ponzu Sauce, Grilled Yellowtail Collar, Lobster Tempura, 2 pieces of Fresh Water Eel/Unagi and Japaneses Style Bouillabaisse

(Great Miso based soup w/ mixed seafood) it was served in a cast iron tea pot made for 2.

the Monk Fish Liver with Ponzu Sauce is the best. it is so soft and fluffy. i never had it before.

the Grilled Yellowtail Collar was cooked well. it was perfectly steamed.

"A hidden back-alley spot in the Warehouse District Downtown...means...this "private" Japanese venue whose decor is "minimalist" and "stylish without being pretentious"; "arrive early to sit at the sushi bar" or just kick bak" in the cool Frank Gehry designed cardboard chairs"; either way you'll find "artfully presented" sushi as well as cooked items like a "lobster tempura that's a must-see" - ZAGAT GUIDE

The dozen or so parking spots in front of the warehouse loading dock are filled with spiffy SUVs, a couple of Jags and a BMW motorcycle, along with a handful of unremarkable rides. A brick wall runs alongside, decorated with a hard-edged arabesque of graffiti that's so arresting you begin to wonder whether it's a Geffen Contemporary art installation.
Monk Fish Liver with Ponzu Sauce
Grilled Yellowtail Collar
Lobster Tempura
Fresh Water Eel/Unagi
photomistic says:
i come to los angeles a few times of year for work and always try to find great sushi places. Nishimura and Sushi Roku have primo quality and i've never been disappointed but's super expensive. i was just there a couple weeks ago and my friend to me to Crazy Fish on Wilshire which really affordable and everything rocked - my new favorite.
Posted on: Sep 19, 2007
Sky_is_the_limit says:
hmmm...monk fish liver..not sure if my palate is suited for that, but I would give it a try, I guess.

How was the tiramisu birthday girl:-)...you will have to taste mine tonight when i bring it over. How late will you be at John's house?
Posted on: Sep 19, 2007

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