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The largest Canadian province, and the only one which features a predominantly French-speaking population, Quebec is a unique place because of its blending of European and French cultures and heritages, which have combined to make the province one of the most traveled-to destinations in Canada for decades. From Montreal to Quebec City to Gatineau, Quebec boasts some of the most important cities in Canada, and beyond the urban sprawls is the amazing landscape of the Canadian countryside, complete with rolling hills, lush forests, and plenty of hiking opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast.

Quebec is packed full of everything a traveler could ever want from a destination. There are modern cities with modern amenities, a vibrant countryside, friendly people, and a culture rich with local flavor and color, Quebec is easily one of the best provinces to describe the heart of Canada. While there are plenty of lakes, rivers, ports, parks, and more, Quebec also offers three casinos in Montreal, Charlevoix, and Lac-Leamy, giving visitors a chance to catch up on some gambling in between the other activities on their itinerary. Whether you choose to stay in one of the major cities or head out into the countryside for some skiing, camping, or hiking up on Mont-Tremblant, or choose to visit Magog Lake and explore the Eastern Townships, the Canadian version of New England, or simple bask in the glory of the natural beauty, Quebec is truly one of those places where everything seems to come together in simple harmony.

Quebec is also well-known for its French-Canadian cuisine, its micro-brews, and its maple syrup. There are ski resorts, coastlines, mountains, forests, farmlands, and literal centuries’ worth of history to explore. Coming here means losing yourself in Canadian history and culture, and as anyone who has ever been can tell you, it is not something that you soon forget. Quebec is one of the best for a reason, and you can only experience it first-hand.

A well-known Quebec specialty dish, is the poutine. It is french fries with cheese curds and gravy on it. This artery-clogging food is definitely worth trying at least once.

Montreal #1 most popular location
French and English, European and North American: Montreal is a city full of eclectic influences. It's the kind of seductive multi-cultural mish mash you’ll stumble across all too rarely on …
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Quebec City #2 most popular location
Beautiful Quebec City is located about 3 hours East Northeast of Montreal in the province of Quebec. Located on the St. Lawrence seaway, it is the capital of the province. The narrowing o…
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Gatineau #3 most popular location
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Trois-Rivieres #4 most popular location
Trois-Rivières is the third city by importance in Quebec. This old historic settlement has followed the path of industrial development to once become the world's papermill capital. The trace…
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Levis #5 most popular location
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Dorval #6 most popular location
Dorval is a suburb of Montreal. It is where the Montreal Trudeau airport is located.
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Longueuil #7 most popular location
the best place to go when u go out it at mon ami pierrot it a place when u can make good candian music like karaoke
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Rimouski #8 most popular location
Founded in 1696, the city of 45,000 inhabitants is the most important one in Eastern Quebec (east of Quebec city). Found in 1696 by a Frenchman from Burgundy, this city, along with Matane,…
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Quebec #9 most popular location
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Shawinigan #10 most popular location
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Rigaud #11 most popular location
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La Tuque #12 most popular location
i talk about often of this place only for the nature and good place to make more activity like camping of canoeing or only make seadooo on the st-maurice la tuque it a good place for nature!!…
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Wakefield #13 most popular location
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Verdun #14 most popular location
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Montmorency #15 most popular location
Louiseville #16 most popular location
Baie-Saint-Paul #17 most popular location
Ville-Marie #18 most popular location
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Val-Brillant #19 most popular location
Blanc-Sablon #20 most popular location