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A small country located on a peninsula sticking out into the Persian Gulf just north of Saudi Arabia, Qatar is a Middle Eastern nation which has only recently been transforming itself into a modern and developed country after years of being extremely poor under the hands of the British as a protectorate. It is currently home to the Al Jazeera TV station, and yet due to the oil and natural gas reserves the country’s residents have some of the highest per-capita income outside of the leading industrial nations of the Western world. Arabic is the official language, but English is the common language spoken, with literally thousands of workers from other countries here for the oil companies.

Due to its location in the Persian Gulf, there are plenty of coastal activities to enjoy while staying in Qatar. The seafront is literally dotted with resorts along almost the entire length of the coast, and with the current rate of development Qatar is beginning to find tourism as a welcome second income to the oil and natural gas reserves of the country.

The cities themselves are probably the most interesting feature of Qatar. There's no doubt that there’s plenty of desert and sand for the dune-oriented individuals, or coastal regions such as Bir Zekreet, but Qatar is eager to prove that it's worthy of respect from its Western affiliates, and the amount of money being spent to create modern infrastructure is such that luxury is almost commonplace. The best place to start is the capital of Doha, which is packed full of modern structures meant to dazzle and amaze with splendor.

Accommodations and transportation are extremely modern. The food is a mixture of a wide variety of cultures, and while Middle Eastern cuisine is definitely here there is also a range of Pakistani, Indian, Thai, or European. There might not be much to see right now, but if you want a glimpse at a country that is rapidly transforming, then Qatar is just the place.

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