Qatar Airways: A Five Star Airline

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Doha, Qatar

Qatar Airways: A Five Star Airline Doha Reviews

Chokk Chokk
1733 reviews
A great airline for Economy flights Jan 19, 2012
I was going to fly with Qatar Airlines for the first time and it was actually the only reason that I was going. 7 weeks earlier I had gotten an email from them about a heavy discount on their flights and it had been so interesting that I just booked after checking my calendar. The only thing I knew about them was the fact that they were voted airliner of the world for economy passengers in 2011, which sounded good.

The check-in went extremely easy they had a service that was formidable, especially since I was flying economy. They had at least 6 or 8 check-in counters open and it took not even 5 minutes before I was finished. The service at the counter was also far from what I experience in my weekly flights and I was called a customer for the first time and not a passenger; it actually made a difference.

Doha was naturally their home base and super hub for all their long distance carriers and they have a system with color-coding the boarding passes and hand luggage tags. For transfers at Doha airport you get either an orange (short transfers) or yellow (long transfers) if you are getting of in Doha you get like I a blue one (final destination Doha).

The gate leaving from Copenhagen Airport was C 29 and I was in good time due to the fast check-in procedure. They boarded the plane 50 minutes before take off in zones and it went pretty smooth. I had a window seat as always and I was ready for a 6 hours flight taking off at 11.20 am. The plane left on time and I was happily on my way to Doha for the first time.

The service on the plane was great, the stewards and stewardesses where friendly and smile quite aware of even the small details. The food during the flight was good too; during our short flight we were given drinks and two meals; one being 3 courses and one light meal. The chairs were okay but with the snatch on my seat that there were a box under the seat in front of me so I could not stretch my one leg and that was quite annoying. I had that experience on all 4 legs of my trip and that was quite irritating.

The entertainment was functioning from take off to landing which I really appreciate; there is no reason that it has to be closed 45 minutes before landing as its done on some airlines (SAS). The entertainment offer was not the best I had seen but there were some new movies, but being a more multinational airline there offering contained movies from everywhere with loads of Indian movies too. I later found out that they showed the same movies both ways and I even ended up watching Saturday Night Fever because there wasn’t a better movie offer.
Inside the plane
Flying towards Doha
The sun is going down
Doha Airport leaving for Hong Kong
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Chokk says:
I cross my fingers :D
Posted on: Jul 07, 2015
BarboraK says:
Uhh, Chokk, wish me good luck. I applied for a job as cabin crew in qatar airways and I am awaiting the answer. :)
Posted on: Jul 05, 2015
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uzmansafdar uzmansaf…
22 reviews
A Trust worthy airline Jul 29, 2011
Qatar Airways has always been my favorite for my travels to Europe during the last 3 trips. As they offer the cheapest rates as compared with other airlines not the budget ones at least in Pakistan. The staff is extremely cooperative and one thing to note is that all of them are from different countries, it is very comfortable and the food they offers is also good. Back inn 2007 when i was moving to UK they offered us a stay at a nice 4 star hotel in Doha will complimentary lunch, dinner and fresh juices and a nights stay with in the ticket price as we had a transit of 18 hrs. That was a great experience and we had a chance to see Doha as well.

Apart from Air travel Doha duty free is a nice place to shop and in my travels i usually bought gifts for my family and friends during my return journeys for Doha Duty free but one thing should be kept in mind that although all the currencies are accepted here but its better to have dollars because when i gave them British Pounds after purchasing various perfumes. I was given the Change in the form of dollars and Qatari Riyals. well that was strange because i had some money left with me so i wanted to purchase some gift for a friend but all i had a mixture of Pounds ,Dollars and Riyals if the first guy had returned me in same currency. I would have been able to buy the gift and adding to my bad luck my credit card was in my booked luggage.

They also have a Room with internet access but is always full and you hardly get space. Overall its a huge airport not like Heathrow but still its good. Only once i had an issue while my return from UK in 2008 when the radar system of aircraft became faulty and for that we had to wait 12 hrs on the airport and they provided us with a 50 Pound coupon for our lunch and arranged an alternate flight for us. Anyways i wished that the next flight should be over booked so that either i get a first class ticket or one more night in UK at the expense of airline. Anyways none of my wish came true and i got a direct flight in our national airline PIA and even i missed the shopping part at Doha. Well it is all luck and we cannot challenge our fate.

Over all it has always been a good experience with Qatar Airways. Especially my connecting flight from Doha till Heathrow, as i always get a nice company and that too afemale company :)...
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lauro lauro
236 reviews
qatar airways: a five star airline” Apr 16, 2009
I flew with qatar air from frankfurt, germany to manila, philippines with a stop at doha, qatar and back. For only 838 euros. I do not know what to expect from this airline, sice it was the cheapest i could find.

then again, i have no complains about qatar airways! The staff are friendly and tentative to the needs of the passengers, the aircraft is almost new, seats are very comfortable, hundreds of movies and music you can choose from. You dont have to flip through the screens if you want to choose a movie, tv specials, games or music, because the airline itself have a separate booklet, so while waiting for the screen to activate, you already have a selection on your mind from flipping through the booklet.

with a roundtrip booking, i flew with the airline company 4x because of a stopover at doha, but flying from doha to manila i was upgraded into business class.

where they have many freebies and sumptous meals from the airline menu. Overflowing drinks of wine, champagne, sparkling water and soda.

even the economy class of qatar air, is outstanding, the food is superb! Almost the same as the business class considering the unlimited supply of drinks.

i will never have any seconds thoughts flying with qatar airways to asia again!

truly a 5 star quality airline!


here are some samples of menu they serve from europe to qatar:


roasted chicken medallions on vegetable julienne


1. Indonesian style chicken mee goreng

2. Spanish vegetable and saffron paella with herbed shrimps

3. Grilled vetable lasagne topped with parmesan cheese tomato and mornay sauce


lemon cake with orange sauce

bread roll, cheese and biscuits

tea and coffee

chocolate bar

and meals from from asia (coming from the philippines) to qatar:

main meal:


green mango salad


chicken kaldereta

steamed rice, stir friend vegetables

maya maya fish with calamansi soy sauce

steamed yellow rice, braised pak choi


halo halo pudding

tea or coffee

hot snack:

braised chicken and oyster sauce

pad thai noodles

maya maya with sweet and sour sauce

steamed rice, sauteed green beans, carrots


ube cream cake

tea or cofee

and meals from doha, qatar going back to frankfurt, germany


tropical fresh fruit

fruit yoghurt


potato and cheese frittata with chicken sausages and creamed mushrooms

hasbrown potato

apple and cinnamon filled pancakes

maple syrup

bakery selection

morning roll, croissant


tea or cofee

*as you can see, from europe, they have 3 different main courses to offer. It is good if someone is vegetarian, or if someone only like seafoods or meat*
qatar logo
qatar airbus
business class freebie from aigner.
my entree, quail egg potage.
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stone31 says:
I had a great experience as well flying from Istanbul to Bangkok over Doha, great airline in every sense! ;)
Posted on: Jan 10, 2011
gavin10879 says:
Thanks for the review, I'm flying with them in March, U.K. to Kuala Lumpur. Looking forward to it more now .
Posted on: Jan 08, 2010
lauro says:
hahahahah ahahahah ahahaha!!! i know that internet cafe! it disconnets every 10 minutes! i wanted to write my blog there but it will just frustrate me everytime it disconnects! hahah you can only check email and thats that! lol
Posted on: Aug 24, 2009

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