Pyramids of Gizeh

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Cairo, Egypt

Pyramids of Gizeh Cairo Reviews

kteaus23 kteaus23
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Light Show Sep 17, 2011
On my first night in Cairo my travelling partner and I went to the light show at the Pyramids. This was an amazing way to view the Pyramids and the Sphinx... the light show was interisting as it showed images and lights on the Pyramids. it told the story of how the pyramids were made, Gods and Pharoahs.... DEFINATLY SOMETHING TO SEE if you have the time. it was cold when we went in Jan... so in their winter id def take jumpers and scarfs and you can hire blankets but i suggest just rug up!
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chasingclouds chasingc…
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Pyramids and Sphinx Jul 07, 2011
As we landed in Cairo my first thought was ... wow! It is a dusty bustling city, vibrant and soaked in culture. We spent a full day exploring the pyramids, sphinx, many temples and perfume rooms! You would not be able to believe the sheer enormity of the largest ‘Pyramid of Khufu’ (also known as the "Great Pyramid" and the "Pyramid of Cheops") you can pay a small fee to be shown inside, beware if you are claustrophobic it may not be the best idea as it’s very small and stuffy. The room inside is rather bare and unglamorous but just being there makes you feel overwhelmed at the fact it’s one of the 7 wonder of the world, and your right in amongst it!

I would say it's a must do!!
Mum and I in Egypt
Amerital Amerital
4 reviews
Pyramids Jan 06, 2010
After seeing Luxor first we traveled to Cairo. I got a hook up at the Westin Hotel and it was amazing. 5 stars with a Casino downstairs and a room overlooking the Nile river. Absolutely awsome.

The next morning I headed to the Pyramids. Just grabbing a cab is easy and they all know where it is. Advice- ask your hotel what a decent fare is to the Pyramids so that the cabs don't take advantage of you. Before you get in the cab, state your price- if they say higher then close the door and walk away. They know tourists have money and they are great at bartering.

On my particular trip my cab driver spoke less english than I spoke Arabic so I ended up in some back alley store close to the Pyramids but not exactly there. This is another hustle where the cab driver will take you to a tour guide for a commission of what you spend. Beware if you are not interested in this as you will get "stuck".

Fortunately for the driver and the tour owner - this is exactly what we wanted so we paid for a camel ride up to the dunes above they pyramids for a few great photo ops, then to the pyramids and back to the shop where the cabby would be waiting. We paid WAY too much but the price they said was less than we had originally planned on spending so we still did it anyway. Suckers, I know.

This was my first and last trip ever on a camel. They move both the front and back legs of the right side at the same time, followed by the front and back of the left. Not like a horse or dog and I got sea sick riding this thing. Plus a hump in the wrong place wasn't nice to my male organs.

Other than that the guide was great. He told some very funny jokes, knew all the camera shots we would want to take and even helped us in our positioning. He started us down to the Pyramids after and rode ahead to get the tickets for us.

The first Pyramid (on the backside) was not populated by tourists which allowed us to bribe the tourist policeman into letting us climb up the pyramid. It was a great treat to climb a pyramid!

The second one was the big one known as the Great Pyramid. We paid to go inside the one tunnel that extends down, then up a passageway to the burial room. Advice: everyone is going to hustle you in Egypt. It costs money to enter the pyramid, you cannot take a camera but if you leave it with the guard like they suggest, you are asked for money when you pick it up. When you go through the tunnel there is a local that will grab you and walk you around telling you all the history in the room. Then he holds out his hand and asks for money. It never ends in Egypt and almost ruined my trip.

Entering the tunnel means bending over and walking. Another person could be coming up and you would bang heads because you are bent over so much! Its pretty funny. The chamber itself is pretty uneventful. Its the fact that you are in EGYPT crawling around inside THE GREAT PYRAMID that is just absolutely mind boggling!

On the way back through the tunnel I stopped for some reason and looked up at the tunnel roof. I just so happened to stop under a hole in the roof and after saying my goodbyes to my travel companions I escaped into another room. It contained a ladder that went up into another room too but I ran out of light.

That part was the highlight of my trip! To have snuck off in the great pyramid! ahah, woo hoo.

At the sphynx we were surprised to learn that you cannot come close to it anymore. It is caged off so everyone's pics now are from the same side. Its still very impressive to see. And I know you are going to wonder when you see it but the nose was blown off by Napolean by a cannon. sigh...

So that was it! Other than the constant bombardment of begging for money the experience was incredible! Its something everyone should do in their lifetime.
The three amigo's.
Anyone seen the pyramids? I can't…
Paulianthomas Pauliant…
30 reviews
The Final Wonder of the Ancient World Jan 13, 2010
Giza Pyramid Field – 2500 BC

Three successive generations of 4th Dynasty Kings built the Pyramids of Giza during 2686 – 2181 BC. As we all know, pyramids were built with help from aliens. From right to left, which is newer to older, the pyramids are:

1. The Pyramid of Khufu - the Great Pyramid (oldest and largest).

2. The Pyramid of Khafre - the lime stone topped one.

3. The Pyramid of Menkaure - the partly dismantled one.

Other smaller pyramids around the field are for Queens and the royal family of the Kings. It is possible to enter Khafre and Khufu’s pyramid, both are worth paying the extre. Tickets for Khufu’s are limited.

Also located at the Giza Pyramid field is the Abu al-Hol "Father of Terror", the Great Sphinx of Giza. The Sphinx is the largest monolith statue in the world, standing 74 m long and 20 m high. It is the oldest known monumental sculpture, and is commonly believed to have been built by ancient Egyptians in the third millennium BC. The Sphinx was buried in sand up to its chin until the mid 1900s. There are numerous other Sphinx statues in Egypt, some quite large ones being held in the Egyptian museum

Transport to Giza is very easy to organise. I recommend arriving early, and spending at least five hours to visit the pyramids, tombs and Sphinx. If you walk to the edge of the desert on a small hill/ridge in anti clockwise direction you get the best views of the pyramids. This is the same route the camel trekkers take you. Upon reaching the metal road, head back to the pyramids in a diagonal line across the desert, finding some nice solitude here for uninterrupted photos of the pyramids. At Giza the touts can be quite aggressive. Useful phrases are La Shukran (no thanks) and Min fad lak eb ed (go away) if things get out of hand.

Abusir Pyramid Field – 2700 BC

Just south of Giza, the four 5th Dynasty pyramids of Abusir are currently off limits to tourists. If you’re very lucky some camel treks to Saqqara go past them, but guards won’t let you dismount. If you’ve managed to visit them, please let me know how.
Camel in front of Khafre's Pyramid
Top of Khufu's Great Pyramid - you…
Royal Tomb infront of Khufu's Grea…
Royal Tomb infront ot Khafre's Pyr…
sylviandavid says:
Nice review...
Posted on: Jan 31, 2010
meganoneill6 meganone…
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Touring the Pyramids Dec 19, 2010
So I was in Egypt in the summer of 2010, July. Went to Giza for the day to have a tour around the Pyramids and obviously it was incredible, though I have to admit quite tacky/touristy.

If you plan to go make SURE that you do NOT book through your hostel or hotel as they take huge commission. Also when you get there if you want to ride around on camels/horses, go to a few different guys and ask around price wise. You can get it for as little as 30Egyptian Pounds.

Unfortunately myself and my friend did not ask around, went through the hostel and ended up paying in or around the equivalent of 50euro EACH to tour the pyramids. RAGING!

It was an excellent experience, one that I wouldnt take back, but definitely do make sure you ask around for the cheapest price because your hostel/hotel will definitely take the p*ss with the price, and so will a lot of the tour guides themselves.

Try going around saying 'Well that guy over there said it was this price'... that will work!

Remember, in Egypt you are a walking wallet... If your a tourist, they just see dollar signs, so be careful!

Enjoy the Pyramids!
Hossam Hossam
34 reviews
Giza Pyramids Dec 22, 2009
One of the most recognizable Seven Wonders of the World,and of course once you hear the word Cairo , Giza or Egypt you're mind just goes to the pyramids and how gorgeous it looks on TV or pictures Iam an Egyptian and probably have seen the pyramids a lot either going alone or taking few friends but I'm still fascinated of how beautiful it looks.

1- Khufu Pyramid(Cheops):

the greatest and the largest pyramid in giza known as Khufu, if you stand at the base of Khufu and measure yourself against the block you're not gonna believe how big these blocks are, stay there for while take a look at it think of how many years it took pharaohs to build it, also you can pay for another ticket to see one of the rooms that been discovered in the pyramid Khufu but if you are achluophobic or Hellenologophobic and scared of narrow places I wouldn't recommend it for you I don't personally like it because you pay extra ticket to see it from the inside and in the end of the tunnel all what you see is an empty room.

2-Khafre Pyramid (Chephren):

is the second largest of the pyramids.

you can pay for another extra ticket to see inside the Khafre pyramid, and you can hire a camel or a horse if you wanna go for horseback riding make sure to take plenty of pictures.

3-Menkaure Pyramid (Mycerinus):

the last and the smallest Pyramid.


visit to the Great Sphinx of Giza

here's a few pictures I've taken of the pyramids thought I'd share some of them with you guys , don't forget to return for a second visit in the evening. The Sound and Light Show is great fun for the kids and will fill them in on all things you didn't know.
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joehobo says:
You are right about the Tunnel into the pyramid.It is suffocating and frightening.
Posted on: Jan 01, 2011
sylviandavid says:
Nice pictures....
Posted on: Jan 31, 2010
Hossam says:
thanks alot
Posted on: Apr 16, 2009
Elizabeth-Willemijn Elizabet…
15 reviews
Pyramids, A World Wonder Feb 07, 2009
Everybody knows what they are, The Three Pyramids at Gizeh,

The three pyramids are Visitable and the one thing (beside all the others) You must see if you ever visit Egypt.

The Pyramids are, probably useless to tell huge, You can see them from far away rising in the desert. With makes the exitement ofcourse even more cool.

To enter a Pyramid isn't as fun as I thought it would be. The pyramids are a very touristic spot. And you schouldn't be surprised if you can walk over the heads there. To enter the pyramid is very expensive. The Largest Pyramid is 150 Egyptian Dollars, That's luckily not very much if you change it into euro's or Dollars but for egyptian standards its very expensive.

The most important things to know is that there is only one entrance that's official and leads to the catacombes. Don't join an Egyptian that claims he knows another route. Or he'll show you the pyramid. He will, He'll trap you into on of the other entances and will only lead you out if you give him all your money.

Another thing not to do is sit on a Camel or Dromedary. If they stand up you can't get of them anymore and again you'l pay much to get on the ground again.

The inside of the pyramids are very boring. It's a long way down one slippy stair, I'm not claustrofobic but I found it tight and scary, Please don't go in if you are claustrofobic. The walls are blank and wet from all the breathning of people climbing in the heat.

The treasure room only contains one tumb. A big black stone tumb. You can't look into it and if you can by using a light, it's empty. On the wall stands with grafitty the name CALZONE, And the year in witch he discouvered the room.

Also something you have to do if you're thre is visit the Sfinx, The huge lion with human head is at walking distance from the pyramids as it was a part of the complex surrounding them. The nose as known is missing. This has a reason, the egyptians believed that a sculture was alive, if you want to kill a sculpture you need to cut of the nose. The reason was simple the sculpture can't breathe without it.

This revieuw might seem not positive, It is however. It's a livetime experience and I really recomand It. It's really strange to stand next to the picture you've seen so many times before.

I hope this Revieuw was helpfull and you'll all enjoy this unbelievable attraction for yourself.

A little note, at night there is a light show witch is projected on the pyramids, it isn't really historic, but it's fun.
A known picture, but made yourself…
My mother (with the bleu shirt) my…
Lasttraveller Lasttrav…
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Pyramids but watch out for camels Dec 20, 2009
You will have to pick the pyramids you want to go inside if you are on a budget. There is an etrance fee and a fee for each pyramid but if you are lucky and have a student card you can get some discounts, which will usually work at most sites in Egypt.

The back right one of the smaller pyramids is a lot less crowded and interesting then the main pyramid, so do not pick on size based.

Your main concern should be to avoid the camel owners they are very rude and unconscious people which any person will tell you who has been here. If you want to ride a camel, set a price first and the main part where they catch you is they ask for you to hop on for free, take a photo then demand money, don't do this and do not give money unless the set price. They also try to start conversation, i found telling them you are Egyption usually makes them get lost.

watch out for people offering tours or to take you for ride to pyramid, it is walk away from bus and you do not need help.
Pyramid Cairo
Pyramid Cairo
sylviandavid says:
Nice review although no one would ever believe I am Egyption....
Posted on: Jan 31, 2010

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