Pyramids of Al Fayoum

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Faiyum, Egypt
Pyramids of Al Fayoum - Hawara Pyramid and some excavated bits-and-bobs
Pyramids of Al Fayoum - Approaching El Lahun
Pyramids of Al Fayoum - Thousands of little mud bricks at the Hawara Pyramid
Pyramids of Al Fayoum - Close up of a mud brick. Don't touch! They're thousands of years old.
Pyramids of Al Fayoum - The soldiers did speak English though, and point out interesting features around the sites.
Pyramids of Al Fayoum - Hawara Pyramid interior entrance, hopefully one day they will drain the water away to see the maze like passages
Pyramids of Al Fayoum - Part of the military escort. Friendly enough, though not required.

Pyramids of Al Fayoum Faiyum Reviews

tbb345 tbb345
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Pyramids, Egypt Mar 12, 2011
Any trip to Egypt should include the pyramids and as you get to really see them and understand the time and work to put them together, you are amazed. And they still stand today to remind you of the intelligence and talent of this ancient civilization. I have not been there for years, but I am sure you still have to be careful travelling with children, especially young females. As long a syou don't let them wander off and you know where they are there should be no issues.
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Paulianthomas Pauliant…
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12th Dynasty Pyramids in need of some TLC Jan 13, 2010
Pyramid of Hawara – 2000 BC

Hawara was built in the 12th Dynasty by Amenemhet III. Pyramids fell out of favour after the 6th Dynasty Pyramids in Abusir, with more elaborate tombs in the Valley of the Kings being preferred. During the Middle Kingdom for a brief period Pyramids were suddenly cool again, and this is why there are some newer pyramids at pyramid fields next to original ones from the Old Kingdom.

Middle Kingdom pyramids are constructed of mud brick around a core of limestone passages and burial chambers. The mud brick is then faced with limestone. The newer pyramids appear older, as they are less well preserved than older, stone examples, but they are infact newer. FACT. Most of the Middle Kingdom’s facing stone was pillaged for use in other buildings. Holding an ancient mud brick in your hand is quite impressive, but no where near as impressive as the monolith blocks used in Old Kingdom.

The entrance of the pyramid led to a 20 ton stone which slid sideways to conceal a passage that led to the king’s burial chamber - after going down three more passages at right angles. The burial chamber is made out of a single quartzite monolith slab that weighs around 110 tonnes. Sadly the chamber and passage is now flooded, and has not been entered for over two hundred years.

The Pyramid of Hawara is currently undergoing excavation works, and a small open air museum shows some finds. It’s quite cool being on the site of an ongoing ‘dig’. To get to the pyramid you will need to rent a taxi from Cairo. As Hawara is in the Al Fayoum region, you should read the Al Fayoum travel advice section below.

Pyramid of El Lahun – 2000 BC

Built by King Senusret II, in the Middle Kingdom, this mudbrick pyramid is currently being excavated by Czech archaeologists. The area has a number of interesting mastabas and some scarily deep open tombs. In front of the pyramid is a deep pit where it is possible to see the tunnel grave robbers used to enter the pyramid.

Located just outside of the modern El Lahun town, you will need to rent a taxi for the day to reach this location. As El Lahun is in the Al Fayoum region, you will 'need' a military escort, as detailed in my Travel Blog. It is necessary to travel through the modern town to reach the pyramid, and you will grimace as poor innocent locals are knocked out of your way, their stores pushed aside, as your motorcade arrogantly presses on.
Hawara Pyramid and some excavated …
Hawara Pyramid interior entrance, …
Thousands of little mud bricks at …
Close up of a mud brick. Don't tou…
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Africancrab says:
Great review.
Posted on: Jan 01, 2012

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