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Pyramids at Giza

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Giza, Egypt

Pyramids at Giza Reviews

DigsInNY DigsInNY
4 reviews
Pyramids Mar 27, 2011
Pyramids at Giza were spectacular to see in person. We did not go in any. I was on an escorted tour that gave a little history before allowing us to walk around on our own. As nice as it was to stare at them and be in awe, the constant hounding by touts were enough for me but it was also expected. In all honesty, they do take a lot of joy out of the experience. BUT all that aside, it's a definitely must see and if you go around them, there you can catch a camel ride.
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alpgalip alpgalip
75 reviews
"Amazing buildings but dirty surrounding" Nov 24, 2010
There are really nice building but when you arrive the center of Giza, its so sad to see everywhere so dirty and smell bad. There are many camel and horse hires but you should be careful for the prices. They always starts from highest price and then they reduce it nearly 3-4 times. After the tour, guides want extra money. If they don't like the tips, they can argue with you. Buildings are amazing. There are 3 big pyramid and smaller ones. Also Sphinx is located there. You don't need another ticket for it.
Giza Pyramids - Cairo - Egypt
Giza Pyramids - Cairo - Egypt
Giza Pyramids - Cairo - Egypt
Giza Pyramids - Cairo - Egypt
wiedemann wiedemann
8 reviews
Mar 18, 2007
The Pyramids at Giza are a must see when traveling to Egypt.. I would assume this is obvious for most travelers, but it can really be an amazing sight.. To get into the Giza Pyramids & Sphinx it costs about 25 EGP/$5.00 USD if you are a student... and about 50 EGP/$10.00 USD if you are an adult.. Reminder to pick up an ISIC Student Identification card before you go if you are a student.. Most everything you do in Egypt can be discounted if you have one of these cards..

Upon arrival at the Pyramids, you will be bombarded with camel riders asking you to ride the camels, take pictures of them with the camels, etc... No matter how innocuous their pleas are to you, you must remember that they will expect "baksheesh" or payment for anything you do with them... If you would like to ride the camels, which if you have the time for is actually fun for novelty you will have to negotiate a good price for their services.. I rode a camel for about 5-10 min.. and got my picture taken on it etc.. and after some serious haggling i only payed 20 EGP/$4.00 USD... That is all i would ever consider paying for the short little hike you take around the pyramids, etc..

Just outside the Pyramid of Khufu, there is a large white building that houses the Funerary boat of the Pharaoh Khufu... this is quite the amazing sight as the boat was constructed without instructions by an archaeologist named Ahmed Youssef.. The boat was housed in a stone box just outside the pyramid on which this building is set.. It costs about 20 EGP/$4.00 USD for students and twice that amount for adults..

As far as going into the pyramids is concerned.. a good thing to know is that if you would like to do this, you must do it either in the morning or in the afternoon after 1pm, because from 11 am - 1pm or so they close the entrances for lunch break etc.. Also the large Pyramid of Cheops with the cap stone is the most expensive to go in.. it costs roughly 100 EGP/ $20 USD for students and about 150 EGP/ $30 USD for adults the rest of the pyramids are about the same price as the Funerary boat complex.. and to be totally honest the 3 pyramids are carbon copies of each other on the inside... so the extra money for the big one may not be worth it unless you want the novelty..

The Pyramids and Sphinx complex all close down around 4pm and you will need to exit as soon as possible when it is 4.. As for the Pyramids that is about all the advice i can give, except bring water!.. enjoy!
Khufu's funerary boat just outside…
Sphinx at Giza...
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