Purwokerto, a small town in Central Java

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Purwokerto, Indonesia
Purwokerto, a small town in Central Java - Purwokerto Map - it is located in Central Java.. not Yogyakarta
Purwokerto, a small town in Central Java - SMA-1 My senior high school.
Still can't forget the delicious mendoan at Pak Sarkim's :)
(taken from an unknown source)
Purwokerto, a small town in Central Java - Purwokerto train station. Purwokerto will appear in the news once a year, around Idh Fitr, when people are rushing back to their home town to gather with the relatives and Purwokerto is located on a Java's main train route.(taken from an unknown source)
Purwokerto, a small town in Central Java - The scenic pictures taken along the train trip to Purwokerto.. too bad we can't amke the train stop once a while to get some more pictures like this (taken from an unknown source)
Purwokerto, a small town in Central Java - SMP Susteran, my junior high school

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Nov 07, 2007
(taken from Wikipedia - with some modification)

Purwokerto is a sleepy little town located in the Central Java province, Indonesia.

Purwokerto is a town of ~500,000 inhabitants. Commonly referred as a cross-road between Jakarta and Yogyakarta. The town is located on the foothill of Gunung Slamet volcano, the highest volcano in Central Java. Purwokerto also the main entrance to climb Gunung Slamet. Many of Indonesian famous people originated from Purwokerto, namely Jendral Sudirman, Jendral Gatot Subroto, Soepardjo Roestam etc. Most of those heroic people are honoured as a street name all over Indonesia.

Get in

- By plane

Purwokerto can be reached from Yogyakarta's Adisucipto International Airport (JOG), 150 km east of town. A van will serve by picking up the passengers (reservation system applied with the cost ~ 50,000 Rp / 6USD)

- By bus

The main bus station is Terminal Bus Purwokerto, 4 km to the south of the town center. There are regular services throughout the island, including Jakarta (9 hours), Yogyakarta (4 hours), Semarang (6 hours) and Bandung (6 hours).

- By train

Trains to Jakarta take between 7 to 9 hours from the main Purwokerto station. The Argo-class trains (Argo Lawu and Argo Dwipangga) are the best of the lot: most comfortable and fastest. Taksaka is almost as good. These train also cater for Yogyakarta destination. The other option is Purwojaya, which end destination is Cilacap, the cheapest among other option and leave at the earliest time.

Get around

Purwokerto is a relatively small town, travelling around town should not be too expensive. You may jog around town for 30 minutes.

- By trishaw

Traditional three-wheeled pedal-powered carts known as becak can be found in most part of Purwokerto. Haggle furiously.


Purwokerto has many beautiful buildings and monuments.

- Purwokerto Fly-over, is a well known landmark located in front of train station. The flyover was built in 1967.

- Train Station, a Dutch colonial architecture, many Dutch residential building can be located in front of the train station.

- Museum Bank, located in Jalan Bank, a museum dedicated for R.A. Wiriatmaja who pioneer the Indonesian banking system.


- Learn

The educational institution in Purwokerto:

Universitas Jendral Soedirman [1].

Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto [2].

Universitas Islam Negeri Walisongo.

Universitas WIjayakusuma. And a lot of other institutionals and educational organizations.


- Wet Market

The biggest wet market is Pasar Wage, with many small wet market such as Pasar Manis and Pasar Pon.

- Shopping Malls

Moro, the biggest mall in Purwokerto.

Sri Ratu, the handphone centre.

Rita Supermarket, the first supermarket in Purwokerto, there are 2 in Purwokerto, one in kebondalem and the other in alun alun.


- Local delicacies

The following dishes are should be on every traveller's agenda:

- Gudeg, a curry of jackfruit, chicken and egg served with rice, and is the most famous local dish. The most famous gudeg seller is in front of Pasar Manis, Jalan Gatot Subroto.

- Serabi Jalan Bank, available early in the morning is a local favourite. The queue is sometimes very long especially during holiday season. Serabi is a kind of pancake, with coconut milk and palm sugar. The seller will cook them in several small clay stove, very interesting attraction, so the buyer will not mind to wait.

- Soto Jalan Bank, also available in Jalan Bank.

- Soto Sokaraja, available in Sokaraja, located 4 km west of Purwokerto. Many of Soto Sokaraja in here, conside one of the best is Soto Kecik. The place not so good but very famous. Another famous one (some people consider this soto is better) is Soto Sutri.

Soto is chicken or beef clear soup with some glass noodle and bean sprout. This kind of food is famoud through out Indonesia with different types. The specialty from Purwokerto, the spices made of chili and mashed peanut

- Mie Kelinci III available in HR.Benyamin 2 KM from Limas Agung

- Mendoan is local food in Purwokerto, from a very slim Tempe (food from a fermented soy bean, very famous food in Java) and covered by dough of wheat flour. Although many places selling Mendoan, the best Mendoan only served in the village. Even though Mendoan sold at city is considerable tasty.'

- Pecel from Purwokerto is also very delicious, many food that using pecel like Satay, Lotek, Gado-gado is also a quite good food to try.

- Sate Kambing Sate Kambing in Purwokerto Area (Banyumas, Sokaraja, Purbalingga) is also famous for very tender young Goat. One of the best is Sate Tiga Saudara.

- Gethuk Goreng At Sokaraja we also found the famous food called Gethuk Goreng that many shops sell with different kinds of names. It made of cassava and a lot of javanese sugar. And the other food: nopia, mino (small nopia) kripik, and also mendoan.

Try also

- Rumah Makan Cahaya Mas: Overste Isdiman Rd. wellkown for old style chinese food cooking with yamien (noodle) as the specialty.

- Rumah Makan Banyumas: located in Banyumas ~ 10km from Purwokerto, good to try their Ang Sio Hie (Sour sweet sauced snapper) and crispy roasted pork.

- Rumah Makan Imperial: new player for chinese food with good ambience

- Ayam Goreng Kalibagor, to the wet from teh center of the town, have a tasty local fried chicken with very good sambal goreng tempe (soya bean cakes, cooked with chili)

- Rumah Makan Taman Pringgading, one of the best restaurants in town.

Address DI Panjaitan 217 Purwokerto

- and many more....


Wedang ronde is hot ginger drink with gluten rice balls, peanuts, jelly


- There are several small motels or hotels around. The biggest one is DInasty HOtel (4 stars hotel)

- Several villas and hotel located in Baturaden - 14 km from town, mountainous area.

Get out

- North

Baturaden is a resort area on the southern slope of Gunung Slamet.

- East

Sokaraja, famous for soto and gethuk.

- South

Gunung Tugel .

Cilacap on the south coast is sleepy fishing village.
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