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Osaka, Japan
Pure - Paaaartey!
Pure - club pure
Pure - people getting drunk..
Pure - a japanese girl that i don't even know!

Pure Osaka Reviews

smurfbee smurfbee
8 reviews
Oh the shame of knowing its a seedy place and still going anyway. Apr 02, 2011
Aahhhh "Pure", Osaka's number one gaijin (foreigner) hangout. For the entry and combined drink price its cheap, but I would still recommend drinking something before you go. Also remember your student IDs - sometimes they ask for them and other times you can get discounts. The problem with this place is that in theory it has anything you could want from a club, but there is still something wrong with it. When you get in you go around the corner and put your coats and bags into a locker - make sure to have change. Then you'll find the place doesn't really fill up until 11pm but that's usual I guess. If you expect to be the only foreigner in there you'll be mistaken. Its well known, which means a tonne of Japanese girls go there in order to meet foreign guys and "practise their English" - which if that's what you're after is perfect I guess! The dance floor does get very crowded and alcohol flies everywhere so your shoes will start sticking to the floor. The stage is reserved for girls dancing and the bouncers will push guys off. Oh and there's a strip pole! So at the beginning of the night if not much is happening you can watch a girl dance on it. All in all its a good place to go if you feel homesick, don't want to be forced to speak Japanese, and are looking for girls. If you're in a group and just feel like letting loose, I'm sure you'll have a good time. In the end it seems a little seedy and some of the people look dodgy, but just use the nomihodai and have fun!
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jdmz76 jdmz76
3 reviews
Cheap to drink Mar 03, 2011
I went to Pure for New Years 2011 and it was quite crowded. Your admission charge also pays for all your drinks for the night, so that is a plus. However, you can't lose the cup they give you and there is only one bar so you could be waiting quite a while. The music is decent, but the dance floor is a bit small. Good luck!
momiji momiji
18 reviews
All you can drink! Oct 23, 2008
Do you like drinking and dancing?

Club pure is all you can drink club. Some drinks you have to pay extra but most drinks are free. The entrance fee is.. Man ; 3000yen, Female ; 2500yen

For female, if you enter before midnight, it's 2000yen.

It's a small club and usually crowded. Saturdays are packed and you can't move..

It's half Japanese and half gaijins' club.

Bad things about this club is pretty dirty and very smoky. If you have been to Japanese club, you probably know it.. clubs in Japan is very smoky. Some clubs are non smoking but it's rare.. If you don't mind about the smoke and just wanna have fun and get drunk, go to club Pure :D

They are some short and useless security boys walking around the club though.. haha :D

If your lucky, you can meet some gaijin models.
club pure
people getting drunk..
a japanese girl that i don't even …
Travelbuddys says:
No smoking in dutch clubs anymore!!!
Posted on: Mar 06, 2009
ratu says:
I miss it!
Posted on: Oct 22, 2008

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