Pulhapanzak Waterfall

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Lago de Yojoa, Honduras

Pulhapanzak Waterfall Lago de Yojoa Reviews

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Walk Underneath The Waterfall Jan 15, 2012
I found this excellent value for money and although I exited like a man wounded it was an experience of a lifetime.

We visited Lago de Yojoa as part of an spontaneous trip and decided to visit nearby Pulhapanzak Waterfall. The location accessed via a dirt road is easy to find and well sign posted.

Head for the cafeteria area, just beyond it towards the excellent lodges you will find the booking office.

For 150 LP/£5.00 you'll have an experience you'll never forget. The guide stressed you will get very wet and to dress appropriately. So we duly changed, returning with camera in hand for some fantastic photos or at least so I thought.

Our guide asked "is the camera waterproof" err no I replied. "Well I wouldn't advise you bringing it" he said. The camera was safely returned to the car and our adventure began.

The long walk down took only five minutes, as the sound of the waterfall grows louder and louder. At the bottom was a small gathering of day trippers.

Be careful as the wooden deck is slippery and it only takes a second for your feet to loose total control.

On this day we had to walk through a muddy patch, as it had been raining overnight. As I walked with beach sandals they decided to remain in the mud whilst my foot carried on walking. At this point I wondered what had I let myself into.

The guide led the way and turned, roared with excitement and promptly jumped into the water below. The look of surprise and astonishment was written over our faces. OMG.

There we were cradling the rocks and thinking WTF do we do now. Thankfully he returned within seconds and continued guiding us through the rocks.

Another enormous water pool had to be negotiated, another group jumped from what seemed a great height, splashing just before us.

All the time the sound of the water grew stronger and louder. The guide explained we would walk to one of two caves.

To get to the first cave you have to pass through the beginnings of the waterfall. The strength of the water adds to your anticipation and fear growing out of control.

There's a trick to it, look down at all times and breath through your mouth. Stay as close to the rocks as possible as this adds a little protection (not a lot) from the waterfalls power.

With what seems like an age, which in reality is a few long seconds and your through the first hurdle. The cave is small enough to crouch in and get some well needed deep breaths.

The guide then explains the next bit is a little tricky we must stay close and to break the power of the waterfall you must move quickly.

As you move through the falling waterfall the shear power becomes evident and you know your part of an experience and a half. You motion through the water pool to a cove where you can stand.

The guide then shows you a two square metre hole and invites you in. The hole leads to a cave that you can stand in, although there is no light this is a hidden gem.

Finally now for the journey back. The fact that the worst is over and you know you'll soon be back on safe ground the experience is none the less a little scary.

Unfortunately my partner slipped and was left with some light bruising. However we were both thrilled we paid the money and enjoyed the experience.

Would I do this again, ABSOLUTELY. Was it frightening yep but then I'm a coward and made from softer stuff.

If you want to have an experience of a lifetime, please take this tour. The guides are excellent and add to the experience. I cannot recommend this enough.

Like me, you may walk back up as if you've just had 10 rounds with Mohammed Ali but what a buzz. In a few words I'd describe this as Simply Amazing.
View from the top
Full frontal view
Demonstrating its power
In full force
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Pulhapanzak falls Jul 31, 2012
Pulhapanzak Falls were really excellent!!!

We got there from D&D Brewery hostel early in the morning which is the receipt for empty location… It is super easy to travel around the lake and surrounding towns because of many small buses, vans, and you can easily hitchhike all over. Pulhapanzak is one of the largest falls in Honduras and it is park that can accommodate larger crowds. From the top of the waterfall small concrete path takes you to the lookout point. That area has nice view, but no one stops you from getting closer to the waterfall. We were looking for the way to go under the waterfall, but it was a bit scary with large mass of water falling on your head, and you do not know where to go… In the small pool a bit further from the fall there was a guy that was trying to fish. Just watching him trying to fish in the mist of the fall and with rudimentary fishing gear would make everyone smile. After talking to him a bit he ended showing us the way to the small cave behind the waterfall and just asked us not to tell guides that he did it.
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Lago de Yojoa
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