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Technically a Caribbean island, Puerto Rico is nevertheless part of the United States, insomuch as it is a self-governing territory. West of the U.S. Virgin Islands and east of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico is not only a popular traveling destination, but is also a major port along the shipping lane that leads to the Panama Canal, otherwise known as the Mona Passage.

Puerto Rico is a mostly mountainous island, although there are plenty of beaches and a fertile farming region along the northern section of the island. And although the island is a U.S. territory now, the history of Puerto Rico is largely Hispanic, dating back to the days when Christopher Columbus first landed on the islands in 1493. The islands spend centuries under Spanish rule until an uprising finally led to autonomous government in 1898 after the U.S. invaded and pried it from the hands of Spain. And while there is plenty of colonial history and traditions to explore as part of the culture and the overall vibe of the island, it is the beauty of the Caribbean itself that lures people in.

From the public beaches at Luquillo and Dorado to the capital of San Juan and its natural harbors to the El Yunque National Forest or the San Juan National Historic Site with its Spanish forts and castles, visitors can explore all sorts of architectural and natural beauty, all at the same time. Or you can hop on over to Mona Island, which is totally uninhabited by humans and can only be visited via appointment made in advanced. The coral reefs along the coast combine with the sandy beaches to create perfect coastal activities, while the mountainous interior contains such wonders as the Rio Camuy Caverns. Regardless of what you want to experience while visiting Puerto Rico, you are sure to find not only a sense of adventure and excitement, but also total satisfaction with your trip.

San Juan #1 most popular location
Dating back to the early 16th century, and home to one of the first ever European settlements west of the Atlantic, San Juan is now the last one still in American hands, and – being guarded…
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Carolina #2 most popular location
19travelers 12reviews 3blogs
Rincon #3 most popular location
9travelers 5reviews 2blogs
Fajardo #4 most popular location
Fajardo is probably the most beautiful little coastal town in Puerto Rico. It is a major boating center and has a wide variety of rentals and charters available for hire. Local centers also o…
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Ponce #5 most popular location
32travelers 3reviews 1blogs
Culebra #6 most popular location
Culebra is a small island just off the coast of Puerto Rico. The island is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Playa Flemenco. The island is much smaller than its more pop…
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Isabela #7 most popular location
7travelers 2reviews
Luquillo #8 most popular location
1travelers 3reviews 2blogs
Vieques #9 most popular location
The island's name is a Spanish spelling of a Native American word said to mean "small island". It also has the nickname "Isla Nena", usually translated from the Spanish as "Little Girl Island…
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Catano #10 most popular location
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Cabo Rojo #11 most popular location
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Humacao #12 most popular location
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Arecibo #13 most popular location
Puerto Rico's Arecibo is a colonial town known for its many interesting attractions. It had its start in 1556 when it became the third Spanish settlement in Puerto Rico. Locals fondly refer t…
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Rio Grande #14 most popular location
Delectably rich in its natural heritage, Rio Grande is the ideal place to get away from it all. Vast areas of natural Greenland and long strips of pristine beach provide the setting for many …
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Aguada #15 most popular location
Aguada is a municipality of Puerto Rico, located in the Costal Valley of the West region bordering the Atlantic Ocean, west of Rincón, Aguadilla and Moca; and north to Anasco. Aguada's popu…
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Levittown #16 most popular location
1travelers 3reviews 1blogs
Camuy #17 most popular location
The city of Camuy has two nicknames, "La Ciudad del Sol Taino", which means the “City of the Taíno Sun”, or "La Ciudad Romantica" meaning “Romantic City”. It is said the city’s nam…
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Cayey #18 most popular location
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Quebradillas #19 most popular location
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Bayamon #20 most popular location
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Ceiba #21 most popular location
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Utuado #22 most popular location
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Lares #23 most popular location
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Santurce #24 most popular location
Punta Santiago #25 most popular location
Adjuntas #26 most popular location
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Esperanza #27 most popular location
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Salinas #28 most popular location
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Rio Piedras #29 most popular location
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La Parguera #30 most popular location
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Jayuya #31 most popular location
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Naguabo #32 most popular location
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Isabel Segunda #33 most popular location
Korea #34 most popular location
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