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The final port of call in Argentina, tiny Puerto Iguazu stares across the confluence of the Rios Parana at both Brazil and Paraguay, and has lost most of its sense of community to all encompassing tourism. Now a well-connected stepping off point for visiting the falls, Puerto Iguazu’s only real positive sides come with safety and proximity to such a mammoth tourist draw; it’s largely a convenient spot for the locals to make a few bucks. But then again, with such a spectacular sight to be seen just down the road, the dull façade of the town itself is hardly reason enough not to go.

The Falls themselves, you see, are just monstrous. Taller than Niagara and twice as wide, they arch round a perfect woodland scene in a mammoth horseshoe shape, and consist of a total of 275 rapids down which 450,000 cubic feet of water flow every second during the rainy season. It’s nearly a 100-meter drop, and the falls are invariably surrounded by a striking rainbow of spray, and take some time to explore, due to the hefty split of the flow between numerous islands.

You can head out into the mist on a boat for an intimidating close up view, or head off into the untouched jungle surrounding the falls, and enjoy the forest trails and wilderness hikes. If you’ve got plenty of cash to spare, you can even hire yourself a helicopter and get right in the thick of things.

While you’re in Puerto Iguazu, it’s worth visiting the three-nation frontier, while there are a couple of interesting museums, too, like the Museum of Images of the Jungle, and the Mborore Museum. You can gamble a night away in the casino, too, or explore the wildlife at the Center for Bird Rehabilitation.

Most of all, though, you’ll just want to see the falls, which are so spectacular that plenty of visitors can’t resist heading over two days in a row. Puerto Iguazu might be far from spectacular, but it’s a more than adequate launching point, and that's probably how you'll treat it.

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