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Eric Eric
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A bit disappointing... Nov 11, 2009
We had been wanting to try out Providence for a long time, as we had heard that the seafood here was amazing. While our experience was OK, we were slightly disappointed with it, perhaps because our initial expectations were too unrealistically high.

We ordered the tasting menu, but I only remember two dishes. One was a fish dish (halibut, I believe), that was very simply prepared. It was lukewarm in temperature, which was a bit unusual. I asked the waiter about it, and he informed me that the chef liked to prepare the temperature of the fish this way, because it was the only way to capture the full taste of the fish. They offered to heat it up more if I desired, but since I like trying new things, I decided to give it a shot. It was OK, but not really to my taste.

The second dish I remember was a veal that had been cooked (boiled?) in a plastic bag. It sounded quite exotic, but the texture was kind of soft and rubbery, and I would have probably preferred a steak instead. It also didn't help things that I kept picturing myself eating a baby cow, and this is normally a dish I wouldn't have ordered had I been given a choice. Of course, this isn't Providence's fault at all, and there is no way they could have known, but just a personal preference. If you have any specific foods you don't want to eat, it might be worth it to tell your waiter beforehand.

The service and setting gave us mixed feelings as well. We were seated at an "outdoor" area, with a retractable cloth roof, and stone/shale walls and floors. Every time you moved your chair, it would make a loud scraping noise on the stone. The decor seemed a bit cold and impersonal. The temperature was also quite cold, and even though we asked them to turn on the heat lamps, it took over 20 minutes for them to do so. We seemed to have two waiters, which was a bit odd as well. One of the waiters was really helpful, friendly, and had a relaxed yet attentive matter that made the environment seem less imposing. The other waiter was a bit older and more impersonal, and I even heard him arguing with one of the other staff members about something right by our table, which didn't really help the ambience at all.

Overall, the food was still good, but, given the price, ambiance, service, and our high expectations, not too memorable. I'm glad we tried it out, but I'm not sure that we'll be back.
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