Proper greeting to locals in St. Lucia

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Saint Lucia

Proper greeting to locals in St. Lucia Reviews

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How to greet locals in St. Lucia (and in the Caribbean for that matter) Aug 06, 2010
In the States, the norm of "hi" doesn't carry as far when one travels to the West Indies. It is preferred to use the following 3 phrases when in St. Lucia (or in the Caribbean):

"Hello, good morning" instead of "Hi" or just "Good morning"-the latter is more polite than the former, but is it more pleasant to use the whole phrase.

"Hello, good afternoon" instead of "Hi", "Hello" and is defintiely preferred over "Hey". Great waitresses, the front desk staff of your hotel and others in this matter.

The strangest one of all is "Hello, good night" when day into evening. It does sound wierd and sometimes you can get away with just "Good night" when greeting people; I'm sure "Good evening" is used as much.

Last bit of advice, when visiting St. Lucia or other small islands, the locals may look like they are saying hi to each other and that's because they all know wach other (at least those in the same neighborhood). You don't have to greet every single person you run across; it is more preferable to greet those of the older generation, but it is less common now to greet every single person. At least an eye-to eye head nod as you walk pass people might be OK, but pretend you're in NY and don't look every single person in the eye...ok?
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