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Prizren Overview

A lovely town situated in the southwestern part of Kosovo near the border with Albania and on the main Tirane-Prishtina road. The town and nearby hilltop ruins of a fortress make an ideal day trip from Prishtina and the city is generally a much more cheerfull place to spend your time in Kosovo than Prishtina

The Old town and New town are separated by the River Bistica crossed by the old Ottoman bridge.

Old town is a melting pot of religion, Orthodox, Catholic, and Muslim being represented. The old town is quite picturesque with 18th and 19th century homes and much older ancient structures mixed in, all strung along the river with majestic mountains and the fortress in the background.

If you walk up the steep hill near the Orthodox church. It winds around but you will approach the bombed out Serbian Orthodox Church (Being used by KFOR military forces). There is fencing and razor wire everywhere along here. This is the church you are able too see from the river. It's about halfway up the mountain. It's quite a hike!!!
If you get too close to the church your cloting could become casualties of the security measures. The church is amazing in its ruined state, military presence or not, be aware that people are inside watcing your every move.

When you reach the summit and the remains of the fortress are visible, WOW! The view.......all of Prizren......all of the valley, and so many mountains. Walk along the mountain, where it follows the river revealing a canyon that stretches ......well, to Albania The highest one in the distance covered with snow is actually, Albania.

Along the path, you will pass a heard of sheep being loud and playful in the warmth if its a sunny day. If you keep walking along the parh, you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the mountains an valley below.

Return to the Serbian Orthodox Church on the hill at sunset. You will love watching as the colors stream across the sky, against the snow (in winter) and the mountains. It will makes you feel connected to the world. Watch as the city lights start coming on and the youth of the city start the ritual, agian, It's comforting. It's a real city. Enjoy!