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UrbanizaciĆ³n San Rafael, Ibiza, Spain - +34 971 19 81 60

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Privilege ibiza - an experience of underground luxury , world class shows if you wish. Sep 27, 2015
My first view of privilege as a club was that it was so far from the everything. It is somewhere in between San Antonio and Ibiza town. A cab ride from either one of those two, very popular locations can cost you a pretty sum. Not a lot but significant enough if you are on a budget.

Bearing that in mind once approaching the club it is truly a sight to see. I have only been there once and I am willing only to review it to a certain extend, my perspective here is obviously tainted by the fact that I was there only for one night. Experienced not the best night in terms of its show and popularity in terms of sales but nonetheless it might be relevant to some of you.

In a gist: It seemed that the club main attraction is that it has vast spacial capacity , much more so than space in Play den Bossa. Thus it is capable of hosting huge nights with over the top shows like "supermartxe" which is the most popular night. The door people seemed very nice and easy going, much more so than other places. I guess it is the fact that they are not hassled with huge line ups unless it is a hugely popular night. The place can easily host 10,000 people at minimum. Therefore, as I attended one of its most underground nights, I got the sense that everything was sort of lower key and much more focused on the music rather than logistic of moving people through. As the whole club was not open and open only partially for this "smaller party". However the place was still very big - it could have hosted at least 4000 people inside. The club was called "vista club" which is a big club and it is aptly name so due to the proximity to a nice view of ibiza and its harbour.

This was very nice because the view was almost romantic in a sense but obviously the music inside called upon a different type of setting- that of an all out underground party.

The music of this club varies from trance, house , to techno to gay circuit music. However a very important key observation, the club seems to use its huge facilities to host really big scale events. Very unique in show, much more so than other clubs like pacha. What makes them unique is that most of these events such as the current "life in colour" party and "supermartxe" are globally known as festivals of big proportions with world wide fame. Due to its show capacity and popularity I guess. Nonetheless they host very popular nights, therefore the club has this sort of hidden and underrated reputation of hosting quality nights. The problem of its proximity and being far away from two main towns in Ibiza make it a challenge for some people to actually make the decision to attend. The aggressive nature of some of the promoters in both towns gather momentum for other parties that directly compete with this club. This makes other parties that are closer to patrons hotels much more appealing. This would be perhaps one perspective. The other is that some other clubs apart from privilege offer better nights. However this is up to the taste of the patron.

Overall I gathered that the effort and the financial input put forward by the average clubber usually is rewarded with this club. The club does not promise anything that it does not deliver , it host two of the biggest parties in the planet and the rest are more niche and underground parties.

The club does deliver a big show with the two popular parties and a more underground one to the others.

I thought the party I attended was very minimalist in its approach, not too much in terms of decor. Just music, djs, some lights and visuals.

A side note: The washrooms , at least in the vista club seemed to be small for a place of such capacity. Mixed and rather unorganized. No further complaint however.

I would highly recommend this club to anyone that is actually looking for a very unique experience. Please consider the words "unique" because the cab ride to the club can be quite expensive. Unless you are really into a dj that is being presented by the theme of the night, you might be better off in terms of monetary budget to stay near your city and go to the other local clubs nearby in Ibiza. Although the option to tag along and share cab rides and or take the bus is always there.

Great club if you are willing to go that far and spend money not just on expensive beer and alcohol, door prices , cab ride or bus ride. Otherwise it really is not a must see. However , personally I would consider most of their nights as very appealing , young , with certain cutting edge in their music policy and worth the financial effort.
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