Princess Margaret Hospital - Emergency

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Shirley Street, Nassau, Bahamas

Princess Margaret Hospital - Emergency Nassau Reviews

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Non-Acceptable Emergency Care discribed by locals as "the reason we pray not to get sick" Jan 11, 2009
Princess Margaret Hospital is one of the main hospitals in Nassau. The other Nearest hospital is Doctors hospital and there are several very GOOD private doctors in the area. I wasn't expecting the same care as we get in the states but the dis organization of the hospital was shocking!

1st off I just want to explain a little about my experience with health care in Nassau prior to visiting PMH. On a previous visit when I was pregnant I went to a private doctor (my husband's family doctor - He is Bahamian) and received fast and quality health care for $40 USD for visit including a urine test and about $14 USD for my medicine all with out insurance coverage.

A few weeks before this trip I pulled a muscle. I also have SVT A type of irregular heartbeat that can go from 60 BP - 189 in seconds so I purchased trip insurance just incase I might need it. Jan 5, 2009. I woke up with extreme back spasms unable to sit up or walk. I called our private doctor who suggested I go to an ER for an X-ray. A receptionist at doctors hospital told me I would need full payment up front even in an emergency so we went to PMH. Upon arrival to PMH a very skilled porter lifted me from the car to a wheelchair then immediately took me back to the ER while my family registered me (there is a $30 USD Registration fee for all non-Bahamians & $10 for Bahamians).

The ER was like something out of a movie. It was jam packed full with sick people and their relatives. I was screaming (literally) in pain for 15 minutes until finally a nurse saw me. He asked what was wrong & then put me in a bed. It was another 45 mins. before anyone took my medical history I explained that I also have a heart condition (at this point in the US I'm normally put on a monitor). After this I was wheeled out in to the main floor near the nurses station along with 10 other people in beds because the ER rooms were full. People were screaming and moaning in pain, vomiting and crying. There were no name tags or ID on any patients so if a person was to too incapacitated to know when their name was called they were often over looked. I asked the nurse if it was always like this and she said yes. My husband was forced to leave because of the crowd. He is visually impaired and the woman who assisted him wasn't sure if blind people could walk!!! At one point when I had to pee & I was unable to walk she went & got my husband rather than helping me. After 5 hrs of spasms I was crying and begging for something to relieve the pain. Someones IV bag even leaked on me. The woman next to me had a doctor seeing her so finally I had to yell to him. He said he wasn't assigned to me & couldn't see me. Another 30 mins went by...I could feel my heart starting to race so I asked the nearest nurse to please check my BP after explaining about my heart...She refused saying it was checked by the floor nurse earlier. I yelled to the Doctor near me again because I was light headed & finally they checked it. My heart rate was 153 BMP. 30 mins. later I finally saw a Doctor after 6 & half hours. they did no X-Ray, gave me pills for muscle relaxers instead of an injection and no release form. I left still screaming and spastic unable to walk. I had to changed my return ticket day because I couldn't sit up right to get on the plane. Today 4 days later I can finally sit up without spasms.

All in all I wish I had just gone to the private doctor. Though they may have good doctors the service was unorganized (in the most dangerous way-No ID means you could be given the wrong meds) PMH is an absolute disgrace to the Bahamas. They pour billions into tourism including their project to revitalize the cable beach strip well perhaps the ministry of tourism should consider directing some funds to give their people decent health care.

I only wish I had taken my camera with me.
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