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46 18th Street, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Primanti Brothers - Primanti's sandwich with cole slaw and french fries
Primanti Brothers - mine had tuna

Primanti Brothers Pittsburgh Reviews

mistyleatherneck mistylea…
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Pittsburgh tradition and a definite tourist attraction. Jan 02, 2011
There are at least 8 Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh area. This is the second one we have eaten at and very comparable. The first time we ate at Primanti Brothers was in 1991 while I was attending University of Pittsburgh and had a visit from the family and I had been recommended to take my family there and check this place out! This time Jan 2 2011, we drove by the one in Oakland again, but could not find parking so we headed back out of Oakland and headed into Monroeville and found this one next to a Roth Carpet place on route 48 Mosside Drive. It was full of Pittsburgh fans since the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing the Cleveland Browns today and lots of commotion was going on and lots of eating going on! We shared two sandwiches between Rick, Mom and I. We shared one Corned Beef and Cheese and One Pastrami and Cheese. Now Primanti Brothers is known for putting their fresh cut French Fries and homemade coleslaw on each sandwich. So our tastebuds were definitely enjoying our food. We had to have brown mustard for the sandwich, and Malt Vinegar for the fries that fell out. We ate and ate till we were full and then of course we had to head back to Harrisburg since our short vacation weekend was coming to an end. I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone who travels thru Pittsburgh whether you are a Steelers fan or not!! Go Steelers hahahahaha
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thecheekynomad thecheek…
4 reviews
don't believe the hype Apr 26, 2011
I'm not morally opposed to greasy spoon diners because sometimes it's just what you're craving, but what i am opposed to is making that concession and it not being worth it. i mean, if i'm going to eat something that is sure to clog my heart then it better be damned good. i decided to try what they are most famous for which is their sandwiches and despite it being stuffed sky high with coleslaw and french fries it tasted rather flat and the whole thing was just soggy. the only thing that saved my meal was the chili and i don't know if the chili was even that great or if it was just good in comparison to everything else. i don't think i'd eat here even if i were hammered...
david40price says:
I live here and I too think it is way overhyped. I don't think anything at this restaurant chain is any good unless your drunk and even then, there is much better. I don't understand what Pittsburgh people see in this place to be honest. Peppis is far better in my opinion. Its another greasy spoon, but the food has "flavor".
Posted on: Nov 15, 2011
sophiabowie sophiabo…
21 reviews
Primanti Brothers Jul 12, 2010
Primanti Brothers is a sandwich shop that was founded in Pittsburgh, PA. There are now a few of them around Pittsburgh and even a couple in Florida. Primanti Brothers is a sandwich shop, but not just any sandwich shop. Each sandwich is topped with you choice of meat, the most amazing cole slaw I've ever eaten, cheese, lettuce, any extra toppings you may want AND french fries! Don't worry about getting them on the side. Your sandwich comes loaded with fries. The sandwiches are huge, but definitely delicious. If you don't think you can finish one, split one with a friend! Definitely worth it!
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Glynnes says:
Luv sandwich shops. Thanks!
Posted on: Jul 12, 2010
pinchora pinchora
162 reviews
A Pittsburgh Sandwich Tradition... Sandwich with French Fries and Cole Slaw! Mar 04, 2008
Primanti Bros. Started out in the 1930's with brothers starting a sandwich stand to sell to truckers on the go. They expanded the card to a building in the Strip District of Pittsburgh o accomodate the growing business. A couple of years later a gentleman drove in with a load of potatoes that were frozen. The cook fried them up and the customers asked for he put them on their sandwiches and the rest is history.

With the brothers ailing health they sold the business to a man who decided to expand and now there's 14 restaurants in Pittsburgh and 2 in Florida.

The Restaurants around the city have different feels. The ones in Crafton and Moon Twp are sit down restaurants with watresses and pleasant service. You even get plates and silverware! The ones Downtown are a typical bar restaurant.

Everytime my friend from Brooklyn came out I took her to the one in Crafton because of time constraints (this is her favorite place to go in the Burgh to eat). I told her the next time she came to visit we had to go to one of the ones in town. We went down to the one in the South Side. She thought it was great. We sat down at the bar stools. A grungy guy came up and said what do you want. We ordered our drinks and he plopped them down infront of us. Then we ordered our food...which you can pick from a selection of sandwiches and they put coleslaw and frenchfries on the sandwich so come hungry! The guy behind the bar came over and plopped down the sandwiches as they sat on wax paper and walked away without saying a word. My friend thought it was great! She said it reminded her of NYC!

The one in the Strip is like the one in the South Side. The Strip location is a favorite among late night bar hoppers as the sandwich is like White fills you up and makes you feel satisfied with one sandwich after a night of drinking all that beer!

If you can't get to one of the locations in Pittsburgh and you are headed to a Pirate or Steelers game you can still get the great Sandwiches there...they're a little more expensive and there's not as much of a selection but they are still wonderful!

glennisnz says:
Do reveiws have to be linked to a blog? I didn't know that, maybe thats why so many of my reveiws don't seem to be accepted! I might have to do this too.
Posted on: Mar 06, 2008
froggoddess froggodd…
16 reviews
an artery clogging pittsburgh tradition Mar 29, 2008
Primanti Bros. are all over the 'burgh, but in my opinion the best are in Oakland and the Strip.

The ambiance: This is not fancy stuff, so if you want to shed pretension and get a hearty, unique pittsburgh meal with a beer, get to Primanti's. The Strip District at night is the most likely to be crowded with hungry drunks. Yum! I once went there on a first date and sat awkwardly waiting for my sandwich listening to Jimmy Buffet's "Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw." We got a good laugh out of that :)

The food: Everything is fried, so avoid at all costs if on a diet. There are a variety of sandwiches. My faves are the kielbasa and the egg and cheese. I say, don't bother with the steak sandwich, it's only mediocre and you can get those anywhere. Whatever sandwich you order, it comes loaded down with greasy fries, tomatoes, and coleslaw right between the bread. If you're not brave and want the slaw on the side make sure you ask for a fork. Meals are usually just served on wax paper and without utensils, and a couple of times i asked for it on the side and they just skipped it altogether. Asking for a fork usualy gets the point across. You don't want to skip it! The slaw is the best-- just crunchy cabbage, salt and pepper, not the sloppy creamy stuff you're probably thinking of. Ah, how I miss Primanti's!
euphemy euphemy
10 reviews
Heart Attack on a plate! Jun 09, 2008
While Philadelphia has its cheese steak, Pittsburgh has Primanti Brother sandwiches. The sandwiches consist of a choice of meat, with cole slaw, french fries and tomato slices on Italian bread. This is NOT for someone on a diet! It tates especially good at 2am after a night of drinking! The sandwich is a meal in itself! Some choices include: cheese steak, roast beef, tuna, fish, cappicola, egg, hot sausage and salami. My favorite is the tuna fish. Don't expect a plate because it is served on wax paper. Service is usually quick at least at all the locations I have been too. There are 13 restaurants in and around the Pittsburgh area and even Florida has 2 in Fort Lauderdale. The sandwiches are also availabe at PNC Park and Heinz Field with a limited selection of meat. The original one is in the strip district and looks like a dive but don't let that scare you away! If ever in the area, please experience this taste of Pittsburgh!
Primanti's sandwich with cole slaw…
mine had tuna

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