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Chengi Airport
Prima - Curry Laksa, Singapore style.
Prima - that is me taking it.
Prima - My face say it all!!

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Laksa Feb 12, 2008
Since I am a fan of Laksa. I could not resist having it in the airport also (before I do not have a chance any more. Well, since i am not so much a qualify food critic. I still say it taste good. However, Laksa is a much controversy dish, between Malaysia and Singaporean. I have friend in both countries and they would say their Laksa is better than the other. Well, since I am a Thai so I do not want to pick side. I just enjoy my Laksa and hiding behind a sentence like 'I am not a good food critic' while my two friends argue away. I do however encourage anyone who have never try Laksa before to try if you are in Malaysia or Singapore. It is a great dish with little spicy but easily handle.

The following fact about Laksa come from the Singapore National museum

the name 'Laksa' derives from the Persian word 'laksha (noodles)' This possibly indicates a Melakan origin, dating back to the 17th century. Melaka was then a major port city with significant number of Persian traders and Chinese immigrants. The latter brought with them food indigenous to China, including noodles which later incorporated local ingredients to become the laksa dish. In Machao, another Portuguese colony, a similar dish is called lacassa, indicating that the Portuguese probably brought this dish from Melaka.
Curry Laksa, Singapore style.
that is me taking it.
My face say it all!!
Strife says:
Was it spicy? Laksa can be found in most food courts (with aircon, usually in shopping centres) or hawker centres (non air-conditioned food court, all over the island)! Just go to the stall that sells noodles. If you prefer something thicker, you can also try chicken curry noodles. They are available in some chicken rice stalls / noodle stalls. In doubt, ask! Food court prices are around $S4-5. Hawker centres prices can go as low as S$2. :)
Posted on: May 11, 2008
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