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devilgirl devilgirl
2 reviews
prices in china Aug 11, 2011
Dont forget to negotiable about the price in china, and always think twice what seller said about their goods spesialy in high end store..

dont beleive the price tag, just remember to negotiable. You can start from 20% from the price taq.

many store selling same stuff dont worry you will not able find same stuff you're looking for, as long you have time

i ever end up buying $1200 jade at bona jade. I believe what seller said about the jade that have very good quality and almost breakable,

but i have drop it about around 3 times and now its crack...

the only good place for shopping with good price and no trick price is at woman street beijing
one of store at woman street, crow…
women street
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easyjobrob easyjobr…
9 reviews
Jan 08, 2008

Check out this review on the Silk Market - it will give you a good idea
abdoshoura says:
orry ...... bargain
Posted on: Jan 13, 2008
abdoshoura says:
you have to bergen a lotttttt......if they gave you a price ..... start with 10% of it ...... never go more than 25%
Posted on: Jan 13, 2008
markinldn markinldn
11 reviews
Sep 01, 2006
I don't really remember any particular prices but as far as I can remember everything was more or less priced with the same figures as anywhere else in the world but in RMB!!! So if lets say things you pay 5 pound for in UK or 5 Euro in Europe they would most likely cost 5 RMB in China. You cannot also forget that you get 15 RMB for £1 and around 10 RMB for 1 Euro.

A dinner in 4 star restaurant was usually between 5 - 10 Euros per person.

Taxi cost 15 RMB (£1 / 1.5 Euro) at the entry (I don't remember how many km were included) and 1,2 RMB (9p - 12p / 0,12 - 0,20 Euro) thereafter.

I hope this will help and give you some idea on prices in China.

Have a very enjoyable stay in China!!!

P.S. Hotel booking assistance is available in the arrival hall at the airports - they have lots of different offers, all you need to do is to ask for 'their best prices'. It always worked for me. They will also give you an advice on how to get to the city and the hotel. Sometimes they even provide their own transport.
Fayemin says:
It depends on the key cities, prices are higher than others. In most places, they do not serve cold drinks. Instead, you may ask for ice. Pulled noodles and dumplings are good and cheap. Make sure that you get the hotel's business card so that you may show it to the cab driver or anyone to help you go back...otherwise, it might take some time for you figuring out your way.
Posted on: Jan 11, 2008
lacarte says:
It depends largely on where are you going. In large cities, its hard to find an 150RMB/night room, while in inland area a 100RMB/night room would be available.

The price of taxi varies in different city. In Beijing or Shanghai, 15RMB is the entry as markinldn said. But this could be cheaper in local cities, for example 4 to 6RMB in Guizhou, 8RMB in Harbin.

If you are happy to challenge food stalls, this gonna be unbelievably cheap from 5RMB/meal. A dish in a normal Chinese restaurant is from 10 to 40RMB.

Hope you have a good time!
Posted on: Jan 06, 2008
markinldn says:
Oh, Yeah another thing about TAXIs in Shanghai, If the driver decides he doesn't want to go to the destination you asked for, he will try to get rid of you. This usually happens when you want to go to the other side of the river. In this situation the best thing is to ask for his company telephone number, unfortunately drivers don't speak English so my friend who speaks Chinese came really handy :)
Have your address written in Chinese, this saves a lot of hassle.
Posted on: Jan 06, 2008
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