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Prepaid SIM card Thailand Reviews

Kurisu Kurisu
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AIS prepaid SIM card Thailand GPRS/EDGE only Jan 23, 2011
After StarHub in Singapore and DiGi in Malaysia, I used the AIS NetSim EDGE/GPRS prepaid SIM card in Thailand.

Wow, buying a SIM card in Thailand isn't THAT easy!

My first stop in Thailand was in Nakhom Si Thammarat, where nobody seems to speak english. I went to a phone shop in a shopping mall to buy a card, but the girls there just spoke very little english and made me kinda insecure about getting a card. I think they just didn't understand what I was looking for exactly.

So after looking for another phone shop (which I couldn't find) I went to a convenience store across the street from my hotel.

The didn't speak english AT ALL in there, so I thought I just buy that card and try out if it works. It was only 69 baht (1,50 Euro) so even if it didn't work, it was worth the try.

Well, turned out that the card worked fine in my iPhone and that you get a 10 hours data flatrate for the internet.

Instructions are all in Thai language. Just a short section in english on how to top up the card.

So I just started trying to type in the GSM codes from the Thai section and see what happens.

Finally I was able to buy internet and SMS packages by calling *138, which is available in English.

Like StarHub in Singapore, you need to buy internet packages in advance. 24h data flat is about 50 baht. Same as with StarHub, you don't get notification, so after 24h are over, they start eating up your card's balance by charging by kilobytes.

Although it wasn't 3G card, I was quite happy to have a working Thai card after I figured out how to use it.

I think most other Thai cards won't come with english instructions either.

If you buy the card in Bangkok or other tourism places, the shop clerks should be able to speak english and explain how to use the card.

Here's some GSM codes:

*120*PIN# top up card

*121# Check card's balance

*139# Check EDGE GPRS SMS packages

*138 Buy packages
AIS prepaid SIM card Thailand
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