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Jorpeland, Norway

Preikestolen Jorpeland Reviews

gardkarlsen gardkarl…
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Amazing view of the Lyse fjord Apr 20, 2012
Preikestolen is one of Stavanger's most popular tourist attractions (together with the equally amazing Kjerag). In the following trip report I will give some details about my trips to Preikestolen (or Prekestolen as it is also refered to) over the years – I was there in April 2012.

Preikestolen is known as the Pulpit rock in English which is a translation of the Norwegian name and I think you will understand why when you see the pictures on this page (or when you get to see it with your own eyes :-)

First of all a little bit on how you can get there: you have to take a ferry from Stavanger to Tau (time tables can be found on The trip takes a maximum of 40 minutes and it costs about 130 kroner for a car (including the driver) and about 45 kroner for each person (about 8 USD). When you get to Tau you should take route 13 towards Sandnes and then follow the brown signs leading the way to the Preikestolen parking. The parking costs about 80 kroner (13 USD) for a standard car (there are different prices for motorcycles, RV's and so on).

I have taken a number of tourists to Preikestolen over the years and I do it just for fun and because I think it is a great trek – and I get to meet interesting people too! E.g. I got in touch with a Canadian girl named Caroline on Lonely Planet Thorn Tree and I bragged about how beautiful my hometown Stavanger is and the great view that you can get from Preikestolen. To make a long story short I ended up being a tour guide for Caroline when she came to Stavanger and the first thing I wanted to show her was Preikestolen of course. Note that Preikestolen is a very popular spot these days and in 2012 they expect that 150.000 people will make the trek to the top. This means that if you want to have some “privacy” you have to start very early or quite late. In the summer time this is not a problem as the sun sets at about 11 PM.

When I walked up there with Caroline we got up pretty early on a Sunday morning because we wanted to catch the 07.20 ferry to Tau – in the end it was worth it because when we came to the parking at Preikestolen I think we were the first ones there :-)

The trip from the parking to Prekestolen is not really that far. In distance it is about 3.8 kilometers (2.4 miles) but it can still take you about 1 hour and 30 minutes to the top. The parking is at about 270 meters above sea level and Prekestolen is at 600 meters which means that there is a 330 meter (1100 ft) height difference. The path leading up to Preikestolen has been improved a lot since the first time I went up there but you should still use a pair of good shoes (or boots). As the height difference suggest it is a bit of a climb at some places so bring some water, some snack and maybe even some dry clothes as it can be windy at the top. Finding the way to the top is not a problem at all - just follow the path and if you can't see a path then you can look for the red T's :-) The path varies from gravel path, rocks and wooden paths. On the way up you will also find some benches and tables that can be used if you want to take a break and enjoy some of the food that you have brought along.

When I walked up with Caroline, we started walking at about 8.30 and we walked alone all the way up to Preikestolen. I was quite surprised that we were alone because this is one of the major tourist attractions in the area and it can be pretty crowded in the summer time. But I guess it was a combination that it is early in the season, it was early in the morning and the weather forecast was not great. But I'm not complaining - in fact it made it into a really special experience. When we got up to the top we were more or less alone there (a couple had spent the night in a tent there) so we could enjoy the view and take some pictures of the place.

So what is unique with this place? Well, as the name indicates (and the pictures show) this looks like a pulpit when seen from below. The rock itself is something like 25 by 25 meters and when you stand on the edge it is basically 600 meters (2000 feet) straight down. And on clear days you get a great view of the Lysefjord. The path leading up to Preikestolen is also very scenic - especially the last part when you start getting the first glimpse of the Lyse fjord.

There was a big debate a few years ago in the local community by the way. Some people suggested that a pier should be constructed in Lysefjord and a lift should be built from the fjord to the Pulpit rock. I am sure that this would have attracted quite a lot of cruise ships to the Stavanger area but on the other hand I think it would have spoiled some of the experience. A few years ago there used to be a little "shop" on top of Prekestolen. The girl who worked there walked up every morning carrying some of the supplies on her back. I guess that is the kind of summer job that makes you fit :-)

On the way down we met quite a few on their way up and some had the traditional question "How much longer to Preikestolen?" :-) It is always fun serving a white lie telling them that there is still 3 hours to go just to see how people react :-) But we did of course set the record straight before we said goodbye to people. We met a lot of different nationalities on the way: Norwegians, Danes, Swedes, Dutchmen, Germans and so on. I guess that proves that it is truly one of the major attractions in Stavanger.

There are quite a few other trails in the area so if you like trekking it is possible to stay at the youth hostel Preikestolen fjellstue which is located near the parking lot. And if you don't want to stay there you can just stop by to get some Norwegian komle (it is a mix between potato and flour made into balls - potato dumplings in other words :-). Well, for more information please check out their website.

When going back to Stavanger you have the option of going back the same when as you came. It is also possible to follow route 13 to Oanes. At this place you can make a stop at Lysefjordsenteret ( where you can have a meal or just look at the view. From here you can take a 10 minute ferry over to Lauvik and from there you can drive back to Stavanger.

I hope this gives you an impression of what to expect if you are going to Preikestolen. Here is also a short video with some scenes from the walk to the top:
Taking the ferry from Stavanger to…
Sailing out of Stavanger
Read the info before you trek
The first part is on a dirt road
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Drew1983 says:
Great review! Helped reassure me that this is a trip that I want to plan for soon =)
Posted on: Jun 13, 2012
gardkarlsen says:
Thanks - you should visit one day. The view from the top is just breathtaking!
Posted on: May 27, 2012
ligeira says:
makes me wanna go, looks amazing..
Posted on: May 27, 2012
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Haydenerg Haydenerg
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Preikestolen - The Pulpit Rock May 15, 2011
Preikestolen is a massive cliff in Norway that towers 604 meters (1982 feet) in near vertical drop over the ocean.

Preikestolen Pulpit Rock is located in south-western Norway, in Forsand municipality of Rogaland county, on the edge of 42 km long ocean fjord called Lysefjorden. Kjerag Mountain, which are a home to another famous natural attraction in Norway – Kjeragbolten, a boulder wedged between two vertical cliffs is located at the end of Lysefjord, opposite of Preikestolen.

Most travellers who visit Preikestolen start their tour in Stavanger – closest major town to Preikestolen in south-west Norway. Ferries leave Stavanger three times a day and will deliver you to small town called Tau in about 40 minutes. The cost for a boat ride is 50 Norwegian Krone. Bus service and taxis are synchronized with the ferries and will take you to the parking lot where trekking route leading up to Preikestolen begins for 65 Norwegian Krone. From there you are on your own.

The hike up the hill will take between 1 hour to 3 hours, depending on your fitness level. The total length of the trail from the parking lot below up on top of Preikestolen is 3.8 km (2.4 miles) which is not that long – on flat terrain, an average trekker could cover such distance in less than an hour.
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MarisaD MarisaD
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An adventure in the nature May 28, 2011
Norway is a country full of amazing nature landscapes and Preikestolen is a great example.

This "big rock" is located near a city named Stavanger. To reach the "rock", you can go until a hostel named Preikestolen Hostel. There you started your journey of about 1 hour and a half to 2 hours, always following the red "T".

It is challenging but not impossible. During the way I saw young people but also older people, and all of them got until the top. The end of the journey compensates everything as when you get there the view over the fjord is just amazing. No words to describe it!
Viwe over the Preikestolen Hostel.
Let's start!
There is the red "T".
A beautiful cascade.
jgopaul12 jgopaul12
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Awesome adventure Mar 27, 2011
Anyone who is looking to travel to Norway i recommend seeing the Fijords, one in particular called "preikestolen". you can google beautiful pics, its quite stunning almost like a painting. What is a fijord? It is what is left from a glacier cutting through a mountian which is steep cliffs with light baby blue galcier water at the bottom. It took me about a 3 hr hike to reach the top but i must say it was worth it. message me if you like more details!
taken with a basic 4 megapixel cam…
taken from the top of the cliff
suuskuh suuskuh
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Feb 27, 2008
If you ever go to Norway, then you have to visit the Preikestolen!

You will have a beautiful view over the Lysefjord, you can see up to Stavanger!! From the lowest point of the Preikestolen till the highest point, is a 2h walk. But that is depending on the weather and how fast you are walking!!

Near the Preikestolen, you will have a campsite named Preikestolen Camping. It is owned by Dutch people, who are living already for a long time in Jorpeland.
the preikestolen
annthansten says:
makes you wonder when it will fall off and drop into the fjord...
but yeah, it's a great place, amazing views, and a good hike :D
Posted on: Feb 27, 2008
CFD says:
Preikestolen is also known as Pulpit Rock in English.. And its absolutely beautiful, makes you wonder how it was created.
Posted on: Feb 27, 2008

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