Prasat Preah Khan

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Siam Reap, Cambodia

Prasat Preah Khan Siam Reap Reviews

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Prasat Preah Khan Jun 28, 2013
The temple was built in the second half of the 12th century in AD 1191 by King Jaya-varman VII, dedicating to his father Dharanindravarman.

The Buddhist complex covers 56 hectares served as the nucleus of a group that includes Neak Pean and Ta Som, located 4 kilometers long Jayatataka Baray, the last of the great reservoirs to be built in Angkor.

The inscription indicates that Preah Khan was built on the battle site where King Jayavarman VII finally defeated the Chams. In those days it was known as Nagarajayacri which mean the city of Preah Khan.

Four concentric ramparts subdivide Preah Khan. The outer or fourth wall, which is encircled by a wide moat, today encloses a large tract of jungle, formerly the living quarters of the monks, students and attendants of Preah Khan.

The second rampart delineated the principle religious compound of about four hectares within which there is a dense concentration of temple and shrines. The central complex is Buddhist.

The northern and western sectors are dedicated to Brahmanism, Vishnu (west) and Shiva (north), whilst the southern sector is a place of ancestor worship. The eastern sector forms the grand entrance to the central shrine.
temple sign
long walk way to the temple
statue round the side walk toward …
the pond at the temple
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Preah Khan Nov 18, 2013
Preah Khan is another large, complex and very well preserved temple area. Large and well constructed wall surrounds this place sometimes dented by the falling tree but mostly just attacked by the weather, grass and moss. This place features many covered passages carved to incredible detail but there is so much to see that you will get easily overwhelmed. This temple was also covered with huge tree forest and you can still see the stumps hugging the structures in the squeezing grip. Many walls have spaces for statues that were probably destroyed or just taken away. Rubble is everywhere but there is also an easy access to the main areas and well walked path. Preah Khan is just one of the must-see temples…

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Siam Reap
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