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bensonryan bensonry…
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Postojna Cave Dec 08, 2015
Postojna caves are located in Postojna, Slovenia and often symbolized as the key landmark in the country. The depth of these limestone caves are traced by an interior railway back in the late nineteenth century. This attraction was frequented by many dignitaries prior to its reputation as a popular tourist attraction.

Electric lighting was also placed in the nineteenth century for visual aid for tourists. This lighting was considered a phenomenon during that time since the capital Ljubljana had no electricity. The caves endured some damage during World War 2 as it was used as a holding place for jet fuel that was later engulfed in flames by Slovenian partisans. After World War 2, divers discovered an indepth underwater section that linked into the neighboring Planina cave. The endemic olm also resides here.

Postojna caves are definitely an interesting visit. Flash cameras were prohibited so it was a bit of a challenge for me to capture good photos of the cave and the fauna that resided within. While it was dimly lit, it wasn't too dark to walk through, the interior walkway is pretty much one direction and impossible to get lost in.

My visit was in December and I found the cave to have a certain degree of warmth inside it. There is a natural symphony hall which holds concerts due to it's ability to reflect sound. Guided tours are available in several different languages including English. A gift shop is available at the end. Overall a worthwhile recommend as a pinnacle landmark for those who travel in the country.
The gift shop.
Natural concert hall
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Vikram says:
Nice history, thanks for sharing
Posted on: Jun 26, 2016
EmyG says:
Hope to go there the next year :)
Posted on: Jun 26, 2016
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dardeb dardeb
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Magical! Oct 30, 2011
Ever since my first visit to Postojna Cave, as a teenager, I felt this was a magical place that will stay with me forever. Few days ago I went for my forth visit, excited like that first time. It is still magical, unbelievably gorgeous, nature's gallery full of magnificent artwork!

The price is a bit steep, but worth every penny in my opinion. There are four different packages, and visiting just the cave costs 22EUR. For extra 5EUR you can to visit the Vivarium, but don't, that's a waste of money. You get a flash light, and walk around a small dark cave with aquariums. You look for different bugs in each. So even if you're into bugs, this is a tourist trap and waste of your money. Most people think this is the only place to see the human fish, but it's not. You will see the fish inside the cave as well.

As you enter the cave, you get on a train that will take you 2 km into the cave. The train ride itself is spectacular! And it's only the beginning ...

You can't go by yourself, you must choose a language tour once you get off the train. You see the language signs, and the guides are waiting for you. Tour guides are very knowledgeable, if you're interested you'll get to hear a lot of amazing things and learn about cave formations and other things. They will guide you along a path, and stop only at a few stop where they have speakers and you'll have no problem hearing them even if the group is very big. Count on English one being very large.

Walking is not too difficult, but there are few steep climbs. It can be slippery, so wear appropriate shoes. You get to walk for about 1 km through the most beautiful part of the cave. Tour last about hour and a half, and ends in the Concert Hall where you'll find a souvenir shop, toilettes and the train that will take you back.

Photography is forbidden inside the cave, but everybody does it. Just stay away from your guide and don't use flash. I feel it's a bit unfair, considering the steep price and the beauty of the place.

The official photographers will take photos of you when you're boarding the train and as you're riding on it. You can buy them for 6EUR each at the end of your tour. Photos are decorated with a very cheesy frame.

Climate inside the cave is at about 10 degrees all year round. You can borrow something to wear if you need it, at the entrance to the cave. I'm not sure if they charge anything for this.
approaching the cave ...
at the entrance
taking photos from the train
train swirling through the cave
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dardeb says:
Thank you all for the congrats!
Posted on: Nov 01, 2011
montecarlostar says:
Congrats on the feature! Excellent review!!
Posted on: Nov 01, 2011
monky says:
Congrats on your featured review!
Posted on: Nov 01, 2011
Vipin Vipin
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Striking Oct 16, 2011
Known since the seventeenth century, these caves are very impressive and must count as one of Slovenia’s top attractions. Ever since their discovery, they have pulled in many tourists, and this is evident when you consider that electric lighting was introduced in the caves in the nineteenth century (well before it was even in Ljubljana itself). The caves have been shaped by the waters of just one river (Pivka), and it’s amazing to think how these stalactites (these grow from the ceiling) and stalagmites (from the ground, and when the two join together, a column is formed) have built up over thousands of years.

Though the caves are very impressive, they are quite expensive to visit (just over 20 Euros I think) and the tour makes you feel rather touristy. The caves are so huge that they could only be accessible through a tour. You get carted onto a train, and a wonderful journey later, you can line up for various tour guides according to the several languages the tours are offered in. The tour lasts for 1.5 hours approximately. Pictures aren’t allowed, but I took mine rather quickly and flashes are strictly prohibited (the guide was telling off a couple of people about this as they damage the structure). Though the description and guide were ok, it really was the opportunity to walk through the caves that was amazing. Never has nature seemed so beautiful, and the whole scene was just timeless.

A bit pricey, not much information and quite touristy, but I’m glad I went as mother nature has never looked so good!
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christl3 christl3
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Intresting day trip Jun 30, 2010
The caves are truly impressive! Over 80 billion years old it's kind of a pity that in about 100 years they will start to become ruined by all the hoards of tourists traipsing through their caverns with their over-used cameras! There is a train that runs through about three kms of the cave system that is really... cute (for lack of a better word). It's pretty cold down there, it remains at about 9degrees the whole year round. It's entertaining to try and make out shapes in the stalagmites and stalatites and see animals, countries etc in their formations. They truly are one of the most beautiful and fascinating (but i'd say tedious if u were watching them ;)) natural occurances. Overall a decent day out.

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