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Portobelo Overview

Portobelo is a sleepy Panamanian town with a population of fewer than 3,000. It has a deep natural harbor and it used to be major port from which Spain sent silver riches collected trough Peru and Bolivian mines. It has few lines of fortifications and ruins of the old fort, all unsuccessful in defending the city from pirate and British attacks.
Today's town has small and thriving fishing community that services tourists and yachtsmen. Portabelo is major port from which you can catch ride towards Columbia and San Blas islands. Few posadas and cheep hotels/hostels offer affordable lodging, but there are also more luxurious options.
In 1980 the ruins of the fortification, along with nearby Fort San Lorenzo, were declared a World Heritage Site. Surrounding nature is simply outstanding and includes deltas of few rivers and long tracks trough the forest.

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